The 10 Best Beauty Parlours in Dhaka for Women and Men 2024

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Beauty is the Pride of women and men. Every human being wants to present himself beautifully among all. The beauty shop that provides you any cosmetic treatment for your body, face, and anywhere both for men and women, is called a Beauty parlor or Beauty salon. But the beauty salon and the hair salon are somehow it seems as same, there are several differences between them.

There are several beauty parlors and beauty salons available in Dhaka City. You can see anywhere a haircutting and hair colorings or bridal make up shop. Among them, I am showing you the "Top 10 Beauty parlors in Dhaka, Bangladesh Both Women and Men" in the given below.

The 10 Best Beauty Parlours in Dhaka for Women and Men 2024

Here's a list of the top 10 Beauty Parlours in Dhaka City, BD:

01. Sadiya Moyeen’s La Belle Beauty Salon

Sadiya Moyeen’s La Belle Beauty Salon is situated in Gulshan Keman Ataturk Avenue in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The owner of the parlor is beautician Ms. Sadiya Moyeen. She is a very awesome and amazing beautician in Dhaka city and other senior beauticians in this parlor also good.

If you are looking for a bridal makeover, I suggest La Belle beauty parlor for their exceptional eye makeup, and lips. They are very caring about the bridals makeover. They provide a bridal with very natural looking makeup and not using heavy contouring that is very difficult to carry bridals.

02. InStyle Salon & Spa

If you are looking for high-quality hair services, then this beauty salon is the best choice for you. Because they offering and providing customers a high-quality hair service with a healthy and safe environment.

They also are offering customers to get a full-body massage and scrub. InStyle Salon & Spa is located in Banani Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can get the best makeover services such as Spa, Hair, Body scrub and message, etc.

03. Grooming Lounge

Grooming Lounge beauty salon is located in Uttara Dhaka, Bangladesh the best destination for all of the men are to getting healthy beauty services for hair, face, and body.

If you are men and want to get men's grooming, then this parlor is the best for you. The beauty salon is very passionate about their services. They are using their products to come from popular brands.

04. Farzana Shakil’s Makeover Salon

Beautician Farzana Shakil is the role model for the girls to make their wedding more memorable, and spoilable. There are so many experienced senior beauticians working and always try to give a girl's wedding ceremony more special.

There are three addresses in Farzana Shakil’s Makeover Salon such as Dhanmondi areas, Gulshan areas, and Uttara areas. The price of Farzana Shakil’s bridal makeup is BDT 20,000 to 35,000.

05. Ban Thai

if you want to get treatment and grooming from a famous beautician team and Qazi Qamrul Islam, then Ban Thai is the best Parlor in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide their work on a team basis.

The services of this salon are hairstyle, hair treatment, get advice on consultant about your hair, bridal hair, and henna makeup items. The Ban Thai beauty parlor is located in Gulshan 1 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

06. Studio Menz

The botanical and finest ingredients and materials are using this salon or parlor. They provide their service with scissor hand and this system is agreed to you for stress relieving and natural-looking.

The team of this men's parlor is very careful about men's beauty. And they also provide Ayurvedic and natural ingredient services. Studio Menz is situated in Uttara Dhaka, Bangladesh.

07. Beauty by Zahid Khan

Name of the Male bridal makeover service provider beautician is Zahid khan in Dhaka city. Many women are very interested in this beauty parlor for a male artist. Already he enjoyed many bridals' hearts for providing their beautiful artwork on many faces.

They also provide services to both bridals and fashionable category. They have much experience in eye makeup and also have a trademark. If you get bridals service in this beauty parlor, they provide you 18k different packages. Their price range is BDT 8,000 to 18,000.

08. Aura Beauty Longue

Aura Beauty Longue is located in New Baily Road Dhaka, Bangladesh. The environment of this beauty parlor is very amazing, fashionable, and relaxing both inner site and outer site. They always believe in a long-term relationship with the customers.

They always committed their customers for their services and maintain a friendly relationship with the customers. This parlor provides customers service with experienced and growing their skin both inside and outside.

09. Studio Salon

The first unisex beauty parlor in Dhaka city is Studio Salon that is located in Baridhara Dhaka, Bangladesh. Naureen Hassan is the owner and founder of this beauty parlor.

They always try to provide high quality, and clean services to the customers. The beautician's of this parlor is trained from Singapore in the hair academy. The philosophy of this parlor is hairdressing and others.

10. Women’s Word

The Women’s World is located in Uttara Dhaka, Bangladesh that is an institution of beauty advice provider and care. They are very famous for their high-quality services. Kona Alam is the founder and owner of this beauty parlor. They provide their service only for women.

There are so many services such as facial, Indo western bride, hair, and others. The environment of this beauty parlor is very healthy clean and looking amazing. You can also take a spa and relaxing in this beauty parlor. If you are a woman and want to make himself a beauty person, then it is the best beauty parlor for you.