Sri Lanka: The Gem of The Indian Sea

Sri Lanka Flag The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රජාතාන්ත්‍රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජය) has also known as Sri Lanka is an island country with lots of natural beauties, beaches, and varieties of food. It is located in the south Asian region.Sri Lanka has one of the oldest national flags. The first female prime minister was elected in this country.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a semi-presidential constitutional republic government.

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte and Colombo both are the capitals of the country. Colombo is considered the largest city in the country.

Sinhala is the official language here. But Tamil and is also quite popular here.

Population & Economy

This is a small country and the country is populated with around 20million people.

This country’s economy depends on several sectors. Sri Lanka is a developing overall economy based mainly on cultivation, services, and the lightweight industry. Cultivation accounts for roughly 21 percent of the low domestic product or service and also employs 32 percent in the workforce. Other important economic important of the country are tourism, tea foreign trade, apparel, cloth, rice output, and other lawn care products.

Health and Education

Medical care services in this country are persistently getting better. They have achieved remarkable success in the field of decreasing infant & maternal mortality just like any developed country. Life expectancy is almost 80 years here.

The education system is also quite well here. Well-known universities in the country that provide quality education. They have the highest literacy than any other country in South Asia. The literacy rate is more than 90% here. And when it comes to young citizens its almost 100%. Almost 40% of people have computer literacy.

The Mountain with Sacred Foot-Prints

Situated in the beautiful area of the southern area of Hill Region, this holy peak is a mecca for those of various philosophies in Sri Lanka for more than a thousand yrs. In Yoga, the peak is recognized as Sri Di, meaning almost holy footprint, and is also believed to are already left from the Buddha if he was going to heaven. For Hindus, it is Master Shiva's impact. When inquiring Christians and also Muslims, they will say it's the footprint regarding Adam since he was banned from the Yard of Eden.


Cricket is the most popular in this country. They also have the ICC world cup once. Their national league of cricket is also popular. They have produced a lot of world-class cricketers. Volleyball is also quite popular here.

This country is a true hidden gem in the Indian Ocean. Beyond it is ancient damaged remnants, beautiful shorelines, and awesome wildlife, this island nation has its other reports to uncover.