Top 8 Must-Read Bangla Newspapers in Canada for Up-to-Date Canadian News in Bengali

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According to some statistics, it can be said that around 100,000 Bangladeshi descendants live in Canada. The immigration in Canada from Bangladesh began in the 1960s.

In case, there are several Bangla newspapers published in Canada for those Bangladeshi-origin Canadians. Some of them are daily newspapers and some of them are weekly. These newspapers cover the news of the local Bengali community as well as the Bangladesh-related news.

There are some well-known Bangla newspapers in Canada that have got popularity even in Bangladesh. Among them, The Bengali Times, Notun Desh, Deshe Bideshe, Weekly Bangla Mail are noteworthy. Most of the Bengali newspapers in Canada are Toronto-based.

Begum Para (বেগম পাড়া) is a well-known and wealthy residential area for bengali community in Toronto, Canada, where many Bangladeshi immigrants dwell.

We are going to provide a list of Bangla newspapers in Canada in this article. I hope you will get to know what the popular Bengali newspapers are in Canada.


Here is the list of popular Bangla newspapers published in Canada:

01. The Bengali Times (বেঙ্গলি টাইমস)

The Bengali Times is a digital Bangla newspaper published in Canada. The news portal started its journey in 2008. You may have heard the name of Shahidul Islam Mintu, a renowned journalist. He is the very founder of this popular newspaper. It is the first Bangla digital community newspaper published in Canada.

The digital newspaper aims to focus on the news of South Asian communities living in Canada. Besides, its content is focused on ethnocultural groups. The newspaper is unique in its content as well as credible in quality. Most of the Canadian Bangladeshi are connected to this newspaper’s online portal as their primary news source.

For publishing good and reliable content, the newspaper has got some awards such as ‘Heritage Beyond Borders Award’ and ‘National Ethnic Press and Media Council Award’. All the journalists and content creators are well-experienced. So, you can definitely be dependent on this news source for getting good-quality news content.

02. Notun Desh (নতুন দেশ)

Notun Desh is an online Bengali newspaper published in Canada. It is a Toronto-based newspaper. The newspaper also targets the audience of the Bangladesh community living in Canada.

Mostly it is a Bangla news portal though it includes an English section as well. Shaugat Ali Sagor is its Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. The digital newspaper is updated on a weekly basis. It covers a wide range of news areas regarding the Bangladesh community in Canada, International, Politics, Literature, Sports, and many more.

03. Deshe Bideshe (দেশে বিদেশে)

Deshe Bideshe is one of the most popular newspapers published in Canada. This newspaper has got much popularity around the world among the Bengali speaking people. It started its journey in 1991. In 1996, it had turned into a weekly paper. At that time, it began publishing simultaneously from New York and Toronto.

The newspaper launched its digital version in 1998. It started publishing online on a regular basis in 2008. Since then, it has been serving as a bridge between the Bangla roots and Bangladeshi expatriates in Canada. It raises the global voice of Bangladeshi expatriates.

Now, this is an interactive online newspaper. It provides different types of news including politics, sports, entertainment, technology, health, and many more. The digital newspaper is available on all the major devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

04. Weekly Bangla Mail (বাংলা মেইল)

The Bangla Mail is Canada’s largest circulated Bangla-language newspaper. It is a weekly Canadian Bengali newspaper. Besides, it has a news website that is also popular among the Bangla-speaking internet users across Canada. The headquarters of the Bangla Mail is located in Toronto. Shahidul Islam Mintu is its present editor and publisher.

The targeted audience of this newspaper is the people of the Bangladesh community living in Canada. It provides different types of news including local, national, federal, and other articles. The official news website updates all the latest news.

05. The Probashi (দি প্রবাসী)

The Probashi is another Bangla-language newspaper published in Canada. It is one of the fastest-growing news portals in the Bangla language. The Probashi is an online newspaper and the website is widely visited by Bangla-speaking people across Canada as well as around the world. The headquarters of this newspaper is located in Toronto. Asia Pacific Group Limited owns this popular online news portal. M Monirujjaman is the chief editor of this publication.

The Probashi provides a wide range of news. It raises the voice of Canadian Bangladeshi. The news portal has some news categories such as Bangladesh, Politics, Economy, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Education, Health, Desi Recipe, etc.

06. Bangla Kagoj (বাংলা কাগজ)

Bangla Kagoj is a weekly Bangla newspaper published in Canada. The news portal serves the Bangladesh community by providing news articles. The headquarters of Bangla Kagoj is located in Toronto like other popular Canadian Bangla newspapers. Mahasin Ahmed Chowdhury is the publisher of this popular news portal.

The news website of Bangla Kagoj has included a range of news sections including Canada, National, Literature, International, Sports, Entertainment, etc. Besides, you will be able to see the headlines of the latest news on the top of the home page.

07. Purbo Poshcim (পূর্ব পশ্চিম)

Purbo Poshcim is a Bengali news magazine that is published in Canada. It is such a portal that makes a bridge between the East and West. Desi TV Inc. is the very publisher of this popular magazine. Purbo Poshchim started its journey in 2016. It is published once a month on the official website of this portal. Purbo Poshcim basically focuses on culture. It includes a lot of topics including culture, literature, food, history, fashion, etc.

08. Probashi Kantho (প্রবাসী কণ্ঠ)

Probashi Kantho is another popular and noteworthy Bangla news magazine published in Canada. The magazine started its journey in 2014. The article of Probashi Kantho is written in Bangla only. It is published on a monthly basis.

You will be able to buy a hard copy of this magazine from all the Bangladeshi business locations in Canada for 50 cents only. Besides, the magazine is also available online. The online version is distributed for free. Probashi Kantho mainly focuses on the news of Bangladeshi-Canadians as well as Canada.

Final Words

Canada is a big country and there are around 100,000 Bangladeshi-origin people are living in this country. However, here we have given a list of some popular Bangla newspapers published in Canada. These newspapers serve the news and views of the Benagli community living in Canada. This article might be helpful for you if you are looking for Bangla-language newspapers published in Canada. Looking for Bengali delectable cuisine, visit top Bangladeshi restaurants in Canada.