7 Best Pizza Delivery Services in Dhaka for Your Convenience

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It’s cool to make an online order for pizzas. Pizza delivery service is not new in history. The first pizza delivery occurred in 1889. After becoming ill from local food while visiting outside the region, Queen Margarita of Savoy ordered pizza delivery. When she requested traditional Italian food, they delivered a pizza to her.

Pizza is a traditional Italian food that has got popularity around the world because it fits so well into the fast-food eating habit. Pizzas with thick crust and an abundance of toppings are not Italian, but American. Nowadays, most people like this type of pizza. It, like other types of fast food, has spread throughout the globe through American restaurant chains.

Initially, the majority of pizza consumers were Italians who had immigrated to the United States and were having to look for a taste of home. That all changed during World War II. American soldiers encamped in Italy developed a taste for the local delicacy. They came with a new taste.

Today, pizza is popular not only in the USA and Italy. Rather hundreds of thousands of people around the world love to eat this fast food. This is not different in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, pizza is quite popular among the youngsters.

At present, pizza has been one of the most popular fast foods among Bangladeshi city dwellers. There are a large number of prominent restaurants in Dhaka that are popular for American, Italian, and Desi Pizzas. Besides visiting several global chains in the capital, people are placing orders for home delivery over the phone or online. For your ease, we have provided a list of some of the top pizza delivery services available in Dhaka.

Best Pizza Delivery Services in Dhaka

Here is a list of the 7 best Pizza delivery services in Dhaka:

01. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the best online delivery services in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a good pizza delivery service in Dhaka then I will definitely recommend you Foodpanda. Delivery Hero owns this company. The headquarters of this platform is located in Berlin, Germany.

Those living in Dhaka and craving pizza can place an order on Foodpanda. They are committed to delivering any type of food to your doorstep. They offer pizza delivery in most of the places in Dhaka such as Baridhara, Banani, Uttara, Kalabagan, Panthapath, and many other major places.

02. Pathao Food

Pathao is definitely one of the best food delivery services. They serve different types of food. They offer delicious pizzas. To make an order, you have to download and install Pathao’s mobile application. They have a list of many restaurants. You will be able to choose a restaurant from the list they have provided. You can be sure of the fact that they list almost the good restaurants in your city.

Place orders on Pathao for delicious pizza from your favorite restaurants in Dhaka. Apart from Dhaka City, they have been continuing their service in some other major cities in Bangladesh.

03. HungryNaki

HungryNaki can be the best solution to make online orders for pizzas. They have more than 800 restaurants on the ordering list. This is why you can place orders from your preferred restaurants in Dhaka.

They offer exciting deals at specific restaurants, such as free delivery, discounts, buy one get one free, and some more.

04. Domino's pizza

Buy Domino's pizza online when you need something light and delicious; tantalize your taste buds with the vibrant tastes of cheese-filled, crispy Domino's Pizza. With a variety of menus just waiting to be ordered with a swipe, this pizza delivery service has the perfect recipe to set the mood for any occasion – whether it's a get-together, or simply spending time with family and friends.

Domino’s mobile application has a simple and straightforward interface. There is a quick selection that allows you to make your choice in a very short time. Buying pizza online is now fun. Domino’s Pizza delivery app has improved order customization. Global web icondominos.com.bd

05. Pizza Hut

Delicious pizza and pasta are available at Pizza Hut. They offer tongue-watering pizzas. You just need to put a location in the search box on its official website. Their deals are appealing.

Their cheesy garlic bread, cheesy pizza, and cheesy bites are delicious. Many people believe that Pizza Hut foods are a more authentic alternative to Italian dishes. The texture of the pizza is soft and appealing and the ingredients are far better.

06. Pizza Roma

Are you looking for Italian pizza in Dhaka? Then Pizza Roma might be a great solution. It is true that everybody does not have much time to prepare pizzas at home. This is why it is sometimes wise to make an online order. Pizza Roma allows you to place an order through its mobile app.

Pizza Roma is a family-run establishment. They strive to bring the type of pizza found on any street corner in Rome to Dhaka. The thin, crunchy crust of the Roman pizza is bursting with flavor. It is only cooked for a few minutes in a very hot oven.

They collaborate with distributors and leading vendors so that their customers receive the best pizza in the city. While they are a traditional pizzeria company that provides to the Italian community, they also serve a diverse range of international and domestic tastes. All of their pizzas are Safe to eat and delicious!

07. Pizza Guy

Pizza Guy has done a lot to give its customers the best service possible. They make you feel good by delivering quality pizzas. The pizzas are delicious and varied.

Pizza Guy's delivery service is currently at the top of its game! Along with the delivery service, the restaurant's decor is also appealing. They have ambient lighting, plenty of seating, and a relaxing atmosphere!

Final Words

Since pizza is nowadays one of the most popular fast foods, it has a massive demand in Dhaka city. It is true that the people of this city are usually busy. They hardly get time to get outside to buy some pizzas.

So, delivery services might be the best solution. In this article, we have made a list and review of some of the good pizza delivery services available in Dhaka. I hope it will benefit you.