Most Interesting Facts about the World

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In the era of human evaluation, we have witnessed so many things. The history of homo sapiens is not more than 200k years. But our planet is way older than that and it gives us a lot of evidence of countless amazing and stunning facts.

Most Interesting Facts about the World

Some amazing and interesting facts in the world are given below:

01. We are not quite sure who named our planet the Earth, but it is the only planet in our solar system that is not named after any Greek or Roman god or goddess.

02. Currently, more than 7.5 billion people on earth seem a lot which is true indeed. But if we can stand together in a place compactly, we all will fit within less than1.5k square kilometers.

03. Well as the number of the total population doesn’t seem very enormous now as we know we can fit in a very small area. But if we all jump together, we will be able to move the earth from its position a little. But the distance will be shorter than 1mm.

04. There are birth twins in every 30 infants which is more than ever before.

05. France is the most visited country because of its lot of natural beauties, ancient history, and architectural sculptures.

06. The country has more than 400 synonyms for the word SNOW.

07. The ants weigh more than one-fifth mass of the total animals. And they have more than 12k species

08. Tech company Apple made a huge profit in years with their great products and became the first Trillion-dollar company.

09. The maximum number of billionaires belongs to continent Asia.

10. By definition peanuts are not nuts; it’s considered as legumes.

11. Some of the shortest people on earth are from Indonesia.

12. “Pin drop silence” metaphorically we use this phrase a lot. But Microsoft head office has the quietest hall in the world.

13. More than 200 babies born each minute.

14. Piplantri’ is a unique village in India where people plant 111 trees whenever a baby girl is born.

15. There is more than 99% chance, that you are breathing the same air that your grandfather took it as his last breathe.

16. We are known about acid rains and hails. But there rain diamonds in Jupiter.

17. Many people are fond of honey and the fact is honey can be stored for thousands of years.

18. It might sound weird but Octopus lays more than 50,000 eggs at a time. And the mother doesn’t eat for months to protect the eggs and newborns.

19. Most of the mammals have five toes in their front legs but there is one less toe in the back paws which helps them to run faster.

20. China, Indonesia, turkey are more prone to earthquakes. However, Japan has the more records of the earthquake than any other country.

21. The little pocket in our jeans that we don’t use that much anymore was meant to design for carrying a watch.

22. The US national flag was designed by a high school student around 60 years ago. And he designed it with 50 stars when there were only 48 states in the US.

23. Cows, goats, sheep don’t have the incisor teeth in their upper jaw. Instead of that, they have a very thick tissue called a dental pad that helps in chewing. but tearing grass from the ground is done by the lower incisors only.

24. The current number of Living people is less than 10 percent of the total humans ever lived on earth.

25. More than 80 percent of the total population lives in Asia and Africa. Asia alone contains more than 50%

26. South Sudan is the latest country in the world to become independent which is less than 10 years now.

27. It is believed that most ancient humans were evolved from Africa

28. Japan has the most life expectancy in the whole wide world.