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Bangladesh: The Country of Art, Culture, Tech, Education, Heritage and Tourism

By Andy Mario | Updated on

People’s Republic of Bangladesh mostly known as Bangladesh is an astounding country in the south Asian region. It is a liberated secular country that became independent in1971 form Pakistan.

The nation holds a lot of witty individual traditions. It has an enriched heritage, sight scenes, and culture has versatility.

Democracy & Capital

It is a free nation that has a democratic government.

Dhaka is the capital of the country and is the most developed city in the country with a large amount of population.

Population & Economy

With a continuously growing people of more than 164M, the country’s economy is getting better. Now it is a developing country. THE current GDP rate is 7,9% (2019) which puts it in the 1st position in Asia and 6th in the world Ranking (Wikipedia).

The main income-generating sectors are garment (clothing), agriculture. Foreign remittances also add up.

Health & Education

Bangladesh is constantly improving in the health sector with qualified medical professionals. The government ensured community health care services which helped people to get proper treatment and reduced child mortality.

A large number of Public & private universities are providing quality education in different faculties, & subjects. Primary education is cost-free for every student. Eventually, literacy rate has increased drastically which is now around 75%.

Culture & Festivals

The nation has a variety of cultures that includes its different kinds of music (Jari-sari, Loko-sangit), drama (jatrabala), traditional dance, village fair, and many more.

There are plenty of festivals happening throughout the whole year. Some are religious like Eid, Pooja, Christmas. The biggest festival would be the “Pahela Baishakh” which is the first day of Bengali new year. People of all religions and regions take part in a long rally called “Mangal Shovajatra”. Many places in the country Baishakhi fair are arranged.

Heritage & Tourism

This country has a lot of heritage sites recognized by UNESCO and other organizations.

Cox’s Bazar has a 150km+ unbroken sea beach which is the largest of all. Sundarban is the biggest mangrove forest located in the southern region of the country on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. There are a lot of ancient forts and architectural sculptures scattered throughout the whole country.

Because of the abundance of historic and tourism sites, a wide number of tourists visit the country every year. People are very welcoming and friendly here.

Hospitality is a common Trait of this country. Despite having a large population the government has given shelter to Rohingya refugees and supported them with their limited resources.

This country is going through some mega plans and technology improvements and becoming ‘Digital Bangladesh’ under the supervision of the honorable Prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her son Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

There is no doubt that the country is going to be listed as a developed country very soon.