Tuvalu: The Great Country to Explore

Tuvalu Flag Tuvalu officially is also known as the Ellice Islands is a country and is located in the Pacific Ocean region.

It is one of the smallest countries by population, yet a lot to discover. There are amazing beaches and visiting the country is very cheap.

Democracy, Capital & Language

It is a nation that has a unitary non-partisan parliamentary constitutional monarchy government.

Funafuti is the capital of the country. The capital is also the largest city in the country.

English and Tuvaluan are the official languages in this country. So communication is quite easier.

Population & Economy

This is a very small country and the country is populated with only around 10k people.

Tuvalu has the littlest economy involving any state in the world because of size, deficiency of resources, along with the remote spot. Yet The country generates income from a lot of sectors.

Administration revenues typically come from gross sales of plastic stamps and gold coins, fishing permits.

Cultivation in Tuvalu is focused on coconut woods and increasing pulka inside large holes of composted soil under the water kitchen table. Subsistence gardening of coconut palms to make copra and also fishing continues to be the primary economical activities.

Water Issues

There are some problems here regarding water and sanitation. It is difficult to find pure rivers or simply streams around Tuvalu, therefore, the rainwater can be collected for drinking water.

Effects of Global Warming

One of several downsides to being entire consists of coral atolls is that you are not very high earlier mentioned sea levels. The highest point for the entire land is only just above 4 Meters (15 ft.) above the seaside level. Meaning if beach levels climb only a few legs, most of the place will be under the sea.

There is No ATM

You cannot use any credit cards here as there is no ATM booth in the entire country. You will always have to pay in cash whenever you go shopping or a restaurant. There are not many restaurants here though.

Health & Education

They have some issues regarding health sectors. A large number of people die from heart diseases here. But the Government is trying to deal with the issues by providing better health care services.The education sector is improving here. The literacy rate is also increasing.

Anyone can visit the country. Everybody from any specific country on the earth can visit Tuvalu without using a visa, or possibly they can you could visa at arrival. Truth be told there isn’t a resident from a particular country anywhere who has to obtain a passport to travel to Tuvalu.