The Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Tiles Companies in Bangladesh

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Tiles are a type of outfitting that can be utilized on roofs, walls, and floors. Tiles can be produced using practically any hard substance, and numerous delicate materials as well. Conversely, delicate tiles can be made out of fleece, stopper, reused paper, and perlite.

Homeowners these days like to coordinate style into everything at home, including the ground surface. While looking for an appropriate sort of ground surface, tiles offer enduring excellence, usefulness, and toughness and enjoy monstrous upper hands over other deck options.

There are various type of tiles. A few instances of hard tiles incorporate marble, granite, metal, stone, or glass.

Ceramic tiles: The main highlights of ceramic tiles incorporate their long-life expectancy, their flexibility of utilization, and their high protection from scratches and scraped spot.

Glass Tiles: Shining glass tiles are an alluring decision for backsplash or shower tile. Contrasted with other tiles, glass tiles have the most elevated level of stain opposition, even impermeable to red wine and acidic lemon juice.

Marble tiles: Marble tiles are made of the extremely strong natural marble stone. They're available in nearly every shade because to the changeability of the section materials removed. Marble tiles may also be polished, sharpened, brushed, tumbled, and other finishing options, making them suitable for any room use.

Granite Tiles: Granite is essentially harder than marble and thusly less inclined to chips and breaks. Being somewhat waterproof, the stone is additionally an incredible decision for wet regions or ledges, as it won't assimilate dampness or stains. Normally found in bigger organization pieces, rock is certifiably not material for the tightwad or the expense cognizant.

Tiles can be both be utilitarian and ornamental and are accessible in numerous styles to suit all financial plans and tastes. In addition, They're used in wet rooms like washrooms, laundries, and kitchens. Also, they're regularly applied to floors and other surfaces to shield them from dampness. However, today I am gonna introduce you to the 10 best Tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best Tiles Company in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the 10 Best Tiles Company in Bangladesh:

01. R A K Ceramics ( Bangladesh) Limited

RAK ceramics is a global brand specializing in ceramics, porcelain wall and floor tiles & sanitaryware. It is the first leading locally produced tiles brand. its commercial production starts in 2000.

RAK ceramics not only popular for tiles but also much sanitaryware like water closets, high commode, paper holder, wash basins, shelf towel rail, bidet, soap case, etc. Customers can get quality products at a reasonable price.

02. DBL Ceramics Limited

DBL Ceramics Limited is one of the largest ceramic company in Bangladesh. DBL ceramics limited begin its journey to bring elegant and premium quality ceramic tiles for all types of building and diverse architectural needs. It is an Italian brand. DBL ceramics started its journey at the end of 2016.

It takes pride in its fully automated factory and its production facilities and quality are not only good but also unique. The range of tiles is polish, porcelain, wall tiles, technical porcelain, decor tiles in a variety of design and size with HD printing. Though its prize is high than others for its innovative design it's very popular with the customers.

03. MIR Ceramic Limited

MIR ceramics started its commercial production in 2002. there are different types of products including porcelain, ceramic wall tiles, granite floor tiles, homogeneous stair tiles, Mir polished, and industry tiles.

Because of its innovative design customer compliance is very good. MIR ceramics prize is also affordable. In Bangladesh, it is a very famous brand.

04. Great Wall Ceramic Ind. Ltd.

Great wall ceramic industries limited started its journey in 2006. It’s the greatest world best quality wall & floor tiles manufacturing Company in Bangladesh. Its aims is trying to increase the value of the product and minimizes the cost of the product.

Great wall ceramic enriched with innovative design and advanced technological processes derived from Italy and Spain. Its price is also not so high. Customers easily can get their desire products in this ceramic company.

05. Star Ceramics Limited

Star Ceramics Limited is a Bangladesh-Lebanon joint venture and one of Bangladesh's leading ceramic tile and sanitaryware manufacturers. They are the pioneers in the manufacturing of digitally printed tiles in Bangladesh. Star ceramics have many unique design tiles at a reasonable price.

06. Akij Ceramics Limited

Akij ceramic is one of the firsts to take carbon initiative in carbon trading in Bangladesh. Akij ceramics makes its tiles with modern technology and machines imported from Germany and Denmark.

Comprising then other company its collection and customer service is very popular. It has dealers with adequate showrooms covering all over the country. Akij ceramics is very affordable to all types of customers.

07. Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited

Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited is Bangladesh's pioneer ceramic manufacturing joint venture company, founded in 1995.There is a variety of products include homogeneous floor tiles, stair tiles, digitally printed wall and porcelain floor tiles, etc. Both for indoor and outdoor arrangements customers can come easily here. They have an excellent collection, though its price is a little bit low.

08. China-Bangla Ceramics Industries Limited

China Bangla ceramic industries limited was incorporated in 2001 as a joint venture in Bangladesh and China. It is one of the popular supplier ceramic market. For home floor decoration it is the best choice for the customers.

CBC now producing 9000 M2 tiles per day including homogenous tiles with nearly zero water absorption. CBC has dealers with adequate showroom facilities all over the country. Its product quality is also good.

09. X Ceramics Limited

X ceramics group has established itself as a flag bearer of Bangladesh's ceramic industry. X ceramic is an Italian brand, started its journey in 2008. It is producing glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles for wall and floor.

10. Bravat Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, BRAVAT is a German multinational high quality sanitary ware company. It is committed to building the elegant style bathroom with high quality and refined taste of the person who knows how to enjoy life. Also, It is a high-end brand of kitchen and bathroom products. Its product quality is also good. It is very affordable and prestigious bathroom fittings and tiles.