Thailand: A Paradise For Tourists

Thailand Flag The Kingdom of Thailand is also called the land of Smiles.It was previously known as SIAM.

The nation is very friendly and welcoming which makes the country very comfortable and enjoyable for Travelers.

Democracy & Capital

Thailand has always been an independent country and it was never conquered by any European country.

Bangkok is the capital city where your nights are always young and full of romance. More than 10% of people in the whole country live in the capital city.

Population & Economy

It is populated with around 66 million people.

It has a persistently increasing GDP.The country has a Government system where it has a prime minister and a monarch is the head of the stateThis is a developing country that is growing so fast.The main income-generating sectors are manufacturing-related.


Thailand’s health sector is well organized. Medical professionals are so devoted and they have made the first-ever polyethylene-based prosthetic limbs make them affordable.

Festivals & Religion

It is a true land of festivals. There is a beach party is organized in every full moon here that is open for all.

Approximately 94 percent of the people are Buddhist here. There are about 35thousand temples situated in Thailand. That shows how religious people of the country are. It is a land of the temple indeed.

Love for Animals

Thailand is home to several, many dogs. About a 10th of all of the puppy species anywhere call Thailand home, in addition to a tenth of everyone in attendance bird types of fish. To put which will into opinion, Thailand seems to have more gulls than Eu and United states combined!

They even created surgical operating room for elephants.


Travellers primarily go to Thailand regarding Bangkok as well as the historical, normal, and ethnical sights in the vicinity. American tourists not merely visit Bangkok and area, but besides, several travels to the particular southern shorelines and of the islands.Pattaya sea beach, Phuket, and Phi Phi island are the most common.

Unique Facts

Each year around 6 million people visit the country. But for some tourists, it is hard to believe that it’s illegal to go outside without wearing underwear.
This country has so many things to offer for tourists. The beauty is breathtaking, the ocean and beach are a phenomenon, and food is exotic. It is a blissful place to pay a visit.