The 10 Best Chinese Restaurant in Dhaka You Should Try

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Food, as a symbol of heritage and identity, has a diverse appeal of flavor that is unique to a particular ethnic background, place, or people. Throughout history, the culture of adapting different cuisine and giving them a familiar twist of taste has resulted in both breathtaking culinary excellence and unappealing disaster.

The epicenter of this culinary art is thought to be Chinese cuisine. The question now is whether the 'Chinese' we've come to know and love from local dine-ins and takeaways truly resemble and pay homage to China's authentic culinary styles. Or is it an indulgent and imprecise mash-up of several Desi-related cuisines?

Since the 1980s, the adapted form of Chinese delicacies has deeply rooted itself in Bengali culture, serving as a staple form of nostalgia for everyone. We wish we could go back in time for the sake of nostalgia! Almost all millennials have gone to their local Chinese dine-ins with family and ordered the standard 'Chinese Set Menu' of fried rice with sides of fried chicken, Chinese vegetables, salad, and, ironically, a starter of "Thai" soup with wontons.

Though fried rice became popular during the Sui Dynasty in China, our Desi counterpart, which we have grown to love in our homes, is more akin to the Malaysian fried rice style of Nasi Goreng. In this article, we will bring some of the best Chinese restaurants before your eyes where you can find authentic Chinese cuisine.

The 10 Best Chinese Restaurant in Dhaka

Here is a list of the best Chinese Restaurants in Dhaka:

01. Chows

Chows' overall atmosphere is desirable in the sense that you would want to dine in such a classy and smart setting. Chic furniture, beautiful decor, and the staff's demeanor entice me to visit this restaurant. That's Chows for you. Food recommendations are always exciting. To name a few of their delectable dishes, try their beef with oyster sauce, crispy honey glazed chicken, black mushroom salad, and dumplings.

This restaurant serves some of the best Cantonese cuisine and delicious dim sum. They provide very fine dining as well as excellent table service. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and you won't mind paying a slightly higher price there. I recommend you try their crispy Cheung Fung prawn.
Address: Plot- 6, Road- 19A, Block- E, Banani, Dhaka
Contact: +880 1730-644444

02. New Cathay

It's an old restaurant that serves the best Chinese food you cannot fathom. A trip to Dhaka is never complete unless you go there. They have very friendly staff and delicious food. It has maintained its specifications while also adding new items.

It is excellent for family gatherings, with attentive wait staff, high-quality food, and clean restrooms in case of emergency. For newbies, try their prawn dim sum in addition to their old favorites like fried wontons and hot and sour soup. The sizzling beef and orange chicken are especially delicious.
Address: House- 72, Road- 11, Block- D, 4th floor, Banani, Dhaka
Contact: +880 1767-803333

03. Yum Cha District

This is the best Cantonese restaurant in Dhaka. They have two branches, one in Gulshan and one in Dhanmondi, but the food quality is the same. There are numerous food options available. This is the place to go if you enjoy Asian fusion cuisine.

Their Chinese tea with honey is delicious, and it's free to refill as much as you like. Harga, Hong Kong fried chicken, wonton Chili oil, and grilled chicken rice are all recommended. Delicious food that won't break seize the pocket, it is not expensive.
Location Gulshan: Plot- 60A, Road- 131, Gulshan, Dhaka
Location Dhanmondi: Level-4, Gawsia Twin Peak, 9/A Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Contact: +8801730944216

04. Xinxian

Xinxian is a well-rounded Chinese restaurant that focuses on serving popular Chinese cuisine to Bengali palates. The restaurant has been beautifully decorated, and the food is excellent. It offers a very good and pleasant setting for dining with family.

Be aware that it can get crowded on weekends. It is one of several Chinese restaurants in Dhanmondi or the surrounding area. This is an excellent restaurant for a family meal. You can bring a private car here because it is located on Main Street.
Address: House- 7, Road- 8, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1205
Contact: +880 1755-636263

05. Olive Garden

Olive Garden, an authentic Chinese restaurant is located in the heart of Dhaka. Their menu includes Soups, Salads, Main Courses, and Desserts. Olive is Dhaka's oldest and most authentic Chinese restaurant.

Their chef is from the Chinese province of Sichuan. They offer an extensive range of Mainland delicacies. There are karaoke rooms as well as private dining rooms.
Address: House- 37, Road- 35, Gulshan, Dhaka
Contact: +880 1755-559494

06. Xindian

This restaurant is neat and clean and located in an excellent place. There is parking available, and it is located just off the main road. Chinese cuisine is available here. One can book the restaurant for a party, which they will do very well. You can also find Bangla food at the party, such as Kachchi and polao. The service and staff are excellent. Food is delectable. Food is recommended.

Xindian is a great place for a business dinner! What else do you need? They have a spacious, well-lit room with cooperative staff. Of course, there is good food. And Xindian has everything. Everything is delicious, including the chicken corn soup, fried chicken, wan-tons, sizzling prawns, noodles, and vegetables.
Address: House- 55, 55/A, Road- 16 (new) 27 (old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209
Contact: +880 1755-636262

07. Sung Gardens

Sung Gardens is a traditional Chinese restaurant in Dhaka. You should try their soup, wan-tons, chicken, fried rice, cashew nut salad, chili beef, and other dishes; they are all delicious. The restaurant's services and ambiance are excellent. It's a nice place to eat with friends and family.

Window side tables provide a good view of the congested city streets. Thai soup is delectable. The price is high in comparison to the food quality and taste, but the atmosphere is appropriate for an official lunch or dinner.
Address: 15/5, Akram Tower (14th Floor), Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka- 1000
Contact: +880 1869-858800

08. Cheong Shing

Cheong Shing is located on Banani Road 11 in the heart of Dhaka. They prepare everything from delicate Cantonese cuisine to fiery Sichuan delights and high-end banquet-style dishes.

Since their inception, they have earned a reputation as one of the best traditional Chinese restaurants in Dhaka. They have a Chinese chef on staff and maintain world-class hygienic practices in their eatery and kitchen.
Address: House- 30, Road- 19/A, Block- E, Banani, Dhaka
Contact: +880 1944-884466

09. KFD - Kungfu Dumplings

Kungfu Dumplings (KFD) is a fast-food chain of restaurants that specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine. It's a one-of-a-kind Chinese fast food restaurant in Banani with a flavorful menu of Chinese special teas, dumplings, juices, and soups.
Address: House- 53, Road- 17, Banani, Dhaka
Contact: +880 1311-066552

10. Mainland China Uttara

In Bangladesh, Mainland China is a multinational restaurant chain serving authentic Chinese cuisine. They have fish, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian options. Their dim sum and soups are delicious and can be enjoyed in a relaxing setting. You can reserve the restaurant for functions or dinners.
Address: Siam Tower (14th Floor), Plot- 15, Sector- 3, Uttara, Dhaka

Final Words

The beauty of Chinese food is that, like burgers and pizza, it can be found almost anywhere in the world. However, these localized versions differ significantly from the originals.

The Bangla Chinese we eat in Dhaka is Cantonese-influenced, whereas it is Hakka-influenced in India. Our best 10 Chinese restaurants list will benefit you if you are a Chinese food lover.