The 10 Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2024

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PR (Press Release) Distribution Service is a service that helps you brand your business by publishing your messages on popular newspapers or online portals.

First of all, you need to submit your brand message to a PR Distribution Service provider.

Then they will send it to the different news sites, journalists, bloggers, social networks, and all the target audience.

At this time, the press release is a very effective and common fact for branding any business.

So, there are hundreds of thousands of PR Distribution Services around the world.

However, here we will talk about the 10 best press release distribution Services.

The 10 Best Press Release Distribution Services

Here's a list of the 10 Best PR Distribution Services:

01. Newswire

Newswire is a number 1 press release distribution agency in the present world of science and technology. The comprehensive network and excellent coverage amaze its customers.

Newswire has so many well-known media outlets including Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and so on. Probably you can guess their outstanding network coverage.

However, its entry cost is $199. Maybe you are searching for reliable and strong media coverage for branding your business. Newswire is enough to reach you worldwide. It does not matter how small or big your business is. This PR distribution agency is undoubtedly perfect for getting an effective outcome.

02. PR Newswire

There is nothing to say anything new about PR Newswire. It is the name of an establishment. Medium businesses can get their real benefit.

Amazingly, it has the link to around 3000 media outlets and 4000+ websites. Besides, they have 550+ news content systems. It may sound unsuitable for the newbie. But when it comes to the reach out, PR Newswire is the best indeed.

03. EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is one of the cheapest PR distributors. So, it can surely be said it is perfect for the newcomers. This distribution service combines PR with RSS feeds and media monitoring.

They provide a rhythmic service to their customers. Do you know why do people love their services? It is because of their being a distributor and destination at a time.

Share your stories with EIN Presswire. It will send them to your target audience. I cannot but praise their neat and clean service providing. They monitor the news that is relevant to your stories. Do not hesitate to uncover your business with this amazing medium.

04. iCrowdNewswire

We have kept iCrowdNewswire in number 4 on our list. It's an advertising-driven online press release distribution services.

Surprisingly, they provide you the opportunity to publish a press release to 375+ high authority websites. You should keep in mind that they will translate your press releases into 9 various languages.

Anyway, iCrowdNewswire is a wonderful and effective PR service for small business owners who wish to expand their operations worldwide.

05. E-releases

E-releases is another excellent PR distribution service. It gives you a guarantee of posting the press release on more than 70 media sites. This is one of the best-suited online PR distribution services.

Do not hesitate to write a press release for branding your business. It lets you write up to 400 words and assures you to reach out to a targeted list of people.

Anyway, it charges $199 as an entry fee. It provides service via the allied press in the United States. Can you guess a thing that it assures to reach your press release to 30,000 journalists?

06. 24-7 Press Release

Are you looking for a PR provider who works for a very cheap rate? Then, 24-7 Press Release is undoubtedly the best option to choose indeed. It is almost free and easy to use PR service, I think. The people who are attempting to start their businesses are strongly recommended to take their PR service from 24-7 Press Release.

Now, you might have a question about their services. The starter package can ensure you send your PR to more than 50 premium news sites. Besides, you are able to attach 4 images and measure your campaign as well.

07. Linking News

Linking News is a second-to-none PR distribution service. Amazingly, it has wider access to around 10,000 media and news sites around the world. So, it is simple to guess the coverage. Interestingly, you can be sure that your press release will be published on very popular media and news sites including Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, and many more.

The entry cost is $159. Linking news has a very clean image and the services provided by them are used by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and PR agencies. It’s worth saying; Linking News can link your business to global customers.

08. NewswireJet

NewswireJet is a very new PR distributor. But we have added it to our list just because of its sudden popularity and rave reviews from a large number of fans. The rate is very rational as it assures around 250 placements including Yahoo, Bing, Google News, and all the well-known and popular names. Interestingly, it even helps you with professional press release writing. Do you wanna get something inclusive and bespoke? Then, the Buzz Maker Plus pack is surely a good option for you.

09. PRWeb

PR Web is an excellent PR distributor who assures a big reach out at a low cost. Here you can choose the sectors you wanna focus on. Some major search engines will show your press release in the relevant searches.

However, your press release will be hosted permanently on If you are afraid of taking a big risk, you should use PR Web to get their service online at low risk.

10. PR Underground

PR Underground is also a popular PR distribution service at present. It posts press releases to Twitter,, Google News, and more than 80 TV and news websites. In consideration of its service, it’s much cheaper.

Get ready to take their SEO-optimized distribution service and share your business with an upright news story.

Final Verdict

A PR Distribution Service is basically a tool that lets you submit a press release to the target audience, bloggers, journalists, influencers, social networks, and media outlets. They might do this either manually or automatically.

However, you have been introduced to the top 10 PR Distribution Services with some of their major features. Find your suitable distributor to uncover your brand! To enhance your company's digital presence, you need to use the digital marketing strategy.