Taiwan: An Incredible High-tech Island

Taiwan Flag Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is known as a country inside East Most of Asia.The name of the country could be vexed and confusing but the country itself is an amazing island that is continuously improving.

The nation holds the combined traditions of both China & Japan and enhanced it with their own uniqueness.

Democracy & Capital

Though the country called itself an independent country, many countries consider it as a part of China. It has a semi-presidential government system.

Capital city Taipei is one of the most advanced cities in Asia.

Population & Economy

It is a densely populated country with around 25 million people.

It has a persistently increasing GDP.The main income-generating sectors are electronics and other tech-based products.Many giant tech companies have invested here.

Health & Education

Taiwan’s health sector is so improved and well organized. It is fighting with the pandemic situation very bravely and successfully.

A large number of Public & private universities are providing quality education in different faculties, & subjects. Students of Taiwan are very good at math. They also have a novel prize in the field of Chemistry.

Culture & Music

Though it is a tiny island compared to china, it has more architectural sculptures than China.

The music combines everyone together and Taiwan holds this tradition firmly. they have the largest violin’s collection in the world.

Mountains & skyscrapers

This country has more than 250+ of Mountains those asr almost 10,000 feet tall. Mount Jade is the most famous of all and the Jade stones are quite expensive.

They built ‘Taipei 101’ in the main city that was the tallest skyscraper in the world for almost 6 years since 2004 and still is in the 11th position in the world.

Unique Umbrella Facts

If you ever grab your Taiwanese lady’s bag, there is a chance of 75% you would find an umbrella indoors. Not only because doing so rains normally but also, we start to use it both in sunny plus rainy days to weeks.
In boisterous days, perhaps it's solely dripping, all people still part the large outdoor umbrella.
This country has one of the highest internet speed & the internet is free for everyone through WIFI. So while visiting Taiwan you instantly capture a moment and share it online. It is one of the four high-tech cities in Asia that makes it worth visiting.