The 10 Best YouTubers in Bangladesh 2024

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YouTube is one of the most popular social media nowadays. It is a video-sharing platform. Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Many are choosing this platform as a profession. These days we see many going viral overnight.

Many are becoming celebrities by sharing videos on YouTube often. No one can indeed succeed without hard work and dedication. People subscribe to those channels on YouTube whose content is unique and able to satisfy the needs of the audience. Good quality content requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

YouTube is the first video search engine where people can search for videos for learning or entertainment. If someone sticks to YouTube with passion, then he can easily earn a lot of money from YouTube. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top 10 YouTubers of Bangladesh whose contents are unmatched.

The 10 Best YouTubers in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the 10 Best YouTubers in BD:

01. Towhid Afridi

Towhid Afridi is one of the best YouTubers in Bangladesh. In 2015, he opened a YouTube channel under his name. Before starting a YouTube channel, he worked with My TV where he performed pranks and comedy. He publishes prank short film plays and entertaining videos on his YouTube channel.

An interview with Tauhid Afridi revealed that he did not earn any income in the first two years of opening his YouTube channel. He then monetized his channel on his father's advice.

02. Ayman Sadiq

Ayman Sadiq is a popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. But his main fame is not as a YouTuber but as a young entrepreneur. You may not find a single student in Bangladesh who has not heard Ayman Sadiq's name. He is the founder of Ten Minute School. Through the establishment of his Ten Minute School, he is giving regular lessons to millions of students in Bangladesh.

Besides, he is motivating students to build careers on various social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. Apart from the 'Ten Minute School' YouTube channel, he also has a YouTube channel under his name.

03. Prottoy Heron

He is a popular actor, YouTuber, and model in Bangladesh. He was born in 2001 in Narayanganj. He opened a youtube channel called The Ajaira LTD in 2012. The channel opened in 2012 but published the first video in 2015. The video got only 90 views on the first day. He makes group-based videos.

His team has a total of six members. They upload music videos, short films, remix videos, etc. ‘Bosen Bosen’ song is the most viewed song on his channel. The song has more than 37 million views to date.

04. Arthik Sajib

Arthik Sajib is a successful YouTuber, lyricist, psychologist, and popular director. Although he is a psychologist by profession, he is no longer involved in this work. From childhood, he loved to write and tried to make people happy through his writing. In 2016, he suddenly thought of opening a YouTube channel and creating content. He opened a channel called Prank King Entertainment.

This channel is at the peak of popularity among entertainment channels. Arthik Sajib has a group. The group currently has 35 members with whom various content including dramas, and web series are being produced regularly. Before becoming a YouTuber, he produced many short films.

05. Salman Mohammad Muktadir

Salman Muktadir is a model, YouTuber, public speaker, and actor. He is one of the earliest YouTubers in Bangladesh. He is an inspiration for new YouTubers. Since 2012, everyone started to know him as a YouTuber.

His YouTube channel name is Salmon TheBrownFish. In 2020, Salman's book Behind The Sin was published at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair. He is called the first YouTuber in Bangladesh although there is a lot of debate on this issue.

06. Fahim Chowdhury

Fahim Chowdhury is a popular YouTuber, and stunt rider in Bangladesh. He first uploaded his bike stand videos on YouTube in 2015 and became a popular face on YouTube. His YouTube channel name is Rs Fahim Chowdhury. Since 2017, he started making different types of vlogs along with bike stands.

07. Firoz Hasan

Firoz Hasan is a popular social worker and YouTuber in Bangladesh. In 2019, he first uploaded a video to his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel name is Free Motion By Firoz Hasan. His favorite thing to do is travel. His vlogs show us that he travels around on his motorcycle and helps the underprivileged.

Firoz Hasan records the scenes while helping the poor and uploads them on his YouTube channel which inspires many more people to help the poor. He donates a large portion of his YouTube earnings to help the poor and needy.

08. Rasheduzzaman Rakib

He is a popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. He planned to open a YouTube channel in 2014 but it was implemented in 2016. But after a few days, his channel got hacked. Later in 2017, he opened a new channel with the same name (RnaR). He makes funny Bengali movie review videos.

09. Shamim Hasan Sarkar

He is a popular TV actor, YouTuber, engineer, and social worker in Bangladesh. He opened a YouTube channel in 2014. It was named Mango Squad where he uploads Bengali dramas, Bengali short films, Bengali music videos, and social awareness videos.

10. Nadir

Nadir is a very popular Bengali travel vlogger. He simultaneously manages two channels in Bengali and English languages. The name of the Bangla channel is Nadir On The Go. He travels through the wilderness of different countries and creates video content about the natural beauty, cultural heritage, etc. of those countries.

In my opinion, he is a very underrated YouTuber who deserves much more. It would not be wrong to call Nadir the Bear Grylls of Bangladesh. Many of his videos show him doing risky mountain treks and sometimes framing ferocious wildlife with him. If you like to watch adventurous videos then you can subscribe to Nadir On The Go channel.

Final Words

Since there are many income opportunities on YouTube, many people are currently taking it as their only profession.

By dint of good quality content sharing, many YouTubers are becoming celebrities in front of the public. In the article, we have discussed some of the best YouTubers in Bangladesh. Hope you like it.