Things to know about the Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Flag The Republic of the Trinidad and Tobago may be a Caribbean northern South American nation within the archipelago. the state is isolated from the Venezuelan coast by the Gulf of Paria. Of all the Caribbean islands, island and Tobago is that the southmost nation.

The nation is called from island to Cristobal Colon United Nations agency arrived on this island and he documented it in Spanish out of appreciation for the Jehovah, was known as by Columbus Bella Forma (the beautiful shape in French), since it appeared from a separation "excellent". The Spanish name Tobago came later and its starting is so far questionable.


English (official), Hindi, French, Spanish, Chinese


Trinidad and Tobago have earned infamy for being a tremendous venture space for world business. within the course of recent years, the frothy fuel space has grown up well. The travel business may be a developing phase, nevertheless, its improvement has not nevertheless got wind of varied alternative Caribbean islands. the conventional convalescence of the worldwide economy, with the conventional ascent in oil prices.


The coaching framework on the island and Tobago is meant in step with the British people framework. it's state-funded colleges and tuition-based colleges. In open government colleges, public colleges provide commonplace English instruction at the essential and auxiliary levels through analysis twelve. The grade colleges area unit for youths somewhere within the vary of five and twelve years more matured, and auxiliary colleges (universities of general training) area unit for understudies somewhere within the vary of twelve and twenty years more matured. There areas unit in addition to some non public essential and auxiliary colleges. within the essential division. the worthiest language of steerage is commonplace English. the following dialects tutored in colleges area unit for the foremost half Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

TT News Media

All papers within the nation area unit distributed in English. the foremost important area unit The island Guardian, The island and Tobago categorical, Newsday, The freelance, Catholic News, and so on. Tobago includes a week when week paper, distributed on Th, Tobago News.

In electronic media, English is in addition a vehicle of correspondence, however, completely different dialects area units allowed. apart from the national radio (National Broadcasting Service: NBS), the state has varied completely different stations: 730 Radio island (San Fernando), ninety-three FM GEM Radio Network (Port of Spain), and so on. Since sure stations decide to attain specific ethnic gatherings, they do not stop for a second to utilize these dialects, notably in the island, Spanish, Hindustani, Trinidad, or Cuban, Chinese, so forth. Spanish, Hindustani, Trinidad or Cuban, Chinese, etc.