The 10 Best Bangladeshi or Bengali speaking Lawyers in USA

By Andrew Harry | Updated on

Everyone wants to be a lawyer because the demand for this profession is high and also available in the country of United States. The need for legal services in this country is high and also increasing the demand for lawyers day-by-day.

The competition for the lawyer is high in the job market because the number of students is going to study as a law profession. Today I will talk about the “Top 10 Bangla Speaking Lawyer in USA” that helps you to find out the legal services for you and your business or all types of activities.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Lawyers in USA

Here the list of Top 10 Bangladeshi or Bengali speaking Lawyers in USA

01. Attorney Moumita Rahman

If you want to achieve the dream in your American country, then-Attorney Moumita Rahman helps you to achieve those goals. She has more experience in that profession and running in this practice for more than ten years. She is also an immigration lawyer.

The law firm of Moumita Rahman is staying in John St, New York City, in the United States. They are providing immigrants services and others for the United States. The staff of this firm is also friendly and marvelous behavior.

02. Mahfuzur Rahman

Mahfuzur Rahman is a Bengali general practice attorney in New York City. The law office is stying in Elmhurst in New York that providing full services about law activities, and the firm represents excellent customer dealing. They obtained a reputation by providing legal services. They always are trying to improve their services with formal practices.

03. Salim Sheikh

Salim Sheikh providing excellent services for Bangladeshi people at reasonable prices. He is a Bengali speaking lawyer who established a law firm in NY 10007, United States. He solves so many divorce cases. He is a Bengali lawyer obtain respect from Bangladeshi people and clients.

04. Shafi Chowdhury

Shafi Chowdhury is one of the best immigration lawyers in the United States. He provides their services in Bengali languages. He obtained an award as the best immigration lawyer from a law firm and also winning so many different cases.

The law office of Shafi Chowdhury is stying in Queens, NY, United States. They are taking events of real estate, immigration, personal inquiry, and litigation.

05. Sharif R. Hannan

Sharif R. Hannan is a Bengali lawyer in the United States. The law firm is stying in Jackson Heights, NY. He is providing the services about bankruptcy and real estate, and the initial consultancy cost is free.

You can hire his services hourly and flat rate. They are providing their services in four different languages such as English, Spanish, Bangla, and Vietnamese.

06. Ashok K. Karmaker

Ashok K. Karmaker is a person of the national association of immigration judges known as (NAIJ) and a reputed Bengali lawyer in the United States.

The law office of Ashok K. Karmaker, P.C. is stying in Hillside Avenue, Queens, NY, United States, and the Bangladeshi law office is stying in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

07. Ferdusi Z. Chowdhury

Ferdusi Z. Chowdhury is a reputed Bengali speaking lawyer in the United States. The law office of Ferdusi Z. Chowdhury, P.C. is stying in Jackson Heights, NY.

They are maintaining cases about divorce, visitation, personal inquiry, child support, domestic violence, real state, child custody, immigration, and criminal factors.

08. Afftar Baksh

Afftar Baksh is the best service providing buying house. The customer satisfaction with their services is a good explanation, and the behavior of his staff is good.

He is also a Bengali speaking lawyer in the United States. The office of Affar Baksh is stying in Jamaica, NY.

09. Ishrat Sami

Ishrat Sami is the best immigration lawyer in the United States who established their law firm or office in New York.

They are providing Bengali languages services and community in the United States. But you must be providing the first consultation fee. That's why most people are not like them.

10. Mohammad A Aziz

The law office of Muhammad A Aziz is staying in Ave, New York, NY, United States.

They are providing their services about bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, immigration, accident, and other categories.