Top 5 Bangla Newspapers in the UK: Stay Informed with the Best

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Many Bangladeshi descendant people live in the United Kingdom. According to the Office for National Statistics 2011 census, there are around 4,51,529 British Bangladeshis are living in the UK. So, there are many Bengali speakers in the UK. And so, there are several Bangla newspapers there for Bangla speakers living in the United Kingdom.

A good citizen always keeps himself or herself up to date with what is happening around the country as well as around the world. To satisfy the need of Bangla speakers in the UK, some Bangla newspapers have grown up as their major sources of news.

Are you looking for the Bangla newspapers available in the United Kingdom? No worry! Here we are to introduce you to some of the major Bangla newspapers published in this country. Read the article thoroughly to know the ins and outs.

The United Kingdom

Here is a list of the major Bangla newspapers published in the UK:

01. Bangla Post

Bangla Post is one of the major Bangla newspapers published in the United Kingdom. This well-known paper started its journey in October, 2003. The present editor in chief is Taz Chowdhury. The printed version of this newspaper is published every Friday and distributed all across the United Kingdom. It is a weekly newspaper but has much popularity.

Along with the printed version, This UK Bangla newspaper has a website too that covers news on a regular basis. The paper covers a wide range of news including National and International affairs, Business, Politics, Health, Sport, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. The newspaper is committed to serving news as the beacon of truth.

The Bangla Post is a bilingual newspaper published in two languages: Bangla and English. This weekly tabloid is very popular among British Bangladeshi. It aims to target a wide range of readers including the currently growing new generation of the Bangla community.

02. Bangla Sanglap

Bangla Sanglap is another well-known Bangla newspaper published in the United Kingdom. It is a mainstream bilingual newspaper. Like the Bangla Post, its content is both in Bangla and English. The Sanglap Media Group Limited owns this popular newspaper. This is a London-based newspaper that provides both printed and online versions.

The editor of Bangla Sanglap is Md. Moshahid Ali. The paper is published and distributed every Friday like the Bangla Post. The printed paper features 32 pages. It talks about the Bangla community in the UK. It also covers a wide range of news areas including Britain, International, Bangladesh, Entertainment, Sports, and Public Opinions.

03. London Bangla

London Bangla is a popular Bengali newspaper published in the UK. It is also a bilingual news portal that publishes news both in Bangla and English. The editor of this online newspaper is Akbar Hussain and Abdul Munim is its managing editor. Like other Bangla newspapers in the UK, this one also focuses on the Bangla community and diaspora.

London Bangla also covers a wide range of news areas including Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, India, International, Politics, Sports, Literature, Lifestyle, and so on. You can switch to Bangla or English news from the search box right above the website’s home page. The newspaper is available both in print and online. Besides, you can read the e-paper from the official website.

04. Janomot

Janomot is one of the most popular Bangla newspapers published in England. It is a weekly newspaper that is also available in print and online. This newspaper has a long history in England. It started its journey in 1969 being the first weekly Bangla newspaper published for the ethnic minority in the United Kingdom. Besides, it is considered the first Bangla weekly newspaper that is published outside Bangladesh.

Janomot is published in tabloid format. The headquarters of this weekly newspaper is located in London, England. Amirul Islam Choudhury and Junaid Choudhury jointly own the publication. The number of circulation is nearly 4000. Besides, there are a large number of online subscribers of this paper from Bangladesh, Africa, Australia, Germany, France, etc. Janomot in its regular features include politics and international news.

05. Surma News

Surma is one of the most popular British Bangla newspapers. The paper started its journey in 19778 and it has still been serving for over 42 years. Surma News Group is the publisher of this very newspaper. Once it had a large number of circulation. Currently, it is an online newspaper only. Surprisingly, it has got more than 62,000 readers around the world.

Surma News includes both Bangla and English news articles. It basically features the news of the Bangladesh community in the United Kingdom. Besides, it also includes Bangladesh, International, etc. The news portal has included a news section named Community News that covers the news of the Bangla Community living in the United Kingdom.

Final Words

It is very normal that Bangladeshi descent people will love Bangla. None can forget their root for good. British Bangladeshis are one of the notable communities living in the United Kingdom. They definitely love Britain as well as their Bengali root. They cherish Bengali Traditional norms in their heart. Since they have authentic interests and concerns, they need Bangla newspapers for their community.

People in every corner of the world want to know what is happening here and there. The British Bangladeshis also love to stay tuned with the latest Bangla news. In this article, we have provided a list of major Bangla newspapers published in the UK. Now, you can also stay tuned with the latest news of the British Bangladeshi community and the world as well by reading these newspapers.