The 10 Best Bicycle Brands in Bangladesh for Cycling Lover

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The bicycle is one of the most familiar vehicles from our very childhood. It is an environment-friendly vehicle that has no harmful effects on the earth and its populations. Not only in Bangladesh but in the entire Indian subcontinent, the bicycle is such a two-wheeler that everyone learns to drive first.

At present, the bicycle is becoming popular again like in the past. There are many popular bicycle brands available in Bangladesh. A few of them are made in Bangladesh and most of them come from different overseas countries. In this article, we are going to provide a list of the top 10 bike (bi-cycle) brands in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best Bike (Bicycle) Brands in Bangladesh

Here is a list of The 10 Best Bike Brands in Bangladesh:

01. Duranta Bicycle

Duranta Bicycle is one of the popular bike brands manufactured in Bangladesh. The Rangpur Metal Industries has been manufacturing this one. It is a sister company of the Pran-RFL group. The main factory of this brand is in Hobigonj.

All the bikes from this brand are made with high technology. This is why they are becoming familiar with Bangladesh. Apart from this, their bicycles are exported to some other countries. Duranto try to provide bicycle in lowest price. Their motto is to sell a high-quality product at the lowest price.

02. Veloce Bike

In Bangladesh, Veloce is a premium segment bicycle manufacturer. Meghna Group, one of Bangladesh's giant corporations and the country's leading bicycle manufacturer manufactures Veloce Bikes. It combines creativity, technology, and eye-catchy design to give excellent quality and durability.

Veloce is known not just in Bangladesh, but also throughout Europe. They have been manufacturing different types of bikes such as Kids' bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes as well as mountain bikes. If you are looking for a quality bicycle from Veloce, you can buy Begasso Spoke Rim Mountain Folding Bicycle (26 Inch). The spork ring of this cycle is stronger than normal bi-cycles.

03. Phoenix Bicycle

Phoenix is a well-known name in Bangladesh. You won’t find an individual in Bangladesh who has never heard the name of this brand. This China-based bicycle brand has a large number of models that have won millions of hearts. The bi-cycle company focuses on trendy and good-quality bi-cycle manufacturing.

If you want to buy a Phoenix bike, Phoenix 26” Metal Body 21 Speed Bicycle is highly recommended. This one is designed especially for men. The frame is metal-made and the frame size is 26″x17″. The bi-cycle features a heavy plastic pedal that makes your cycling more comfortable.

04. Bianchi

When it comes to Italian bikes, Bianchi quickly springs to mind. Since 1885, it has been an advanced and innovative manufacturer. With their influential iconic color, sky blue, these bikes are easily distinguishable amid a peloton. It is a one-of-a-kind hue that has become their trademark. The brand's common threads include design, elegance, and quality.

05. Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles is a renowned and well-known bike manufacturing company. They have been selling bikes in many countries across the world including Bangladesh. They have a good name in the bicycle industry. The Giant Bicycle brand started its journey in 1972.

This brand has won the race in technology and innovative design competition. If you're looking for a trendy race bike with a lightweight and strong aluminum frame, we believe Giant Bicycle can be an ideal option. It is true that their bikes cost much but are better in quality.

06. Diamondback Bike

Diamondback Bicycles is an American company. They are providing quality bikes to Bangladeshi customers for many years. They are a premium bike seller in Bangladesh. many kinds of bicycles they make focusing on customer's needs they have, a mountain bike for the young generation and adventure tour, junior bicycle for kids. If you are looking for a premium quality bike, this brand might be a decent choice.

07. Hero Bicycle

Hero Bicycle is a well-known Indian brand of bicycles that started its journey in 1956. Pankaj M Munjal is the corporation's chairman and founder as well. Hero Bicycles are widely familiar and available across the world. The company's annual production capacity surpasses 7.5 million.

Hero Bicycle is truly a major brand that combines cutting-edge technology with endearing looks. It meets all worldwide quality standards and has a strong reputation in Bangladesh. They received ISO certification. It is one of the fastest-growing bi-cycle companies in the world.

08. Camp Bicycle

The camp is a sub-brand of SHENZHEN KESPOR BICYCLE CO.LTD. It is a Chinese company. Manufacturing and marketing bicycles. They are always devoted, professional, and innovative. Like all other companies CAMP always tries to provide for the customer's needs and add value to the product. Various kinds of bicycle they make focusing on customers needs to satisfy the customer.

The company is a manufacturer of a mountain bike, folding bicycle, road bike, kids bicycle, and the likes, with an MTB Bike for young people and adventurous tours. E-Bike is for daily commuting and cheap touring. Road Bike is for daily city commuting. Folding Bike is carrying a bike from one place to another.

09. Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh, which was founded at the end of the nineteenth century in England, is one of the oldest and most widely used bicycle manufacturers in the world. Aside from cycling history, this British brand is still swelling and manufacturing outstanding standalone bikes to fulfill the demands of riders today. Sir Frank Bowden founded the brand in Nottingham, England in 1887. If you want to buy a bike from this brand at around ten thousand takas, Raleigh Hydra is highly recommended. The bike quality is just outstanding.

10. Avon Cycles

The Avon Cycles bicycle factory is stretched over 145,000 square meters and manufactures two million numbers every year. They use the most advanced technologies and mechanical systems. The product line comprises over a hundred pedal bicycle descriptions, a half-dozen peculiar types of battery-powered bikes, and the recently added hi-power series of luxury bicycles. If you are interested in buying a good-looking cycle from Avon you can buy Avon 17” Steel Frame Bicycle.

Final Words

Bicycle is one of the oldest and most popular vehicles across the world. With the passage of time, thousands of popular brands are coming up with advanced and beautifully designed models based on customer choices. Here we have listed and reviewed some of the best bicycle brands available in Bangladesh. I hope it will help you find your favorite brand.