Sweden: Best Country to Start A New Life

Sweden Flag The Kingdom of Sweden has also known as Sweden is a country with lots of natural beauties, a better quality of life. It is located in the northern European region.It is a very peaceful country. It is the most immigrant-friendly country on earth. A lot of people come here to begin a new chapter of life.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a free nation that has a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy government.

Stockholm is the capital of the country. This considered the largest city in the country. A large number of people live in the capital. The city has a better quality of life and the city is renowned all over the world.

Swedish is the official and national language here. But the natives are quite fluent in English.

Population & Economy

It is a quite large country and it is populated with only around 10 million people.

This country’s economy depends on several industries Hardwood, hydropower, and also iron ore constitutes typically the resource bottom of an overall economy heavily driven toward international trade. Sweden's engineering industry accounts for fifty percent of the results and export products. Telecommunications, often the automotive industry as well as the pharmaceutical sectors are also regarding great value. they earn a good sum of money from tourism.

Health, Education & Technology

Medical care in Sweden is similar throughout quality with other developed locations. Sweden rates high in the five countries for low infant mortality. This also ranks rich in life expectancy and they have very safe drinking water Sources. Life expectancy is almost 85 years here.

Their education sector is very much improved here. There is abundance of opportunities for both native and international students. A large number of students come here each year from different countries of the world

They have contributed a lot in the field of science and technology. The cities are well developed. They have built a very good infrastructure. They are quite popular in the field of scientific innovation. This is one of the reasons for people choosing the country to pursue a new career as there is a lot of opportunities.

Land of Nobel Prize

Since the beginning to now, Swedish people have an enormous number of Nobel prize which is around 1000.

Sweden is one of the several countries on the globe that gives every individual the freedom that will roam throughout nature? Therefore you do not have to pay to create a camping tent or have permission towards cross non-public land. The only exceptions are generally private backyards, near some sort of dwelling property or territory under growing. You can even swim in the lakes freely.

For all these reasons many people come here to visit, many people stay here to make life better.