Turkmenistan: The Natural Gas Reservoir

Turkmenistan Flag Turkmenistan also is known as Turkmenia, is an amazing country in the Central Asian region. It is just those types of places: fantastical and cryptic, it helps to keep an element of amazement. Something out-of-the-ordinary lurks approximately every nearby.

Although recent and also reliable guest numbers certainly are a bit tricky to find, Turkmenistan stays one of the least-visited countries on earth, counting simply eighty-nine hundred visitors inside 2012.

Democracy & Capital

It is a free nation that has a democratic Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic Government. Although most of the people are Muslims here it is a secular county.

Ashgabat is the capital of the country which is densely populated.

Population & Economy

This is quite large but the country is populated with only around 5million people.

With the continuously growing economic sectors, this country now became a rich country and the economy is getting better day by day. The main income-generating sector is the Gas production sector and there are some other domestic production sectors.


Schooling is common and obligatory through the secondary level. The education system is getting as the government is directly improvising it.


Journey across Turkmenistan and you are going to encounter lots of sand. Wilderness and fine sand are the notable geographical function as most of the country hosts the huge Karakum Wasteland. What’s amazing, difficult to think about, and main to knowing the country’s geologic historical past is that the entire region was house to a large sea thirty million years back.

Gas and Oil

Turkmenistan has the sixth-largest gas and oil reserves across the world. When it comes to gas production this country comes at number 4.

Melon Holiday

It may be hard to believe that will such a dried and dry country produces melons thus sweet, delicious, and large. Without a doubt, Turkmen cantaloup is so recognized that they have garnered their particular national holiday break. Having when supplied most of the Soviet Partnership, Turkmenistan’s cantaloupe is well-known throughout the location.

Turkmenistan holds your Guinness World Record for the number of white-colored marble constructions.

Overall it is a great nation to take a visit. It has all the most expensive place in Large centralized Asia concern. You will need to arrange an excursion package to buy a visa. It might be a little hard to manage all the paperwork to visit the country but worth it.