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Health Care in Bangladesh

Health care is one of the most basic needs of humans. After food and shelter health care is an important fundamental. In its early phase, the health care system in Bangladesh was mainly focused on providing curative services targeting maternal, child, and newborn health. Since the 1990s, with the development of modern science and technology.

In Bangladesh, most of the people are poor. so that the population suffers a huge amount of vitamin insufficiency and immunity insufficiency. for this reason Bangladesh govt and WHO is running many programs on heading these problems, like vitamin A capsule for all newborn to six years kid. Polio vaccine for newborns.

Bangladesh govt is giving a huge amount of vaccines for free every year. Bangladesh is getting financial help from the WHO and World Bank on these projects.

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Government and private hospitals are giving services in Bangladesh. The total number of hospitals in Bangladesh is approximately 5816. Every big city in Bangladesh contains central hospitals. but because of the huge population, the hospitals are not sufficient. In that case, there are so many private hospitals. Most of the private hospitals are well equipped and they are costly too.

So the poor people of Bangladesh can not afford that kind of hospital. but the govt hospital can not give proper support to the huge population. Also govt is trying to cover it up by building a community clinic in every urban city.

Because of the condition of hospitals in Bangladesh many people go to India, Thailand and Singapore for better treatment. they rely on India more than their own country. the political leaders and businessmen of this country go outside of the country for their regular treatment.