The 10 Best Bangladeshi Fish Market in USA

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You will hardly find a Bangladeshi who does not like to eat fish with rice. Fish is a kind of food mixed with the blood of Bangladeshi culture and eating habits.

There are millions of Bangladeshi immigrants living in the USA. For this reason, you will come to see a large number of Bangladeshi fish markets throughout the United States.

Bangladeshi Americans are used to going to Bangladeshi Fish Markets for buying Deshi Fishes and getting the native vibe in America. Not only do Bangladeshi immigrants go to Bangladeshi markets in the USA but a larger number of Indians and Pakistani, Nepalese go to those markets as well because the food habits are not different among these cultures.

In the United States, Bangladeshi fishes are not widely available. American fish markets distribute their own fish. But it is true that a Bangladeshi descent man or woman cannot live without having the taste of Bangladeshi fishes such as Tilapia, Onespot Barb, Spotted Snakehead, Silver Carp, Rui, Swamp Barb, Catfish, Hilsa, etc.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 best Bangladeshi fish markets in the USA.

The 10 Best Bangladeshi Fish Market in USA

Here is a list of the top 10 Bangladeshi fish markets in the USA

01. My Bangla Bazar

My Bangla Bazar is a grocery market for Bangladeshi foods in the USA. The market is located in California. You will find every kind of Bangladeshi fish, meat, and other grocery items here. It doesn’t matter whether you need freshwater fishes or seawater fishes. All the most popular Bangladeshi fishes are available here.

Interestingly, this market has a website of its own. They receive online orders as well on their website. The name of their website is Desi Bazar Desi Kitchen. You can place an order easily. The most interesting and optimistic fact is that they sell the fish at a very reasonable price. Besides, you can get your daily needs online without any shipping charge if you live within 5 miles.

HIlsa, Pao fish, Koi, Mrigel, Katla, Koral, Pangash, White Pomfret, Shor Puti, Shoil, Kalibaush, Rui, Desi Puti, and a large species of Desi fishes are available here. I think it is a nice opportunity for Bangladeshi Americans to get their native fish in the USA. So, place an order to get the Desi taste.
Address: 712 S Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA, United States

02. Bangla Bazar Fish Market

Bangla Bazar Fish Market is one of the most popular fish markets in New York, USA. The fish market is also known as New Bangla Bazar. If you need local Bangladeshi fish, you are strongly recommended to go to this fish market. It has a huge collection of Desi fishes. So, you won’t have to lose heart after going there to buy fish.

They not only sell fish but also distribute meats and Bangladeshi grocery items. You need not worry about payment gateways because all the major credit cards are accepted by them. Amazingly, the market is open seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm.
Address: 44-10, 43 Ave., Sunnyside, NY 11104

03. Hera Fish Market

Hera Fish Market is a Bangladeshi fish market in Michigan, USA. Here you will find all the Bangladeshi and Indian grocery items along with most of the popular Bangladeshi fish. But you will not be able to have them alive because they come from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. All the fishes are kept frozen.

However, if you want to buy Bangladeshi fish from a large selection of fish imported from Bangladesh, you can come here to Michigan. Many kinds of fish like Saltwater fishes, Chingri, Hilsa, Mrigel, Ayre, etc. are available in Hera Fish Market. In addition to buying fish, you can get meat as well in this market.

They offer free parking and receive money from all major credit cards. The market is open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm. All fishes distributed by the market are halal. So, there is nothing to worry about for Bangladeshi Muslims. So, if you are living in Michigan, USA, you can come here once to get Bangladeshi fish.
Address: 30-11 Holbrook Street, Hamtramck, MI 48212

04. Sayville Shellfish Corp

Sayville Shellfish Corp is a Bangladeshi fish market in New York City. Here all kinds of Bangladeshi fish are available; especially tasty fish. Freshwater or sea fishes; all the popular fish are available there. In this market, you will be able to buy American fish as well.
Address: PEARL Ct, Sayville, NY 11782

05. Seaport Acajutla Inc

Seaport Acajutla Inc is another fish market in the USA. Here you will find all kinds of popular sea fish and seafood. So, if you want to buy sea fish, you can go to this market. You do not need to think about the availability of sea fish. Don’t worry! Just go and get the taste of sea-fishes.
Address: 1062 Islip AveBrentwood, NY 11717

06. Asia Halal Supermarket

Asia Halal Supermarket is popular for Desi fish and shrimp. Here you will get over 50 kinds of Bangladeshi fish that are really rare in the USA. Most of those fishes are imported directly from Bangladesh. This market is one of the five markets in the Garden City Shopping Center, known as Little Bangladesh.
Address: 5171 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187, USA

07. Southern Maryland Sea Food

Southern Maryland Sea Food is another popular market for getting Bangladeshi sea-fishes. Though I do not know where the fishes are brought from. But you will find so many Bangladeshi sea fishes there. So, you can go there.
Address: 12 E Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23219

08. Premium Halal Meat & Fish

Halal Meat & Fish is a pure Bangladeshi fish market. If you are living near Banglabazar, New York, you are strongly recommended to go there to buy Bangladeshi fishes like Coral, Hilsa, Mrigel, Pangash, etc.

Amazingly, here you can buy three Hilsa fishes for $5 only. Besides, the price for all the fish is very reasonable.
Address: 1500 Olmstead Ave, Bronx, New York, USA

09. Dhaka Market

Dhaka Market is basically a grocery store as well as a fish market. The items are imported from Bangladesh. They distribute fresh fish for Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan communities in the USA. I have already said that you will be able to buy frozen fish only because they have been imported from Bangladesh.
Address: 1066 Market St San Francisco, CA 94102

10. Gulshan Market

Gulshan Market is a popular market for Bangladeshi fishes in Union City. The fishes are cleaned and well-cut. So, the customers must prefer to buy them. Rui, Katla, Hilsa, and other kinds of Bangladeshi fish are directly imported from Bangladesh.
Address: Union City, CA 94587

Final Words

It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from. You have definitely strong compassion for your traditional food habits.

This is why people even in the USA look for Bangladeshi fish markets to buy Desi Fishes. Here we have listed some of the best Bangladeshi fish markets in the USA. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.