Canada: A Giant Swath of Cold

Canada FlagCanada is known as the country from Sea to Sea, it’s still part of the British Commonwealth. The name Canada means Village because of the self-centered Europeans that first traveled to that land. The best thing there by far is the Great Lakes and the Mountains of BC and Alberta, nothing speaks Canada more than those 2 prime locations. It has the same traditions as both America and Britain, English Being the main language, however, there is a French Minority.

Politics and Capital

Canada is what’s called a constitutional monarchy, so it is still owned by the queen of England. They still have a democracy, but the Queen is above all that. Ottawa, the capital. Was chosen by Queen Victoria because it was a central link between Montreal and Toronto.

Culture and Economy

Everyone’s heard of Canada, and many groups hate America, so they end up immigrating to Canada. The population is quite small compared to countries of its wealth and size, and the majority of the population are immigrants.

The main economy that drives these people is their abundance of resources, mainly oil. The Economy has been on a slight decline but their tourism makes up for that by and large.

Healthcare and Education

Canada takes pride in their healthcare because it’s free. From old times they have made basic healthcare free because they don’t want anyone with a simple issue dying for something preventable, which isn’t much but better than America.

They have many top-ranking universities, colleges and institutes for further learning. As of IRCC 2019, more then 642K international students are studying in Canada and most of them are post-secondary students. Canada is also very aware of Mental Health and has schools for people like that as well.

Wonders and Animals

Mountains are the prime point of tourism in Canada, and it brings about many cool critters as well. The Canadian/American mountain range is the longest in the world! Canada’s mountains are also very young so they have time to get even more gargantuan.
The animals are all animals of the North, they all have either thick coats of blubber or turn white in the winter.
Canada has its Great Lakes, the largest source of fresh water in the world as well. Canada is just a tier list of all the world's largest things, and with many wonders, as Niagra falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. You can’t just sit on your chair and see it, seeing it up close is an unforgettable sight. They have an abundance of fish and wood, so many species native to Canada live on the rooftops and under the sea as well.
Well, Canada certainly is a great place, has one of the best sceneries in the world, has the cleanest cities, diverse cultures. Many people go and visit, and many people stay. It’s faculties and people are all very kind, and they don’t build walls, they overcome them.