The 10 Best YouTubers in Bangladesh

By Andrew Harry | Updated on

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the present world. We see many people go viral and become celebrities sharing their video content on YouTube.

Undoubtedly, no one can be successful without hard work and perseverance. They have become popular due to their strong devotion to content creation. However, today we are gonna introduce you to the 10 best YouTubers in Bangladesh.

Here's a list of the 10 Best YouTubers in BD:

01.Tawhid Afridi

Tawhid Afridi is now the number #1 YouTuber in Bangladesh. The Name of his channel is named after his own name. Amazingly, there are 4.23M subscribers of this channel. That is why Tawhid Afridi is considered the most popular content creator on YouTube.

Tawhid Afridi uploaded the video on May 3, 2015. However, his success did not happen overnight. From the very first, he had a great passion for the media persons like editors, cameramen, makeup man, etc. Then he went to London to study Media Studies. He basically wanders around the world and creates video blogs with his friends.

02.Prottoy Heron

Prottoy Heron is a well-known and one of the most popular YouTubers in Bangladesh. He and his friends run a channel named “The Ajaira LTD.” This channel became more viral after the release of a Remix song, titled “Boshen Boshen Boisha Jan.” This song has got 29M views.

At present, this channel has got 3.88M subscribers. So, we have kept Prottoy Heron in the 2nd position on our list. They actually produce remix songs and upload them in this channel. In addition to this, they produce short films and a large number of interesting videos as well.

03.Arthik Sajib

Arthik Sajib is the founder of a prank-based YouTube channel named Prank King Entertainment. His channel has got 3.49M subscribers. He and his other companions produce short films that are full of unlimited fun. But they are created not for fun only. That content has some social values too.

People love to take lessons from entertainment. Arthik Sajib does so. A prank-based short film can uncover the evil deeds of our society and our stupidity as well.

04.Rakib Hossain

Rakib Hossain is a young vlogger who started his journey on YouTube in 2019. He has produced a large of videos in two years. At present, his channel, Rakib Hossain has got 1.91M subscribers. In an interview, Rakib said that he started video production as a hobby. But after releasing some content, he got a good response.

In the beginning, Rakib used only his smartphone to make videos. But now he has a camera and everything he needs to produce video content. Rakib Hossain is a perfect example of perseverance. His skill and hard work have brought this success.

05.Hridoy Ahmed Shanto

Hridoy Ahmed Shanto is a popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. He runs a channel, namely Hridoy Ahmed Shanto. He produces and uploads short films on his YouTube channel that are viewed by millions of people.

This is worth saying he has got 1.78M subscribers in a very short time. It proves how famous he is as a YouTube star. Hridoy creates videos with his friends. The most interesting fact about his short films is that they use the local language of Barisal in their video content.

06.Ayman Sadiq

There is not a single student in Bangladesh who does not know Ayman Sadiq. He is the founder of 10 Minutes School. His YouTube Channel has got 1.69M subscribers. Ayman Sadiq is now popular across Bangladesh due to his free YouTube lessons.

10 Minute School is not less than a school. You can address it as a complete online school where some intelligent and skillful teachers conduct video classes. The YouTube channel is used to provide classes regarding English language teaching, SSC, HSC and Admission Courses, University courses, etc.

07.Salman Muhammad Muqtadir

Salman Muhammad Muqtadir is considered the first YouTuber in Bangladesh. Anyway, none can surely assure it. The name of his YouTube channel is SalMoN TheBrownFish. He produces interesting videos and shares them on this channel.

Salman started his journey on YouTube in 2012. His contents are a source of a great comedy. Besides, the video contents mostly reveal the lame sides of society. His motive is to teach people with entertainment. Salman’s channel has got 1.49M subscribers.

08.Samim Hasan Sarker

Samim Hasan Sarker is an actor in mini screen drama in Bangladesh. There was a time he used to spend more time on YouTube. But at present due to being busy, he cannot give so much time. But there is no doubt his audience always waits for his new videos.

The name of his YouTube channel is Mango Squad. It’s one of the most popular YouTube channels in Bangladesh. Now his channel has 1.41M subscribers.

09.Tahseen N Rakib

Tahseen N Rakib is one of the most popular YouTubers in Bangladesh though he lives in the United States. He generally produces roasting videos. He has been roasting the fraud YouTube celebrities (According to him) in his channel, Tahseenation. Besides, he composes songs and uploads them on his YouTube channel.

Taseenation has achieved much popularity in Bangladesh. Especially the youngsters like to enjoy his content most. At present, the channel has 1.21M subscribers. He got much popularity after releasing his top 5 video series.

10.Rasheduzzaman Rakib

Rasheduzzaman Rakib started his journey on YouTube in 2016. Since then, he has been running a movie-based channel named RnaR. This channel is now one of the most popular ones due to its amazing content. He roasts all the inconsistencies in Bengali Movies.

In addition to this, Rakib’s outstanding and unique storylines have brought him to the top. At present, RnaR has 1.09M subscribers. However, the number of subscribers is increasing very fast.

Final Verdict

There is no internet user who does not scroll Facebook or YouTube every day. These are the two most popular social media in the present world. Anyway, when you talk about video-sharing platforms, YouTube comes first.

Many YouTubers are establishing their career on YouTube and becoming YouTube stars. This article deals with the story of the top 10 YouTubers in Bangladesh. Hope you enjoy it.