Syria: Country with the Oldest Civilization

Syria Flag The Syrian Arab Republic (الجمهورية العربية السورية) is an amazing country in the Western Asian region. Considering that approximately 10,000 BC, Syria ended up being one of the stores of Neolithic culture (known as Pre-Pottery Neolithic A) where formation and cows breeding shown up for the first time on the globe.

Syria was the largest sized Arab say to conclude the damages of the Ottoman Empire.

Democracy & Capital

It is a free nation that has a semi-presidential Government system.

Arabic is the official language of the country.

Damascus is the capital and Damascus is the best continually lived in a city on the earth! Archaeological digs have simple evidence that will prove real human habitation goes back to some, 8000/9000 BC. The capital is populated with almost 2million people. Aleppo is the largest city in the country.

Population & Economy

The country is populated with only around 18 million people.

The main income-generating sector is the petroleum industry. They earn a lot of money form transport sectors as well through 4 international airports. They also transport cargos through Railways. The country has almost 70k kilometers road network.

Education & Health

The literacy rate is almost 90% here. Schooling is free and mandatory from age groups 6 to 12. Education consists of six years of main education accompanied by a 3-year general or even vocational coaching period along with a 3-year educational or professional program. The 2nd 3-year amount of academic exercising is required concerning university entrance.

The health sector is also getting better. Life expectancy is more than 75years years here.

Refugee Issues

This country went through the toughest days during world war. The main Syrian casemate crisis certainly is the worst relief crisis as World Fight II. It again deeply suffering 14 huge number of residents who had been forced so that you can flee or possibly face persecution from devout fanatics. Using the U. In the., it will take $7. 7 thousand to meet the main urgent preferences of the most sensitive and vulnerable Syrians for 2016.

Islamic Significance

The fourth holiest place of Islam certainly is the Umayyad Mosque, located in Damascus. It also houses the mausoleum containing the main tomb about King Saladin, as well as the Shrine of Jon the Baptist.

Shining Sharp Swords

The main town of Syria is known because of its steel. The actual Damascus Metal swords had been feared as well as revered through the crusaders for his or her extremely razor-sharp edges.

It is a country that is significant for both the religion Islam and Christianity. That’s why a lot of people come here.