10 Best Bangla Keyboard for iPhone (Apps in 2024)

By Andrew Harry | Updated on

Typing in Bangla might still be difficult for some people. It is always preferable to switch to a keyboard developed exclusively for the Bengali audience for smooth and effective typing. In this article, we will compile a list of some best Bangla keyboards for iPhone.

Many of us wish for a sense of connection to our first language and culture, especially when we are away from home, such as sitting alone in a dorm room or a new city. Google has integrated various regional languages in their Indic keyboard app, GBoard responding to this demand.

Finding the best Bangla keyboard is indeed a never-ending fact because different users prefer different Bangla keyboards. But some keyboard apps are widely appreciated due to their unique features, simple user interface, and smooth typing experience.

10 Best Bangla Keyboard for iPhone

Here is a list of the 10 best Bangla keyboards for iPhone:

01. Gboard

Gboard is a popular keyboard app available for iPhone. So, it's no wonder that it's one of our top recommendations. This keyboard has evolved significantly over the last few years, due to an ongoing series of updates and upgrades from Google.

Accurate word predictions, smooth glide typing, cool gesture controls for cursor and deletion, and so on are just a few of the reasons why Gboard should be your preferred keyboard. Emoji Kitchen is another useful function that allows you to combine two emojis to make unique stickers. It's a reliable app that runs smoothly on most phones.

02. Bangla Phonetic Keyboard

Bangla Phonetic Keyboard is an excellent keyboard app for texting in Bengali fast and efficiently. The app is mobile-optimized and has a variety of features that make typing in Bengali a breeze. One of the most significant features of this keyboard is that it can operate in airplane mode, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

The auto-correction feature of the keyboard ensures that your typing is free of mistakes and accurate. The app also has an interesting translation tool that allows you to write words in English and have them instantly translated into Bengali.

03. Ridmik Keyboard

Ridmik Keyboard is another well-known and one of the most popular keyboard apps for typing in Bangla. The app allows you to type Bangla using English alphabets, which is known as Avro.

Predictive recommendations, several keyboard layouts, voice composing highlights, a Bangla phonetic keyboard, and emojis are all included in the application. It also allows you to play around with the keyboard's stature measurement. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

04. Bangla Keyboard by Desh Keyboard

This is a great tool for typing in Bengali smoothly. The app has a multilingual keyboard that allows you to type in English and then convert it into Bengali. This keyboard can be used to send messages on social networks.

The application has a variety of customization options, such as keyboard themes and favorite photos. You can easily switch between English and Bengali. The app is designed to work on both smartphones and tablets.

05. Best Bengali Keyboard

Are you looking for a perfect Bengali keyboard for your iPhone? Then, the Best Bengali Keyboard is the best solution! It supports two languages that allow you to type anything in English and rapidly translate them into Bengali.

You can use this keyboard to send messages to others, send emails, and do a variety of other things. The app can be used in airplane mode. It is genuinely a handy tool for on-the-go communication. Best Bengali Keyboard provides several customization options, such as keyboard layouts and settings.

06. Bangla Keyboard by JetBox

Are you looking for a convenient keyboard for typing Bengali texts? Look no further than JetBox's Bangla Keyboard! The app has a big set of vocabulary and is multilingual which allows you to write anything in English and view all the Bengali variations of the word.

This keyboard is ideal for the speedy typing of messages and texts, and it has a voice recording option that converts your spoken words into letters. The app also includes a big number of emojis for expressing various emotions in your communications.

07. Bangla Keyboard (Bharat)

Bangla Keyboard (Bharat) is packed with features that allow users to type quickly and effortlessly text in Bengali. You can use the app to send messages to messengers and social networks. One of the most notable features of this keyboard is its voice-recording messages.

You can also create stickers and GIFs to give a personal touch to your messages. The app includes a variety of themes and fonts that allows you to personalize the appearance of your keyboard. Also, this keyboard collects user statistics anonymously, protecting your privacy.

08. Bangla Keyboard by Simple Keyboard

This is another excellent Bangla typing keyboard for iPhone that allows users to easily text in Bengali. This keyboard's complete dictionary is one of its most significant features. The keyboard also has auto-correction and auto-suggestion functions, which improve typing speed and accuracy even further.

Bangla Keyboard by Simple Keyboard provides a plethora of customization options. Users can customize their typing experience by selecting from a wide range of gorgeous themes and keypress sounds. Another significant feature is its collection of over 1000 emojis and trendy stickers.

09. Bangla English Keyboard by ZA Apps Studio

It is a simple and effective keyboard app that provides users with a hassle-free typing experience in Bangla. It has an attractive user interface that is easy to use. The keyboard is fast and responsive. Even its Bangla dictionary includes alternative local Bangla terms. Additionally, the app has several handy functions such as spell-check and Bangla word suggestions which help to improve the typing experience.

10. Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers

Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers is an outstanding keyboard app with many features and options for customization. Its text-to-voice ability allows users to type more easily. One of the standout features is its ability to generate customized animated images and avatars.

Users can use these avatars to create customized Bangla stickers, personalizing their interactions and making them more interesting and engaging.

Final Words

Every individual wants to hold his mother tongue and culture. This is why it is instinctive for every Bengali speaker to send messages in Bangla. But typing in Bangla is often challenging on the default keyboards of a mobile device.

In response to the users’ demand, we have made this 10-best list. I hope you will love to use any of the keyboards we have mentioned.