Serbia: The Country is known For Food

Serbia Flag The Republic of Serbia is a country in the central-South European region. Tesla was a Serb, that most Serbian last titles end with all the letters “ić”It is a country where that is never in a short supply of surprises!

Democracy, Capital and Language

It is a free nation that has a Unitary parliamentary constitutional Government system.

Belgrade is the capital of the country and also is the largest city in the country. Almost one-fourth of the total population lives in the capital.

Official language of the country is Serbian.But there are at least 7 more languages that are spoken by the natives across the country.

Population and Economy

This country is populated with only around 8 million people.

Their main income comes from industrial export products are cars, base materials, furniture, meals processing, machines, chemicals, sugars, tires, clothing, pharmaceuticals.

It also has a transition economy generally dominated simply by market makes, but the express sector stays significant in a few areas. Their economy relies on producing and export products, driven typically by international investment.


Sports activities play an essential role within the Serbian community, and the nation has a powerful sporting historical past. The most popular sports activities in Serbia are soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, drinking water polo as well as handball. The top tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic is a Serbian player. The nation also participated in the last football WorldCup.

The Carpet Tradition

Carpet weaving is really a part of Serbian tradition since the Middle Age groups, and associated with Pirot, becoming on the primary caravan street, was, but still is, probably the most famous locations you can nevertheless obtain a stitched rug. These types of carpets had been used for numerous purposes, as well as covering the flooring was the primary utilize. But Pirot rugs will also be hanged within the wall like a tapestry, utilized as blinds, and applied handles over the covers since they held the warmth.

365 meters Long River

For Serbia, you will find there's a river named “Year”. However no, the following river just actually termed “Godina” (Serbian for “year”). It’s realistic name is certainly Vrelo, however got the nickname to its unique part. Believe it or not, this unique river is normally precisely 365 meters extensive.

Tesla and His Nobel Prize

Nikola Tesla, men who speech 8 'languages', possessed eidetic (photographic) recollection, the great creator and chief, was a Serb. Many things many of us use right now were branded by Tesla, and we could not possibly envision living without them. He employed lightbulbs four decades before we were holding “invented”, your dog created the earliest neon indicators. Medicine can forever have his credit card debt since the guy also built X-rays and also other functional after possible. Runrún has it that he or she had theoretically turned down some sort of Nobel Award in Physics in 1915.

Also, ‘The Church of Saint Sava’ is the besides the largest Serbian Orthodox the bible, it is the greatest Orthodox host to worship during the Balkans the other of the most significant Orthodox places of worship in the world. So, visiting this country would be a wise decision for any travelers.