The 8 Best Bengali Restaurants in London Right Now

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London is a multicultural city. A large number of ethnicities, religions, and lifestyles are mingled in this city. According to the ONS 2011 census, around 222,127 Bangladeshi-origin people live in London. Almost half of the British Bangladeshi live in this city.

In London, there are a large number of Bengali restaurants. Almost all the Bangladeshi restaurants are good in quality. They serve a wide array of Bengali traditional food items. These Bengali restaurants can connect you to your Bengali roots with their mouth-watering Desi flavour.

The 8 Best Bengali Restaurants in London

Here is a list of the best Bengali restaurants in London:

01. Kolapata

Kolapata is familiar Bangladeshi restaurant in London. It comes with a wide number of Bangladeshi and Indian food items. There is no doubt here that you will get a Bengali environment along with Bengali taste. From a wide array of customer reviews, we have discovered one thing Kacci Biriyani and Bhuna Khichuri are two mouth-watering items.

Kolapata is admired by not only British Bangladeshi but by native British as well. This restaurant is also familiar with Bangladeshi fish items. Among a wide range of food items, Hilsha Fry, Rohu Fry, Shorisha Elish, Rupchanda Fish Fry, Fuska, Chotpoti, Vuna Khichuri, Kacci Biriyani are notable. For those who love to taste Desi fish items, this restaurant is strongly recommended for them.
Contact: +44 20 7377 1200
Address: 222 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1BJ, United Kingdom

02. Bengal Village

Bengal Village is a renowned Bengali restaurant in Brick Lane, London. This restaurant has achieved the Masterchef Prize 2014. So, you may guess how popular this one is to the Bangladeshi immigrants in London. Among all the Bengali restaurants in London, Bengal Village is one of the best and most widely visited restaurants.

This restaurant started its journey a couple of decades ago. From its beginning, it has been providing outstanding service. They usually serve Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine. This restaurant is widely popular due to its traditional Bangladeshi and Indian items. If you talk about its economic success, you cannot ignore this one.

Bangladeshi fishes have made Bengal Village one of the leading Bengali restaurants in London. If you are looking for unique Bangladeshi taste in London, this restaurant might be a great solution for you. This restaurant offers alluring discounts for its customers. If you live in London, you can go to Bengal Village for having a Desi taste.
Contact: +44 20 7366 4868
Address: 75 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL, United Kingdom

03. Aladin Restaurant

Aladin is one of the most popular and widely admired Bengali restaurants in London. Here you will get Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani food items. Apart from the traditional cuisine, western items are also available here. But Bangladeshi traditional foods are sitting on the top. You will be surprised to know that Prince Charles even visited and praised this restaurant.

Aladin has won several awards for its quality foods including London’s Archant Food and Drink Award. You will be able to see totally a Bangladeshi environment in this restaurant. This restaurant serves a wide range of authentic foods from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Not only for its delicious dishes but is this restaurant widely reputed for its customer-friendly environment too.
Contact: +44 20 7247 8210
Address: 132 Brick Ln, London E1 6RU, United Kingdom

04. Meraz Café

Meraz Café is another Bengali restaurant in London. This restaurant started its journey in 1974. From the very beginning, it has won the heart of numerous customers in London. Its wood-paneled walls, gorgeous lighting, and outstanding color scheme cannot but touch your mind. You will definitely love the wonderful heart-soothing ambiance. Who doesn’t want to sit in such a restaurant and take a meal?

This café is supposed to serve a lot of Bangladeshi food items. If you are looking for homemade Desi food, this restaurant can be a great alternative for you. They have a separate menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though they serve a wide range of food items, Bangladeshi foods are on the top.
Contact: +44 20 7247 6999
Address: 56 Hanbury St, London E1 5JL, UK

05. Baraka Eatery

Baraka Eatery is another widely praised Bengali restaurant in London. This restaurant comes with a wide array of healthy traditional Bangladeshi food items. Undoubtedly, you will find something different here. You will get Bangladeshi, Indian, and Middle-Eastern food items in this restaurant.

Here you will get Bangladeshi bites at around £3. They serve a wide range of foods ranging from Saag Aloo to Chicken Bhuna. Apart from the rich items, they also serve fast foods such as chips, poppadoms, and many more. Besides, they have a juice bar where you can drink your favorite juice. So, why late? Give this restaurant a visit!
Contact: +44 20 7426 0550
Address: 38-40 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JX, UK

06. Graam Bangla

If you are looking for fresh and healthy Bangladeshi foods, Graam Bangla can be a great option for you. It is widely praised for its wonderful customer service. Besides, the charming location will surely pull you back to sit awhile and take a meal. This restaurant prepares a wide array of traditional mouth-watering dishes including mashed potato, mashed brinjal, chatni, and many more.
Contact: +44 20 7646 4157
Address: 68 Brick Ln, London E1 6RL, United Kingdom

07. Amar Gaon

Amar Gaon is another Bengali quality restaurant in London. This restaurant is mostly popular for authentic Bangladeshi cuisines. If you are eagerly looking for an inn for traditional Bengali recipes, give Amar Gaon a visit.

It will surely mesmerize you with old Bangladeshi homemade food flavor. I do not want to specify any item for you. You can try each item.
Contact: +44 20 7377 6688
Address: 50 Brick Ln, London E1 6RF, UK

07. Café Grill

Café Grill is another popular Bengali restaurant in London. They serve a wide array of meat and vegetable items including Achar Gosth, Green Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Sag Aloo, Shag Bhaji, and many more items from the subcontinent. All the items are reasonably priced.
Contact: +44 20 7247 3838
Address: 35 Brick Ln, London E1 6PU, United Kingdom

Final Words

It doesn’t matter wherever you are living in. If your root is Bangladesh, you will always be missing Bangladeshi foods. In this article, we have listed some of the best Bengali restaurants available in London. These restaurants are popular and widely praised for their delicious Bangladeshi cuisines. So, you can find a good Bengali restaurant by reading our honest reviews. Do you want to change your taste? Enjoy Indian food from the 20 best Indian restaurants in London.