The 10 Best Newspapers in Sydney 2024

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Newspapers are the primary source of knowledge about home and abroad. They are the assets to researchers, historians, local and family historians and academics as well.

If you want to know about the history, culture and norms of the society of a specific region, there is no alternative to be acknowledged about the newspapers of different times published there.

The history of newspapers in Sydney is not new at all. The earliest newspaper in this city was the Sydney Gazette.Anyway, it is not only the earliest newspaper published in Sydney but also the Australia’s earliest newspaper that was first published in 1803.

In Sydney so many national and local newspapers are published at the present time.

However, in this article we will show you the 10 best newspapers in Sydney with a brief discussion.

The 10 Best Newspapers in Sydney

Here's a list of The 10 Best Newspapers in Sydney:

01. The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald is an Australian daily newspaper that is published in Sydney. Nine Entertainment Co. is the owner of this newspaper. The SMH newspaper started its journey in 1831. It was known as the Sydney Herald then. This is one of the oldest newspapers in Australia.

This is published in a compact format. Ward Stephens, William McGarvie, and Fredrick Stokes are the founders of this daily newspaper. The Sun Herald is its sister edition that is published once a week.

02. The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is a tabloid daily newspaper that is published in Sydney, Australia. This very newspaper is supplied throughout Sydney and some remote areas of New South Wales as well. News Corp Australia is its sole owner and publisher.

This daily newspaper came to light in 1879 whose headquarters is in Surry Hills, Sydney. Amazingly, it has an averagely over 1,191K weekday readers. Its website is one of the most popular websites in Australia.

03. The Australian Financial Review (AFR)

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) is a business-focused daily newspaper published in Sydney. It is published in a compact format and covers business and trade affairs on a regular basis. The AFR newspaper was founded by John Fairfax in 1951. Nine Entertainment Co. has full authority over this newspaper.

This daily business newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in Australia with an average circulation of 50,000. In 1951, during its foundation, it was a weekly newspaper.

04. The Sun-Herald

The Sun-Herald is a counterpart of the famous newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald. This is also owned by the Nine Entertainment Co. It came to light in 1949. The headquarters of this popular newspaper is located in NSW, Australia.

The Sunday Herald is printed in a compact format though its predecessor, The Sunday Herald was printed in the broadsheet format in 1949-1953. Besides, the interesting fact is that this newspaper sells nearly 3,00K copies daily.

05. North Shore Times

The North Shore Times is another popular newspaper published in Sydney. It is a local newspaper that is circulated in North Sydney. It serves the local government regions: Lane Cove, Ku-ring-gai, Willoughby, and part of North Sydney.

This local one is printed in Tabloid format. Founded in 1960, this newspaper has a conservative alignment. At present, it has around 112K daily circulation. This newspaper is matured in its point of view. So, most of its readers are 35-64 years old.

06. Northern District Times

The Northern District Times is also a local newspaper published in Sydney. This is circulated in the western areas of the N. Sydney regions. Amazingly, it has more than 94K daily readers despite its being a local newspaper. Most of the readers are 35-64 years old that makes us clear of its maturity in writing styles.

The owner of this local weekly is the News Limited community. We find a moderate political alignment in its point of view. Generally, this newspaper promotes various local community activities through sponsorship.

07. Manly Daily

The Manly Daily is a community paper based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. This paper started its journey in 1906. Until 2020, it was totally a free newspaper that was supplied door to door for free.

At present, it is published digitally only from 2020. News Corp Australia owns this newspaper. Once it had around 156K readers and delivered to about 90K homes when it was in print.

08. The Land

The Land is an Australian English newspaper published in Sydney. It was founded in 1911 by NSW Farmers and Settlers Association. However, The Land is a weekly newspaper owned by Australian Community Media. It is printed in broadsheet format. Then time, the Farmers and Settlers Association published it but now it is published by Fairfax Media.

09. Sydney Gazette

The Sydney Gazette was a popular Australian English newspaper founded in 1803. It was published in Sydney. Interestingly, the Sunday Gazette was a semi-official newspaper that was owned by Governor King. But this newspaper was forced to stop its publication in 1842 under the censorship of the colonial government.

However, this newspaper is now preserved digitally at the National Library of Australia as the Newspapers Digitalization Project.

10. Illustrated Sydney News

The Illustrated Sydney News was an Australian newspaper published in Sydney. However, it was a monthly newspaper. Ludolf Theodore Mellin, William Edward Vernon, and Walter George Mason founded it in 1853. It was published in the NSW colony. Now, this newspaper’s been digitalized to preserve it at the National Library of Australia.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have discussed the 10 best newspapers published in Sydney, Australia. Among the newspapers in our list, the Sydney Morning Herald is the longest-running newspaper in Sydney. It started its journey about 200 years ago.

This is really interesting that a newspaper can be the witness of different periods and it is still printed.