The 10 Best IPS Brands in Bangladesh at Affordable Price

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Instant Power Supply (IPS) devices are important in Bangladesh to provide power backup during continuous power disruptions and voltage changes. The country's power infrastructure is generally unstable during the summer season, demanding the purchase of a high-quality IPS system to guarantee continuous power supply to homes, workplaces, and industries.

Some IPS companies stick out from the crowd due to their outstanding quality, performance, and dependability. Several aspects must be considered when choosing the best IPS brand, including the company's image, product quality, after-sales assistance, and customer reviews.

When the main power source fails or fluctuates, an Instant Power Supply (IPS) offers a backup power supply. IPS is useful in a variety of situations because it offers a continuous supply of power that can prevent data loss, device damage, and downtime.

An IPS safeguards valuable electronic devices such as mobile devices, computers, and networking devices against power surges and power outages. These power outages can damage electronic devices. Power outage is pricy and sometimes life-threatening in situations such as hospitals. An IPS can help to avoid delays by ensuring that essential equipment continues operation during power failures.

Power failures can result in data loss or corruption, making recovery expensive and time-consuming. An IPS can avoid data loss by offering a continuous power supply during outages. Security systems, such as cameras require a consistent electricity supply to function. An IPS can guarantee that security systems stay functioning during power outages, avoiding security breaches.

In general, IPS price in Bangladesh is determined by criteria like VA, KVA, Watt, Voltage, Capacity, Backup Time, Battery Type, cabling and installation

An IPS can provide a handy backup power source for household appliances, enabling homeowners to keep using their electronic devices even when the power goes out. There is no doubt that an IPS is very essential in Bangladesh. But it is always difficult to choose the right brand and models for electronic devices. In this article, we will focus on some best IPS brands in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best IPS Brands in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the 10 best IPS brands in Bangladesh:

01. Rahimafrooz IPS

Rahimafrooz IPS is a well-known Bangladeshi company that offers high-quality instant power backup solutions. They provide a diverse variety of IPS systems to meet both residential and business requirements. It uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that its products are as efficient and reliable as possible. Rahimafrooz IPS has a reputation for its outstanding client service and after-sales assistance.

02. Luminous IPS

Luminous is a popular Indian brand with a significant influence in Bangladesh. The company offers a wide range of IPS systems to meet a variety of requirements. They use advanced technology to guarantee that their goods are more efficient as well as reliable. Long-lasting efficiency and longevity are hallmarks of Luminous IPS systems.

03. Walton

Walton is a popular brand in Bangladesh that offers a diverse range of electronic products with different specifications and capabilities. They offer several IPS models that include automatic voltage regulation, battery management systems, and surge protection.

This company is known for producing energy-efficient and long-lasting products that can provide continuous power backup during power outages. Walton IPS models also include LED indicators that display load levels, battery levels, and other important information.

04. CyberPower

CyberPower is a well-known company in Bangladesh that provides a wide variety of high-quality IPS options for homes and offices. Their IPS products are energy efficient and long-lasting making them an excellent option for power backup during fluctuations.

CyberPower IPS models include sophisticated features like automatic voltage regulation overload safety and battery management algorithms. They also have LED displays that show important information like energy and capacity levels. This brand has a robot service network in Bangladesh and provides product warranties making it a trusted IPS brand.

05. Vision

Vision is another popular brand in Bangladesh that provides a variety of high-quality IPS solutions. Vision IPS has different models all of which offer dependable power backup during power fluctuations. Some features of these IPS models including battery management systems, automatic voltage regulation, and surge protection extend battery life. This brand is well done for their long-lasting products making them an ideal size for both homes and businesses.

06. Su-Kam

Su-Kam is a renowned IPS brand in Bangladesh offering a variety of power backup solutions for homes and offices. They provide both offline and online UPS models with sophisticated features such as automated voltage control and battery management systems. Their products are dependable and durable making the man an excellent option for continuous power backup while power disruptions.


The HAMKO offers top-grade IPS on the market, providing clients with a dependable and seamless power backup option. HAMKO's pure sine wave IPS provides power backup for your homes and workplaces during outages. The best quality product, backed up by competent employees, establishes HAMKO IPS as a popular name in Bangladesh.

08. Trip Lite

Trip Lite is a renowned company in Bangladesh that provides a variety of high-quality IPS solutions. This company has a good name for long-lasting products with sophisticated features.

Their IPS devices are designed to provide continuous power backup in times of power loss or fluctuation. Additionally, their energy-efficient products can help you save money on your utility cost and lower your carbon footprint.

09. Karnaphuli Digital IPS

Karnaphuli Digital IPS is a reputed uninterruptible power supply company in Bangladesh. This company provides a variety of UPS models designed to provide outstanding power backup. This brand is well known for its high-quality products that are extensively used in Bangladesh homes and workplaces. They offer different types of up systems including online double conversion line interactive and offline UPS systems.

10. Microtek

Microtek is another reputed IPS brand in Bangladesh. This company provides a variety of IPS models with durable batteries. Microtek IPS can satisfy you with extended power backup. This company has a significant foothold in Bangladesh and a country-wide network of dealers and distributors. They ensure satisfactory after-sales assistance including repair services, maintenance, and onsite installation.

Final Words

In Bangladesh, the IPS market is extremely competitive, with a wide variety of brands and models accessible. However, the above-mentioned ten brands are widely popular. In terms of performance, dependability, and affordability, these are the best in Bangladesh.