Top 10 Magazines in Bangladesh

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The magazine contains a lot of knowledge that helps to rise about photographs, articles, stories, and different advertisements about products.

The magazine can be two different types of weekly and a monthly basis. It departed on paper-related equipment that furnishes with all the updated information about the stated countries.

Its looks like a short of books that represent Bangladesh to other peoples and countries. It is called the second eye view of Bangladesh people.

There are different types of Magazines, like health magazines, Bangla computer magazines, women magazines, and more.

Today I am writing about the “Top 10 BD Magazines in Bangladesh" as cover all the topics related copies.

Top 10 Magazines in Bangladesh

List of the Top 10 Magazines in Bangladesh:

01. Dhaka Courier

Dhaka Courier is the leading and highest English based Bangladeshi magazine it's circulated amount is very high. Their circulation system is weekly based.

This English magazine emerged in Bangladesh in 1984 that also used as English current affairs in Bangladesh. It covers for publishing as economics-related updates, lifestyles, political-related conversion, science topics, and more.

02. Anannya Magazine

Anannya Magazine is a female categorized fortnightly magazine in Bangladesh that started its journey in Bangladesh in 1989. Their corporate office is lying in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tasmima Islam is the announcer of Anannya Magazine who published travel, women, fashion, recipe, lifestyles, searching women entrepreneurship, and more types. The whole categories express in the Bengali language. They are achieving the annual awards for their activities in 1993.

03. The Detective

The slogan of this Detective Magazine is the spokesperson of Bangladesh Police. It is one of the most popular monthly magazine in Bangladesh, which has been published for the last 63 years.

It is a detective categorised magazine based on the Bangla language. It covers discipline-safety-health talk, innovation-discovery-theoretical analysis, unraveling the mystery of the clueless case, the unknown story inside the detective story, the contribution of the police in the liberation war in the interview in the story the issue of global security and the triumph of world peace and many more topics at one magazine.

Believe me, after read you will be learning a lot of things from this Magazine. So, tell the hawker now for a printed magazine copy or visit online portal.

04. Ananda Alo

Anando Alo is an entertainement based magazine in Bangladesh that is popular in Bangladesh for Bengali lifestyles and specific topics. It can be the best Bengali entertaimnet news source for you because it takes a top position in Bangladesh. Razanur Rahman is the editor of Ananda Alo Magazines. It covers lifestyle, exclusive family entertainment, cooking activities, TV show, and more.

05. Kishor Alo Magazine

One of the top circulated magazines in Bangladesh is Kishor Alo, which conveys the Bengali language-based magazine in Bangladesh. It is popular and famous in Bangladesh for all kinds of people, from teenagers to girls, women, boys, and among them.

Teenage girls and boys enjoyed this magazine. The publisher of Kishor Alo is mainly focusing on Bangladeshi teenagers, girls, and boys. The editor and publisher are publishing their magazine online also. That's all categorized people buying this magazine for passing their leisure time, and for entertainment.

06. Unmad Magazine

Unmad is a satire categorized magazine that was founded in 1978 in November in Bangladesh. Kazi Khaleed Ashraf is the founder of Unmad magazine. It is a monthly based magazine. It published the cartoons categorized jokes, funny videos, archives, and more that in Bengali languages. Ahsan Habib is the editor in the Unmad magazine who represents himself as a cartoonist.

07. The Star

The star magazine is a current affair categorize magazine that started their journey with the newspapers in The Daily Star in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a minor part of the daily star newspaper that provides their activities facility for customers every week.

Covering their information like news, sports, business, and so more categorized as English based language. It is also called the shaptahik supplement of The Daily Star.

08. Kali O Kalam

If you want to achieve knowledge about Bangla literature, novelists, poets and then you can follow kaliokalam. It is a monthly based literature magazine published in Bangladesh. It helps to young readers about literary talents.

09. Vromon

Vromon is a travel-related or leading tourism magazine published in Bangladesh for a long time. It is also called the Bangladeshi travel guide that included all the tourism information about tourists, beautiful location, travel experience, advice and many more.

10. Computer Jagat

If you want to achieve about computer-based information, you can choose computer Jagat magazine. That helps you to teach about all types of computer-based matter. Computer Jagat provides information about games, a new feature of computers, any types of computer-related problems, and more for their customers and readers.