General information about South Korea

South Korea Flag The Republic of Korea (대한민국), the name Korea comes from Goryeo as a short version of its origin in the 5th century. The Kingdom of Goryeo replaced Goguryeo in the 10th century, and retained the name. In addition, the Merchant visitors from Persia pronounced the word Korea, and its modern spelling first appeared in the late 7th century.


The first kingdom signs are in Chinese records in early 7th century BC and in the late 7th century Korea was ruled by Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) and the Josean Dynasty (1392-1897) and successful Korean Empire was annexed into the Empire of Japan in 1910.

Korea was divided into two different administrator zones US and Russia in World War II, After the Korea Peninsula was liberated in 1945 three years later on 15th of August 1948 the created an independent government and the first president was Syngman Rhee. Korean people call it “The Liberation Day of Korea”.

Achievements and Developments

South Korea fourth largest metropolitan economy and one of the highly developed country around the world. 12th largest economy by nominal GDP. South Korea has the fastest Internet connection speed and the most high-speed network of railway.

In 2020, South Korea named the world's second-best country to raise children by the "United Nation child flourishing index" which includes the best chance of survival and well-being due to its quality lifestyle, healthcare and education.

Since 2014, the Bloomberg Innovation Index has called South Korea the most innovative country in the world for 6 consecutive years and it is the 5th largest exporter in the world and 8th largest importer worldwide. South Korea is the largest shipbuilding country and the fifth largest manufacturer of automobiles and this country belongs to the well-known giants Samsung and LG.

Famous thing of South Korea

Not only Korea is known for technology developments but also famous for K-pop Korean Popular music, it is the only things hits mainstream in the world in the last few years one the most famous music bands BTS and BlackPink is sign of their legacy in music industry, while Korean drama industry is getting very famous in throughout Asia and by the help of Netflix, these dramas are reaching out to the world and got fame two of the examples are Okja and Parasite.