The 10 Best Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2024

By Andrew Harry | Updated on

Young generations of Bangladeshi peoples are highly self-interested in running any kind of innovation idea or business because the job opportunities are very challenging to doing here.

If you are students and want to do anything, then small business ideas are the best option for you to doing anything.

Many business ideas are most profitable than in other job sectors. You can easily be running to any business without hesitation which is also a great preclusive for the nation's economy.

There are thousands of business ideas are running in Bangladesh. If you are a beginner and want to start a business, then you must follow some profitable and small business ideas.

Now, I am talking with you about the "Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh" that helps you to achieve your goal and targets.

The 10 Best Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the top 10 small business ideas in BD:

01. Fashion House

Fashion is everywhere. Everybody wants to make and show the difference. So, fashion is running and stays away in any country at all times.

At this moment, Fashion House is a very stable and profitable business. But if you want to running and starting Fashion Business then you must be planning before starting that.

A business plan helps you to grow and profit your business easily and shortly. You must research the situation of your business because the position of your fashion house or shop is the main part of your business. A good location helps you to earn revenue permanently and you also should make an online shop for online-based customers.

02. Open a Toy Shop

You can start a Toy Shop Business though it is a new coming business idea in Bangladesh. There is no toy industry in Bangladesh. The toys for children are mostly coming from China.

But, if you want to start a toy shop business, then you can buy your products from Dhaka and Chittagong market as wholesale at feasible prices. Before running your toy shop business, you must research your toy shop markets.

03. Baby and Mother’s Product Business

Baby and Mother’s Product Business is a very demanding business idea in Bangladesh but also so sensitive. Before starting this business, you must consider the location of this. You must choose the residential and hospital area's location. This is the perfect place for you to starting these kinds of business. The products of this business are very sensory and it is not an easy business idea. You must study this business before starting it.

04. Stationary Shop for Students

Another amazing small profitable business idea is a stationary shop for students. At present time, it has some critical situation but after a few times, it must be profitable for the business. If you want to start your business as a very low investment, then you must be thinking about this business idea. You can start it locally and also choose a school, college, and university residential area.

05. Fast Food Shop Business

This is the most favorite business idea for the young generations in Bangladesh. Everybody loves to eat and wants to eat different tastes in foods. But you must supervise a big amount of capital.

If you are interested to start a business in large cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and then it is the top level business idea for earning large amount. If you give good taste and service, you can easily succeed in this business idea.

06. Cosmetic Shop for Girls

Cosmetics for girls are very essential products. Every girl needs any type of cosmetics. The girls who are interesting to cosmetics, the leading customers for the cosmetic business. So, you can run and growing firstly your business in a short time. But your behavior must be good at this business. For this business, you must invest a high capital and the products are very sensitive. You can also manage your online shop for this to earn a high amount and growing first.

07. Coffee Shop Business

Although there are very few coffee shop businesses are available in Bangladesh, you can apply these business ideas and make a profitable business. You can easily running these types of business for a long period of time. Before starting this business, you must choose the location perfectly.

08. Ice-Cream Shop Business

These business ideas are seasonally business. You can choose the school, college, and University residential areas and decorate the shop perfectly. Easily, you can make a profit from this business in the winter season.

09. Photography Business

If you are interested to take photos or photography, then you can choose these types of business. You can easily make your career successful in this business.

You take this business in your main career income and side income. For more profitable in this business, you must select the niches.

10. Mobile Sales Repair Business

If you want to start your own business at low prices, then you can choose this mobile sales repair business. You can easily start this business after a few months of training. In this business, you can choose any location for your business areas.

You can easily provide your services in online shop or digital marketplace. But if you add mobile marketing services in this business, you need a lot of amount for this. Before starting this business, you should find out the strength and weaknesses of this business.