South Africa: The Country with Three Capitals

South Africa Flag The Republic of South Africa mostly known South Africa is a country with lots of uniqueness. The country is located in the south region of Africa. It is a country with lots of wanders. It contains a lot of mountains. Drinking water in the country is considered as one of the safest in the world.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary dominant-party Parliamentary government.

It might seem weird but the country has 3 capitals. • Cape Town- it is the capital where parliament is situated
• Pretoria - the legislative capital
• Bloemfontein- the Supreme Court is here.
They have divided the capitals for the versatile diversification and overall improvement of the country.

English is an official language here. But there are at least 10 more languages used by the natives.

Population & Economy

It is a large country and it is populated with around60 million people.This country’s economic climate is based on mining or prospecting and business. It is the planet's biggest precious metal GOLD producer. This country alone produces almost half of the total gold of the world which is enormous. They also produce another precious metal that is platinum. They produce more than 80% of the whole platinum of the whole world.

Nobel Peace Prize

This is the nation that has two honorable Nobel peace prize winners.
• Nelson Mandela
• Archbishop Desmond Tutu
They both have been honored with Nobel prize on for bringing and making peace on the land.

Education & Technology

Their education sectors have drastically improved in recent days. The literacy rate is over 80% here.

They have also gained success in the field of modern technology and infrastructures. The cities are well developed.Some of the famous US companies also invest here for their special edition cars.


This country is all about sports. Football, cricket, rugby all are very popular here and they are the only country to arrange a world cup tournament for all three genres of sports. Even other counties have chosen South Africa as host for arranging tournaments.They have produces a lot of world-class players.

Tourism has become quite popular here. If you love bungee jumping, it could be one of your most favorite destinations. You can jump from 700 ft. above with all precautions.Nowadays a lot of people come here to enjoy sports and to have great travel experience.