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Education System in Bangladesh

According to the ancient or British period, Bangladesh Education was emerged placed down their activities around the three primary levels with primary levels, secondary levels, and the higher secondary levels. The government of the country is given the compulsory level of education among the children of the people.

There are two categories of this education system in Bangladesh such as the primary levels and the secondary levels of the education systems are compulsory for the peoples of the country at all levels of society. A student can spend eight years of their live-in schooling for learning and educating. Whereas the secondary education system, students can spend their life in four years in educating parts and schooling.

The schools that are staying in the urban and town or city areas are providing a better result than the schools of rural or village levels. A large number of colleges are available in Bangladesh.

Each medical education system of Bangladesh is attached to the medical colleges that are already providing the medical services in Bangladesh practically. Each of the medical institutions is attached to the full-fledged hospital in Bangladesh.

For obtaining vocational learning and also gaining the knowledge of practical curriculum activities, the government of Bangladesh is built-in engineering colleges and many polytechnic and law institutions.

The specialized colleges are provided their educational degrees around the different areas or fields together with arts, business, commerce, agriculture, and others. In the ancient period, the levels of literacy are very high, but at present, the level of literacy is low, and most of the people are likely reading and writing.

Primary Education Level

At the primary level of education, students are joining the school from one year to eight years and also accept their education system that can be English and Bangla. The private education systems are also similar to Bangladesh that can provide their education services on English medium level and Bangla medium levels.

But the schools that are providing educational services by the government or public based school must be Bangla versions. Among all the educational systems Cadets College is the principal part of them.

Secondary Education Level

There are nine educational boards are available in Bangladesh that is controlled or maintained by the institute level of secondary systems. The names of nine educational boards are Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Comilla, Mymensingh, Barisal, Sylhet, Jessore, and Dinajpur in Bangladesh. The school management committee maintains by the school levels, but at the secondary school levels, there are no controlled by the SMC where the headmasters are fully responsible and maintained the whole body of the educational levels and the supervision power is available on the deputy director boards of the education systems.

Tertiary Education System

The tertiary education system is maintained by the Universities Grants Commission (UGC) in Bangladesh. Under the National University, the colleges of Bangladesh are also providing tertiary educational facilities for the better achievements of the students. All of the educational bodies like tertiary educational systems are fully autonomous systems that are administrated by the statutory bodies.

Technical and Vocational Education System

If you want to gain practical knowledge with the theoretical knowledge in schooling, then you should choose the technical and vocational education systems. This system provides you a great practical knowledge for gaining and obtaining employment opportunities after the ending of the academic and schooling periods. This education system also providing the fields or areas of applied science, engineering, and the focus areas that are you want to get. The whole responsibility of these education systems fulfilled by the Bangladesh technical education Board.

Madrasah Education System

Madrasa is the Arabic term for some kind of educational institution. In Bangladeshi Madrasa, there is a typically Islamic religious form of learning. A large number of madrasas are there. Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board controlled all of the operations, laws and regulations. Under the BMEB, there are two forms of education system, including Alia Madrasa and Qawmi Madrasa.