The Top 10 Online Payment Gateways in Bangladesh

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E-Commerce stores are increasing with the passage of time. So, reliable online payment gateways are now the demand of time. It is a time-saving, faster, and effortless way to get paid.

In this article, we are about to introduce you to the top 10 online payment gateways in Bangladesh. Hope you read the entire content for knowing them in detail.

Online Payment Gateways in Bangladesh
Payment Gateways Setup Fee Annual Fee Commission per Transaction Fraud and Risk Management
SSLCOMMERZBDT 15,000Free2.5%Yes
ShurjoPayCorporate: BDT 10,000 Education: BDT 5000Free2.5%Yes
AamarPayBDT 4000-15000Free2.5%-3.25%Yes
PortWalletStarter: BDT 5,000 Business BDT 20,000Business: BDT 24,000Starter 3.8%+ BDT 2 Business 3.5%+BDT 1Yes
FastSpringFreeFree8.9%+$0.75or, 5.9%+$0.95Yes
Easy Pay WayBDT 5000-20,000Basic: Free Starter: BDT 500 Professional: BDT 2,000 Corporate: BDT 2,500Basic: 6.5% Starter:5% Professional: 3.90% Corporate: Age agreedYes
Authorize.netFree$25 per monthPer Transaction 10 centDaily batch fee 10 centYes
PayoneerFree$29.95/year (if you take a MasterCard, otherwise there is no annual charge) $3 per transactionYes
The Top 10 Online Payment Gateways in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the Top 10 Online Payment Gateways in BD:


SSLCOMMERZ is the most popular and leading online payment gateway in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank awarded it for its outstanding performance and reliability.

Privacy Policy:
✔ It only collects information what the users provide.
✔ DSS PCI complaint system


02. ShurjoPay

ShurjoPay is another popular online gateway in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank has awarded its PSO license. Undoubtedly, this is a universal one that can be the payment solution for both business merchants and consumers. People like it for its strong privacy policy and low rates.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Proper verification and validation
✔ No fear of 3rd party integration
✔ Highly secured

✔ VAT or Tax Identification Number
✔ National ID

03. Aamarpay

Aamarpay is a faster and secure online payment gateway in Bangladesh. It gives many privileges to its merchant users. People like it so much due to the lowest fees.

In addition to this, you will get the advantage of fast checkout that is the most wanted thing while online payment.

Privacy Policy:
✔ 3 layers of security
✔ Instant payment notification
✔ Highest integrality so that your account remains safe

✔ Tax Identification number
✔ Passport/National ID

04. PortWallet

PortWallet is an advanced and very smooth online payment gateway in Bangladesh. It’s one of the leading platforms for online payment. This platform is mostly popular for its connective solution and API system.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Instant notification
✔ 3d security system
✔ Highly secured complaint system (PCI DSS)


05. 2Checkout

2Checkout is one of the most popular international payment gateways that you can use in Bangladesh. This is undoubtedly a nice platform to make global payments. At present world is becoming closer to us. To take a payment from a foreign country is so easy.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Customer information shared with partners
✔ Swiss-US and EU-US privacy shield

✔ Trade license
✔ Tax/VAT Identification Number

06. FastSpring

FastSpring is a smooth online payment gateway in Bangladesh that will surely give you a nice experience. You can never ignore the amazing features provided by FastSpring. Interestingly, it allows SaaS and software for increasing its revenue.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Encrypted personal data
✔ Privacy Shield framework for the safe transfer of personal information

✔ Driving license/GST/VAT/Tax exemption number

07. Easy Pay Way

Easy Pay Way is an awesome online payment gateway in Bangladesh. Do you wanna get a time-saving, secure, and hassle-free payment? Then you can take payment through this platform. Undoubtedly, it’s a safe payment gateway in the present market.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Information collected only for their use
✔ Our information may be provided to 3rd party but do not worry! They will surely assure general safety for you.

✔ Trade license
✔ Tax identification number

08. is an amazing and one of the leading online payment gateways in Bangladesh. This platform is well known for its privacy and data protection. Besides, it will give you a very smooth and pleasurable experience for online payment. You cannot but love to join them.

Privacy Policy:
✔ PCI DSS compliance
✔ Standard data security
✔ Personal data protection

✔ Order and payment information
✔ Contact information
✔ Consumer name etc.

09. Paddle

Paddle is another popular online gateway in Bangladesh. This is an amazing platform that offers NDR enhancement. Paddle is generally chosen for its low-cost advantage.

You need to pay the signup charge because it offers to open the account without any cost. In addition to this, there is no monthly or yearly charge to pay.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Integrity, safety, and confidentiality of personal information
✔ General safety measures

✔ Trade license
✔ VAT/Sales Tax codes

10. Payoneer

Payoneer is a wonderful and very cheap online payment gateway. Their service is available in 200+ countries around the world. This is platform is mainly popular among freelancers in Bangladesh.

The reason behind its popularity is that Payoneer is one of the cheapest and most reliable platforms for getting payment online.

Privacy Policy:
✔ Passwords are encrypted. So, none can get access to it.
✔ All of the personal data of its users are encrypted. This is why there is no chance to find your data stolen.
✔ Secured firewalls

✔ Passport/National ID card number

Final Verdict

The number of internet users is increasing very fast. Many people like to get their payments online. E-Commerce businesses are taking positions in Bangladesh.

So, the necessity of online gateway systems is so much important. Nowadays we can get payments crossing the country’s borders through online payment gateways.

This article deals with the top 10 online payment gateways that are available in Bangladesh. Hope you enjoy reading this.

Besides, it will help you find out the best-suited payment gateway for you.

Note: The setup fee, annual fee and commission per transaction for this listed payment gateway company may be lower or higher. The fee is continuously changing with the passage of time. So, please check with your prospective company to get correct information.