7 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dhaka that Offer Stunning Views and Delicious Food

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Rooftop restaurants are the place to go if you want to have a beautiful view of the city while you enjoy your meal with your friends or loved ones! One of the nicest experiences you can have is watching the sunset while having a fantastic time, drinking your beverage, and building amazing memories on a rooftop restaurant.

If you prefer a wonderful view or a cozy setting to have a tasty feast, then some outdoor dining may be just what the physician ordered. You can visit a good rooftop restaurant with your family and friends to make your time memorable. Let's get started with our selection of the best rooftop restaurants in Dhaka for the most memorable dining experience in the city.

7 Best Rooftop restaurants in Dhaka

Here is a list of the 7 best Rooftop restaurants in Dhaka that offer stunning views and delicious food :

01. Bird's Eye Roof Top Restaurant

This amazing restaurant is located right in the heart of the city. From above, one can see two renowned stadiums as well as the iconic Baitul Mukkaram Mosque. The food also is delicious. The outside and interior seating areas are both excellent. I'd go there again in the winter. I believe it will be ideal to visit there.

This restaurant is the ideal place to observe Dhaka's night scenery while eating authentic and delicious local cuisine. Services are quick and pleasant, and there are two dining options: indoor and outdoor. The meal selection is excellent, with a wide variety of regional delicacies to pick from.

The seating is comfortable and can be reconfigured to suit a larger gathering. Adding to the atmosphere, the food prices are among the lowest in Dhaka. Highly recommended for a fantastic eating experience, whether for business or pleasure.
Contact: +880 1766-387071
Location: Purana Paltan Baitul View Tower, Dhaka City 1000 Bangladesh

02. The Green Lounge

It's an awesome rooftop restaurant on the 18th floor in a highly busy area like Banglamotor, Dhaka. You will have the option of having both inside and outside experiences. The name tells you all you need to know about the decoration. You will also get a glimpse of the surrounding area, the megacity of Dhaka.

The majority of your time will be spent shooting photos or taking selfies! The food variety is limited, but the serving personnel is really professional. Lounge on the green roof. The entire city of Dhaka could be seen in this very appealing and cozy setting.
Contact: 02-55138615
Location: 18th Floor, Rupayan Trade Center, 114 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Dhaka 1000

03. Grill On the Skyline

Without a doubt, it is one of the best rooftop restaurants in the city. I really like the live BBQ arrangement there. Having dinner near a lovely swimming pool with a runway view can give you the nicest experience. I strongly recommend it for a memorable evening with someone special or with friends and family.

The rooftop setting and meals are fantastic. It is recommended to dine there in the afternoon. The runway view and the sun-setting view are a terrific combo for a couple of meals, and they offer candlelight dinner packages. You will get an excellent meal and service in a beautiful garden setting. The restaurant is located next to their Infinity Swimming Pool and has a panoramic view of the city. I appreciate this location more than any other. I would strongly advise everyone to visit this restaurant at least once.
Contact: +880 1713-332661
Location: 02 Airport Rd, Nikunja Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort, Dhaka City 1229 Bangladesh

04. ChileKotha

ChileKotha is mainly a rooftop restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and décor. Food is delicious, and it is a popular choice in the community. Those who have already visited may like to return. A portion of the interior is open and shaded. As a result, food lovers may have their meals in natural light.

ChileKotha knows that food is more than simply a way to satisfy your hunger; it is also a means of providing a sense of comfort and fulfillment. This restaurant ensures that your dining experience meets your appetite and boosts your mood by preparing the meals with affection and presenting the food in a nature-friendly natural setting. They are well-known for their kabab platters, which can easily feed two people. Their duck khichri, shahi fried eggs, chicken shashlik, and veggie jalee kebabs are not to be missed. Breakfast reservations are also accepted.
Contact: +880 1613-212164
Location: House 16, Road 4, Block F. Banani Next to Lazz Pharma & Chairmanbari Moshjid Road Dhaka, 1213, Bangladesh

05. Picasso Restaurant

Picasso Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dhaka. This restaurant not only delivers amazing cuisine but also provides excellent photographic opportunities. From the open eating area, you can view and photograph the entire Hatirjheel.

Your palate will be thrilled by the menu's extensive assortment of Chinese, Italian, Continental, and Mediterranean cuisines. Chicken Panini and Picasso special, barbeque grilled king prawns are two of the distinctive foods you must try.
Contact: 01955-800100
Location: Level 12-13 & Rooftop Rahman Regnum Center Gulshan, Link Rd, Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh

06. Coco Cabana

Coco Cabana is a gorgeous rooftop restaurant. The exclusive restaurant has a fixed seating capacity to ensure that you have the entire restaurant to spend a fantastic time with your friends and family in privacy. After a long day at the office, invite your friends and family to unwind on a garden terrace with a one-of-a-kind design that will assure your relaxation and entertainment in style.

The menu has been created to tempt and please your taste buds with BBQ, delectable seafood, and continental meals that will provide wonderful enjoyment. You may bring your special someone to make the occasion memorable, pals to watch your favorite game on the big screen, or coworkers for an after-work hangout.
Contact: 01707744666
Location: Road 13/A, House 81, Block D, Banani. Dhaka, 1213

07. Sky Pool Restaurant

Sky Pool Restaurant, located on the 15th floor, with a breathtaking panorama. On one side, there's an infinity pool, and on the other, there's a lovely view of the lake. Wonderful Western cuisine such as well-prepared succulent steaks, enticing pasta, and delectable desserts are available.

After a long day at work, the soothing evening air and relaxed atmosphere can comfort you while you enjoy your meal. While you wait for your dinner, you may relax with some foot-tapping karaoke singing, which is available every Thursday.
Contact: +88 01987009851
Location: 15th Floor, House 19 Rd 96, Dhaka 1212

Final Words

Rooftop restaurants are exciting to everyone who likes to make their time unforgettable. If you're seeking open-air restaurants in Dhaka, you're in luck since there are some excellent options in the metropolitan area.

Here we have reviewed some of the good rooftop restaurants located in Dhaka. You can visit those restaurants with your family and friends to have a great time with delicious meals.