List of the 10 Best TV channels in Bangladesh 2024

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Television is one of the most significant forms of entertainment in our daily life. Not only entertainment but also television is constantly helping us to learn about the whole world.

It helps us to learn about different cultures, current affairs, lifestyle, scientific programs, discovery, and international affairs. Due to this, the importance of television is increasing day by day in our life.

Over the days’ many TV channels have been added and many have been shut down. At present, 34 TV channels are broadcasting in Bangladesh. Out of which 30 are private TV channels and 4 are government TV channels. Here i will tell you the The 10 Best TV channels in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best TV Channels in Bangladesh

Here's a list of The 10 Best TV Channels in BD 2024

01. Channel I

Channel I was first launched on 1st October 1999. It is the first digital channel in Bangladesh. The proprietor of this channel is the Impress Group. Impress Group first started a textile business and later joined a television channel with the help of Faridur Reza Sagor. Now Faridur Reza Sagor is the chairman of the channel I TV channel.

The channel first set up Impress Telefilm, which created a short mini-series and one-off shows for Bangladesh Television. In its early days, it used to broadcast pre-recording programs 12 hours a day. Within two years of its inception, it started broadcasting 24 hours a day.

Now, this channel broadcasts its programs in Bangladesh, South Asia, and North America. It holds the highest market share within the non-earthy channels in Bangladesh. The channel watchword is “Hridoye Bangladesh”.

02. ATN Bangla (Asian Television Network)

ATN Bangla was established on July 16, 1997, as a digital cable TV channel in Bangladesh. It is the first satellite founded TV channel in Bangladesh. Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman is the chairman of this channel who is a very popular person in his country.

The studio of this channel is located in Dhaka. At present, the channel broadcast its programs in Bangladesh, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America. They broadcast various programs like movies, news, dramas, talk shows, etc.

One of the most-watched programs on this Channel was “Amrao Pari”. This program conquered the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award in 2004. The documentary was based on the story of a nine-year-old boy named Abul Khaer who obstructs a train from a disaster.

03. BTV (Bangladesh Television)

Bangladesh Television (BTV) started its journey on 25 December 1964. It is the first public broadcaster TV channel in Bangladesh. The proprietor of this channel is Bangladesh Government. This channel has been running since the days of Pakistan. At that time it was named “Pakistan Television”. After winning the war of liberation in 1971, it was renamed “Bangladesh Television”.

The channel broadcasts its programs from Rampura, Dhaka. The sister’s channels of this channel are BTV World, BTV Chittagong, Sangsad Bangladesh. The broadcast area of this channel is Asia, Middle East, and Africa. According to a survey, about 2 million people of Bangladesh View BTV from the network’s 17 relay stations. The most popular TV shows are Notun Kuri, Sisimpur, Ittyadi, Alif Laila, Godzilla, Samurai X, Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin, and more.

4. Independent TV

Independent TV was first launched their journey on 20th October 2010. The studio of this channel is located in Tajgaon, Dhaka. The proprietor of the channel is the Beximco company which is the most famous and massive company in Bangladesh. The chairman of this channel is Salman F Rahman.

It is one of the most popular news based channels in Bangladesh. Generally, it broadcasts political news, sports news, entertainment news, sports news, international and country current affairs news and more. This channel provides a 24/7 news service. The most popular TV show on this channel is “Taalash”. This show is exposed to the various crimes of society to the people.

05. NTV (National Television)

National Television (NTV) was first launched in February 2003 in Bangladesh. Musaddek Hossain Falu is the proprietor of National Television. He is a very famous businessman and politician in Bangladesh. He worked as Vice-President of the “Bangladesh Nationalist Party”. The chairman and managing director of this channel are Al-haj Mohammad Mosaddak Ali.” Somoyer Shate, Agamir Pothe” is the watchword of this channel which stands for “Toward the Future with Time”.

This channel broadcasts various types of programs such as movies, dramas, news, political, religious, talk show, and more. Generally, it is an entertainment basis television channel. Close Up-Tumakei Khujche Bangladesh is one of the well-known reality shows on this channel. This channel broadcast area is Bangladesh, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. It is located in BSEC BHABAN (6th Floor), Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.

06. ETV (Ekushey Television)

Ekushey Television mostly familiar as “ETV” is one of the most well-known TV Channels in Bangladesh. The channel was launched on 14 April 2000. At first, this private TV channel started telecasting national as well as international news in Bangladesh. From 2002 to 2005 this channel was closed due to some problems. Then after 14 April 2005, they started the journey again. Md. Saiful Alam is the chairman of this renowned television channel.

By introducing a new method of journalism, his young journalist teams produced purposeful and investigative reports. Muktokhabor was the famous children’s program for this channel. They have also many more popular TV programs such as Ekusher Dupure, kenakata, quiz show shobdo jabdo, Ekatturer Ei Diney, etc.

The channel is broadcast from Karwan Bazar, Dhaka. The watchword of this channel is “poribortone Ongikarboddho” which stands for “Committed to Change”.

07. Bangla Vision

Bangle vision TV channel began its journey on 31 March 2016. The proprietor of this television channel is Shamol Bangla Media Ltd. Abdul Haque is the chairman and Mohammad Aminul Haque is the managing director of this channel. Zee TV was the previous name of this channel and later it changes into Bangla Vision. “Dristi Jure Desh” is the watchword of this channel which stands for “Country across the vision”.

Bangla Vision channel is more famous for its drama shows and special programs on Eid. The channel broadcast many other TV shows like movies, news, talk shows, and more. The famous shows of this channel are Sundorjer Kotha, Amer Ami, Rannaghor, Moner Kotha, etc. For telecasting their TV shows they used the ‘Apstar 7’ satellite.

08. GTV (Gazi TV)

Gazi TV channel began its journey on 12 June 2012. The owner of this TV channel is Gazi Satellite Television Limited. Golam Dastagir Gazi is the chairman of this channel from the beginning of the journey. He is also the director of the Gazi Group.

Gazi television broadcasts many TV shows such as dramas, movies, sports, talk shows, news, and more. The most popular TV show on this channel is sports particularly cricket. The channel purchased TV broadcasting right from BCB for 2014 to 2020. The headquarter of this channel is 25 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka. Bangabandhu-1 satellite is used for broadcasting its television programs all over the country.

09. Somoy TV

Somoy TV was launched its journey on 17 April 2011. The owner of this channel is Somoy Media Limited. The chairman of the channel is Mr. Fazlur Rahman. The watchword of this TV channel is “Somoyer Proyojone Somoy” which stands for “Time in need of time”

This television channel is mainly based on news programs. People get news from this channel any time they want. The most popular TV Shows of this channel are “Shompadokiyo” and “Somoy Songlap”.

The channel is broadcast from 89, Bari Uttam CR Dutta Road, Banglamotor, Dhaka-1205. The channel has nine Bureau and more than 56 districts correspondents to collect information any time they want.

10. RTV Bangla

RTV is one of the most well-known private TV channels in Bangladesh. The channel was launched its journey on 26 December 2005. The owner of this channel is Bangla Media Corporation Limited. The watchword of this channel is “Aaj ebong Agamir” which stands for “Today’s and Tomorrow’s”.

Suddenly a fire broke out at its headquarter on 26 February 2007. As a result, mass people were stricken and three died in the accident. So, the channel was closed for a certain time. The channel is broadcast their programs from BSEC BHAVAN, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.