The 10 Best Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in Bangladesh

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Generally, a laundry service is a kind of business that picks up clothes for washing, dry cleaning, ironing, folding, and packaging for customers. There are numerous kinds of laundry services available, but the most popular are wash and fold, dry cleaning, etc. Highly busy people, as well as those who have a lot of clothes to wash at their homes and offices, are the customers of laundry services.

For those with a heavy workload or who simply do not want to deal with the inconvenience of doing laundry themselves, using a laundry service can be an efficient and time-saving alternative. A laundry service can clean clothes carefully and efficiently, using detergent and advanced equipment to ensure that clothes are properly cleansed and sanitized.

Laundry services may also provide extra services such as ironing, folding, and even pickup or delivery, making it even more useful for customers. People can free up time and energy to concentrate on other essential duties or activities by using a laundry service.

In Bangladesh, you will find a significant number of laundry services. But all of them are not equally efficient. Some laundry services transcend the local boundary and become well-known across the city, and across the country. This article will focus on some best laundry services in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the 10 best laundry and and dry clean services in Bangladesh:

01. Hello Laundry

Hello Laundry is a Bangladeshi laundry and dry-cleaning Service Company that provides laundry services. Their website,, is just excellent to use and allows customers to schedule and make payments for services online. They provide free pick-up and delivery and precise costing details on their website.

Customers can choose from many services, such as dry cleaning, washing and drying, and ironing. They offer unique packages. Their services are more cost-effective. Overall, Hello Laundry seems to be a dependable and effective laundry service provider in Bangladesh.
Phone: 01912-085091
Address: House 28/A, Road 02, Sector 03 Uttara, Dhaka

02. Pick My Laundry

Pick My Laundry is a washing and dry-cleaning service in Bangladesh offered by Their website,, provides a simple means for customers to schedule and pay for services. They provide a variety of services which include dry-cleaning, washing and folding, and ironing.

Pick My Laundry also offers free pick-up and transport, making it even easier to use their services. Overall, Pick My Laundry appears to be a dependable and reasonably priced laundry service provider in Bangladesh that responds to its customers' requirements.
Phone: 16516
Address: House of SPL - H#504, R#34, Dhaka 1212

03. Top Clean

Top Clean is an awesome laundry service provider that offers all the laundry services such as washing, dry-cleaning, and pressing. Their experienced laundry workers clean and process garments with the utmost care. They have mastered laundering and dry-cleaning techniques of each clothing, such as your shirt, coat, kameez, saree, etc., as well as ladies and gentlemen's winter wear.

People come to Top KClean for better washing, fresh smell, and steam pressing. They use safe and efficient dry cleaning methods to avoid shrinking and color fading of clothes.
Phone: 01976-000199
Address: 27(East), Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208

04. eLaundry

eLaundry is a Bangladeshi laundry and dry-cleaning service provider that provides a variety of services for its customers. They are updated with the latest modern equipment, cleaning techniques, and solutions for coping with stains or fragile textiles. Furthermore, they uphold the greatest standards of company ethics by adhering to national and local regulations as well as environmental safety rules.

To guarantee high-quality services, they follow a strict cleaning procedure. Elaundry is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and has built a name for reliability.
Phone: 01775-070060
Address: 28/1, Malibagh Chowdhury Para, Dhaka-1217

05. Laundry Bari

Laundry Bari is a well-known laundry service provider in Bangladesh that was established in January 2017. They have recently become a popular option for customers looking for dependable and reasonably priced laundry services. Laundry Bari offers high-quality laundry services that meet the customer's needs, thanks to their experienced professionals and advanced tools.

They provide several laundry services such as dry cleaning, laundering, ironing, and packing. Some of the reasons why they are successful include their customer-centric strategy, punctuality, and care for detail. Laundry Bari has built a name for offering excellent service and continues to grow its customer base by delivering exceptional.
Phone: 01634-111333
Address: House ds 5, Road 2, Block D, Dhaka 1219

06. Washout

Washout is a well-known city-based mechanized Online Laundry Service in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, Washout offers on-demand washing, ironing, dry cleaning, pickup, and delivery. To get their service, simply make an order by contacting the hotline, and they will come to your door, pick up your laundry, and bring it back to you in time. It operates more than 25 outlets in Dhaka and Narshingdi.
Phone: 01709-934545
Address: 1st Floor, Old Masjid Market, Taltola Rd, Dhaka 1219

07. Best Clean Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

Best Clean Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services appears to be a reliable laundry service provider. Customers have applauded the punctuality and quality of their services commenting that their garments arrived spotless and fresh.

Customers have also commended the team for their politeness and willingness to help, making the entire experience a positive one. Overall, it appears that Best Clean Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services is a decent choice for anyone searching for laundry services in the Lalbagh area.
Phone: 01409-600496
Address: 24 Horonath Ghosh Rd, Dhaka

08. 30 Minutes Washing

Customers have given 30 Minutes Washing mixed feedback. While some have commended the service's fast turnaround time and convenience, others have shared worries about the cleaning's quality. Some customers have complained that their clothes were not completely washed, or that there were shrinkage issues.

Others, on the other hand, have had good experiences with the service, especially in terms of timeliness and pricing. It appears that this laundry service might be a good option for those looking for a quick and affordable laundry service.
Phone: 01886-737064
Address: Road#07, House#12, Block-B, Bosila City Developers Ltd. Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, 1207

09. Fast Laundry

The service of Fast Laundry is very quick and effective. Customers praise this laundry service provider due to the low costs and sanitation of the facilities. The workers of this laundry are very friendly. Overall, Fast Laundry appears to be a trustworthy and convenient choice for those in Dhaka looking for a fast and cheap washing service.
Phone: 01303-111947
Address: House - 5, Road - 17, Block - C, Mirpur - 10, Dhaka, 1216

10. Dhopa Ghat

Dhopa Ghat provides a home delivery digital one-stop laundry solution. Their services include washing, ironing, dry cleaning, stain removal, smart packaging, and home collection and delivery. They have been providing service in the Dhaka metropolitan city area with excellent quality, outstanding value, and unrivaled reliability.

They process laundry according to the efficiency and specifications of the customer. Their team of experienced workers uses safe and environmentally friendly detergents, softeners, and a UV chamber for eliminating germs to clean all kinds of garments. They also have a spot/stain removal area that removes all kinds of stains/spots from garments.
Phone: 01888-067067

Final Words

There are many high-quality dry-cleaning and laundry service providers in Bangladesh, each with its distinct qualities. Whether you prioritize timeliness, expense, or environmental friendliness, there is a laundry service provider on this list for you. You can use these services that ensure that your garments are always spotless and fresh.