Top 3 Ridesharing Apps in Dhaka to Get a Ride in 2024

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In Dhaka, if you do not have a private transport system, it is so difficult to attain your college, office, or workplace in time. That's why ridesharing has become popular in this city today. So, anyone can hire a transport sitting at home without any obstruction.

If you get a car, motorbike, scooter, or microbus on demand, you do not need to struggle to get a seat on an overloaded bus. Arrogant bargaining can ruin your mood in the early morning. Besides, most ride-sharing services are hassle-free. Just you need to set up a pickup point and destination point. The app will let you know the cost through its system.

There are many ride-sharing apps for Dhaka. But all of them are not equally good or trustworthy. To lessen your effort, we are going to provide a list of some trustworthy ridesharing apps in Dhaka. Read the entire article and make your decision on which ridesharing app to use from a variety of options.

Best Ridesharing Apps in Dhaka to Get a Ride

Here is a list of the 3 best Ridesharing Apps in Dhaka to Get a Ride:

01. Pathao

Pathao is a homegrown ridesharing platform that was launched in Bangladesh in 2015. Since its first debut in the Play store/app store, the Pathao app has had several revisions.

Pathao has gained significant popularity in Bangladesh due to its wide range of services, competitive pricing, and user-friendly app interface. It has also been successful in addressing some of the unique challenges of the Bangladeshi transportation market, such as heavy traffic congestion and narrow roads.

Booking a ride hasn't been difficult for you in general. To book a trip, search your destination, choose your expected destination, and send a pickup request, and you will be provided the details of the rider who accepted your request within a short time. It's easy and straightforward.

However, I will admit that the process of picking a ride and booking it is easier and faster. When you initially use the Tootle app, you are requested to select your pickup location, followed by your drop-off location. It's simpler.

02. Uber

Uber is a ridesharing company that offers the uber smartphone app. Users may use this app to make trip requests to the desired destination, which are then immediately routed to an uber driver nearby.

The Uber app automatically determines the driver's navigation route. It aids in estimating the distance and cost to be charged for the trip. The uber app transmits money from the user's selected form of payment to the driver.

Uber makes stress-free travel feasible. It is offered in over 600 airports in over 10,000 locations worldwide. The Uber app strives to give drivers with health and safety items such as face masks, disinfectants, and gloves. Over the years, Uber has shown a strong sense of accountability to its obligations. Regarding service, when users experience problems, they try to solve them as soon as possible.

Uber Premier, the new feature, fits perfectly in with the concept of revolutionizing how both riders and driver-partners experience the service that Uber delivers. Passengers may now experience an upgraded ride with Uber Premier, which is now accessible on their smartphones and costs slightly more than the normal UberX service.


OBHAI, another key competitor in the newly founded business, has expanded its services in five important cities, including Dhaka, where it has 179 places of operation. The service has enabled five on-demand services, including car, micro, motorbike, and CNG auto-rickshaw, using a single smartphone application available on both Google Play and Apple's App Store.

OBHAI is a famous and rapidly expanding ride-sharing service in Bangladesh. If you want to go anywhere in Bangladesh by rideshare service, then you have to order OBHAI G (Car) or CNG through the app.

One of the company's biggest breakthroughs in the OBON function, which allows female passengers to request trips from female drivers and has been well received by the general public.

Final Words

Ridesharing services are becoming more popular day by day in Bangladesh and the World. Now a day, it is easy to hire a taxi or a car or motorbike with this type of web-based ride-sharing service.

Here we have made a list of some best ridesharing apps that provide ride-sharing services in Dhaka. This article might help you find a preferable ride application for Dhaka city.