The 10 Best Gyms in Dhaka for Fitness Freaks

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A gym can be a great solution for those who want to make their body fit by doing some fixed workouts. Do you want to feel better, have more energy, and live a healthy life? Just get some workouts. Regular exercise and physical activity bring several health advantages. Exercise benefits everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability.

Physical exercise can help you avoid gaining weight or keep it off. Physical exercise causes calories to be burned. The higher level of the exercise, the more calories you burn.

How often should I visit the gym?

The primary advice is that you should visit the gym frequently enough to fulfill your fitness objectives, but not so frequently that you exhaust yourself or risk injury. For the majority of people, going to the gym three to five times each week is a reasonable starting point.

According to a 2016 study, exercising each muscle group twice per week resulted in greater muscle mass growth than training muscle groups only once per week. If your aim is to gain lean body mass by lifting weights, you should base your training plan on targeting each muscle group twice per week.

Some people who want to increase muscle separate their workouts into push and pull exercises. Others follow a three-day or five-day split, in which they have a fixed number of sessions (typically three or five) to complete each week. This is often one of the fundamentals for passionate bodybuilding-focused lifters interested in professional competitions.

However, there is no specified amount of days you have to go to the gym. You should rather take suggestions from your doctor, registered dietitian, or other healthcare specialists to develop a fitness plan.

The 10 Best Gyms in Dhaka for Fitness Freaks

Here is a list of the 10 best Gyms in Dhaka:

01. Dhaka Fitness

Dhaka Fitness is ideal for people who are looking for an exceptional workout experience. The gym provides a variety of training equipment that is well-maintained and of excellent quality. So, you can enjoy a satisfying workout. You can work out with tranquility because the place is completely safe.

In addition, the gym has a full-sized steam bath that allows you to unwind and relax after a hard workout. Customers may feed their bodies with the proper nutrients by visiting the nutrition corner inside the gym. Each customer is given their own locker. So, you can keep your belongings safe while exercising.
Address: D.C.C. Ta- 99, Gulshan Link Tower (Gulshan-Badda Link Road), Bir Uttam A.K. Khandakar Road, Gulshan, Dhaka- 1212

02. World Gym

World Gym is a full-service fitness center that provides a range of workouts that help people reach their fitness objectives. The gym caters to people who want to grow muscle and strength, as well as those who want to boost their entire fitness level, with heavy weight training, a boxing gym, and total fitness tests.

The gym provides aerobics and yoga programs for ladies, which are fun and challenging methods to improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Cardiovascular exercise, such as spinning in indoor cycling, is also available for people looking to improve their endurance.
Address: 123, New Kakrail Road, Mouban Super Market (2nd Floor), Ramna, Dhaka-100, 123 Kakrail VIP Road, Dhaka 1000

03. Body Flex Gym

Body Flex Gym is a high-quality fitness center that offers a variety of services to help people reach their fitness goals. The gym provides a complete diet program that helps customers attain optimal health. Their experienced trainers provide guidance and support.

Customers can plan their workouts around their hectic schedules at the gym. The gym provides Extreme Fitness programs for women that cater to their particular needs.
Address: 121 House- 1/C, 1/D Lane- 19, Dhaka 1216

04. Fitness Plus Gym & Health Club

Fitness Plus Gym & Health Club is an exceptional gym. Customers can work out in a safe and secure environment with 11,000 square feet of floor area and 24/7 CCTV coverage. The gym has two separate zones for female customers, so women have a comfortable environment to exercise.

The gym is supervised by skillful trainers who can offer guidance and support. Customers can additionally take yoga and aerobics sessions for improving their flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.
Address: Q936+XPC, Dhaka

05. Silver Gym

Silver Gym is an elegant gym. Fitness tests and customized diet programs are offered at the gym to help consumers understand their fitness level and nutritional needs.

Customers are additionally provided with weekly motivation and accountability to ensure that they stay on track and motivated to reach their goals. Customers can get ongoing nutrition guidance that helps them maintain a balanced diet.
Address: HOLDING 7-8, Bonsri Main Road, Block A, AMINA GREEN PARK, Dhaka 1212

06. Gulshan Fitness

Gulshan Fitness is an excellent fitness center that provides a variety of services. Customers can work out at their leisure with 18-hour access available from 6 a.m. to midnight every day of the year. They can continue their workouts in a safe and secure setting because the gym has 24-hour security. You can maintain hygiene during the workout by using private sanitized restrooms and showers.

There is plenty of convenient parking available that allows customers to park quickly and easily. The homey atmosphere of the gym offers a pleasant and comfortable setting in which customers can work out at their own pace. Corporate wellness programs are also available.
Address: House 7A, Road 41, Gulshan 2 (Beside Lakeshore Hotel) Dhaka 1212

07. Spartan Fitness

Spartan Fitness is a highly regarded gym that serves customers of all ages, making it a great place for anybody wishing to boost their fitness and general health. The gym is entirely air-conditioned. The owners are always ready to help, and their behavior is good which ensures customers feel at ease. Customers can design customized plans.

This gym is standout due to its extensive collection of equipment. These are organized nicely, so you can easily take one to start your workout.
Address: Islam Plaza (Level-7), Section-7, Mirpur-11(Opposite of KFC/BRAC Bank), Dhaka, 1216

08. California Gym

California Gym is one of Uttara's oldest and best-known gyms. It is for sure a women-friendly gym that offers exceptional fitness training and diet consultation services. The owners are dedicated to helping customers in reaching their fitness objectives.

With over 15 years of experience, California Gym provides top-notch fitness training programs tailored to each customer's unique needs. The trainers are competent and experienced, and they provide customers with customized training programs based on their fitness objectives.
Address: House: 3, Road: Shayesta Khan Avenue, sector: 4, floor: 3rd floor, Dhaka, 1230

09. Royal Fitness Studio

Royal Fitness Studio is perhaps one of the best gyms in Dhaka that is well-known for its cutting-edge facilities and great fitness training services. The gym is outfitted with the most up-to-date training equipment. Customers have access to essential tools for their workouts.

In addition, customers receive expert guidance from the gym's qualified and award-winning trainers. The management team is also skillful. Besides, the gym is well-organized.
Address: 15/2, Zigatola Zenith, Dhaka 1205

10. Future Fitness Gym

Future Fitness Gym is an excellent gym in Dhaka. The gym offers a thorough four-workouts-a-week program. It includes effective pull-push-legs training for men, concentrating on improving strength and endurance in the upper, lower, and core muscles.

The gym provides personalized push-pull-legs training for ladies with the goal of growing lean muscle mass. The gym is supervised by qualified instructors who can help you in reaching your fitness objectives.
Address: Jamuna Future Park, Level-5 Zone-B, Dhaka

Final Words

When considering how to choose the best gym in Dhaka, it is important to take into account the gym's advantages, services, and collection of essential equipment. These factors can affect your gym experience. Find out not just what hours a gym is open, but also what services are provided throughout those hours.

We have looked at all these things and picked some top gyms in Dhaka. You can choose a gym from our list that can save you time and effort.