Top 10 Courier Services in Bangladesh 2024

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Courier service refers to a service where anyone can transfer messages, packages, and parcels from one place to another. It is especially well known for its quickness, security, and tracking service.

Traditional mail services took a long time to deliver and cost larger for heavy parcels. On the other hand, courier service allows you to transfer parcels in a very short time with security.

Courier service is a very reliable form for buying and selling products online and for shipping solutions of multiple products. Daraz, pickaboo, social commerce (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok), m-commerce and e-commerce businesses in Bangladesh are successfully delivering their products to customers through eCommerce courier service.

Top 10 Courier Services in Bangladesh

List of the Top 10 Courier Service Companies in Bangladesh:

01. Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd.

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. is the most popular and reliable company for courier and parcel services in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 1983. Imamul Kabir Shanto is the chairman of this company.

This courier service company has 2 million+ clients, 650+ official branches, 118+ countries covered, and 10000+ satisfied clients. As a customer service company, it continues to provide reliable and high-quality services including meeting the needs of its customers.

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. is providing services like General Service, Special Service, Express Service, Super Express Service, Value Declared Service, Foreign Service, Trade Marketing Section, Mobile Section, Parcel Division, and more. General Service is one of the most important divisions compared to other divisions.

General Service division mainly consists of two forms i.e., document and non-document like a slight parcel. As a customer service company, it continues to provide reliable and high-quality services including meeting the needs of its customers.

02. SA Paribahan

The SA Paribahan courier service is mostly popular for its quick delivery time in Bangladesh. It provides customers with much more security and advanced benefits than other Parcel and Courier in Bangladesh. Salahuddin Ahmed is the chairman and Managing Director of the SA Paribahan. You can easily send parcels to others or collect parcels from others with the help of SA Paribahan Parcel and Courier service.

SA Paribahan has a total of 81 branches all over in Bangladesh. Through these branches, they have successfully provided courier facilities in 64 districts. There are 19 branches in Dhaka, 26 branches in Chittagong, 13 branches in Rajshahi, 10 branches in Sylhet, 10 branches in Khulna, and 3 branches in Barisal. SA Paribahan provides its courier services in nationwide.

03. Janani Express Parcel Service

Janani Express Parcel Service is one of the most popular courier services in Bangladesh. It is a sister’s concerns of Janani Group. Md. Abul Kashem Sarker is the chairman of the Janani group. This company had a name at the time of its founding Hassan Book Depot. Hassan Book Depot started its journey as a publisher in 1980.

At present, Janani Express Parcel Service has been able to satisfy the customers by meeting all the requirements. It is a Cargo and Freight Company and popular for it’s quickly and safely transfer services. It has more than 64 branches which cover 64 districts across Bangladesh.

04. USB Express

USB Express is one of the most well-known courier services for its Domestic and International services in Bangladesh. They deliver customer service through 109 branches all over the country. USB Express is an assistant company of US Bangla Airlines. Since 2009 US Bangla has been operating as an Asset Development Company in Bangladesh. USB Express has the latest technology to provide customer service which is managed by expert employers.

With USB Express you can easily transport your parcels from one place to another. They are successfully running their domestic service activities with secure, faster, and reliable in Bangladesh. There are more than 60 offices which cover all the districts in Bangladesh. USB Express has more than 100 vehicles and 150 motorcycles to reach shipment on time to clients.

05. DHL Bangladesh

DHL launched its journey in 1969 with the delivery of a document between Honolulu and Francisco. The company elaborated its service across the world in the late 1970s. DHL launched in Bangladesh through the Air Express Services in 1979. DHL Express initiated its office activities in a room situated in Dhaka with the help of Homemade Packers and Shippers Limited. At present, Md. Miarul Haque is the Managing Director of DHL Express in Bangladesh.

Mainly, DHL Express is a specialist in International Shipment. But it has a mass range of parcels and package services. You can easily send parcels within your country or out of the country. If you want to pay cash for shipment you need to first open an account in DHL.

06. FedEX Bangladesh

FedEX helps to engage people and enhance lives worldwide with products, services, and ideas convenience. Their slogan is “An engaged world is a better world”. FedEx Express provides reliable, secure, rapid, and on-time delivery from the beginning. It has been providing services in more than 220 countries with popularity. FedEx is an international quality company known as the industry’s global leader.

If you want to shipped to or shipped from Bangladesh through FedEx, the parcel must be inspected by customs. For shipping properly you must check the shipping restrictions, fill out the document appropriately. You need receipts to verify the declared value.

07. United Express Bangladesh

United Express started its journey in 2003 in Dhaka. It provides delivery services to more than 220 countries across the world. In a very period, it becomes most popular among the clients through its smooth and fast service. United Express offices are conducted by experienced and trained staff to properly process your documents and parcels. This express strives to provide maximum service to the customers through professionalism and assurance. At present, it is trying to become an international quality transport service provider.

United Express provides its transportation services not only internationally but also domestically provides shipping facilities. Regardless of the business documents or packages, you can be sure that your shipments will arrive at their destination accurately and quickly. Within 2-4 business days, it delivers products to their listed countries which coordinate more than 90% of the business.

08. Karatoa Courier Service (KCS)

Karatoa Courier Services is one of the most well-known courier services in Bangladesh. Gazi Mostak Ahmed is the chairman of this company. It has 130 delivery services branches which cover 64 districts in Bangladesh. Due to their improved transport facilities and experienced staff, they have become popular in Bangladesh in a very short time.

Karatoa Courier Services become popular with its clients for providing security, on-time delivery, and important document supply in a very short time. It has become trustworthy and reliable to its clients compared to other courier services in Bangladesh. Karatoa Courier service has been able to grow its network much faster and is still known as the largest courier in the country.

09. United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Parcel Service started its journey more than a century ago with a $100 loan from a small messenger service. Now, it is the greatest package delivery company across the world. It has been transformed into a multi-billion dollar global corporation by providing modern transportation and international commerce services to customers. United Parcel services have branches in more than 220 countries across the world where about 495000 employees work. In the future, UPS will provide high-quality services, security, and reliability to connect industries around the world.

10. Fox Parcel

Fox Parcel started its journey in 2014 as an international logistics and freight forwarding service. It provides door to door service by collecting and delivering parcels to clients in Bangladesh. They mainly deal with international shipping services. This courier service helps to transfer parcels from the USA, UK, China, Dubai, and India to Bangladesh. Anyone can easily order via Website, Facebook, and Phone. Bangladeshi Fox Parcel charges less than India. You will get up to 60% cost savings in getting the door to door service for India parcel exchange from Bangladesh.

Their services include Overseas Shopping, Domestic Courier, Import and Export, Warehousing, Air Freight, Road Freight, Ocean Freight, and more. Through Overseas Shopping, Import and Export, Air Freight, Ocean Freight anyone can collect and deliver products all over the world. By domestic courier service, you can transfer parcels across the country and warehousing provide services only within Dhaka.