The 10 Best Garments Industry in Bangladesh 2023

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The Economy of any country mostly depends on your garments sectors. Like that, the Bangladesh garments industry also plays an important activity in the country's economy. The demand for the garments industry in Bangladesh is increasing day-by-day. The biggest manufacturing sector in Bangladesh is the garments sectors of the readymade garments industry. The readymade garments sectors in Bangladesh mostly contributed to the nation's GDP.

According to BGMEA - The apparel industry is now the highest export earner in Bangladesh, with exports worth over $27.9 billion in the 2019-20 financial year.

Bangladesh obtains the second largest readymade garments industry around the world. They are exporting so many readymade garments products around in the world.

Today, I am talking with you about the "Top 10 Garments in Bangladesh" in 2022 that is the leading manufacturing garment industry in our country.

The 10 Best Garments in Bangladesh

Here's a list of the top 10 Garments in BD:

01. Ha-Meem Group

The country's largest industry is the Ha-Meem Group. They are maintaining the 26 garments factories around the country in Bangladesh. The ownership status of this garment manufacturing industry is a private company. They are also managing another company. Every year, They are earning a large number of dollars. The number of current employees in this company is 50,000 employees.

The major products of this garment industry are Hi-Fashion Denim Jeans, Men's Shirts, Dress Pants, Jackets Facility, and others. They are achieving so many rewards in their manufacturing activity. The head office of this garment manufacturing industry is situated in Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

02. Beximco (Textiles & Apparels Division)

Beximco is also a popular leading garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh. They are emerging their garments sectors as a fashion. This garment manufacturing company was situated in 1997 in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the factory of this company was located in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The ownership structure of this company is a Joint Venture Company. They are producing ladies' fashionable products and others.

03. Square Fashions Limited

Square Fashions Limited is another reputed leading manufacturing industry in Bangladesh. They are the part of Square Group of Companies that are producing a different number of manufacturing textile products and other types of garments products.

They are providing their servicing not only in Bangladesh but also around the world. The mission and vision of this manufacturing company are to fulfill the demand of customers. The corporate office of this garment company in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

04. DBL Group

DBL Group is a leading multi-dimensional garment and textile manufacturing company in Bangladesh. They are also known as a knitwear company in the country. Currently, 35,000 numbers of employees are available in this company.

They are supplying their manufacturing products in the international market. The corporate office is situated in Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are very popular for their high clothing producing facilitates.

05. Opex Sinha Group

Opex Sinha Group is producing it's quality full products and providing their services in local markets in any areas and international markets. They are exporting their readymade garments in the international market at a high level. They are situated in Kanchpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

06. Fakir Group

Fakir Group is another leading manufacturing export-oriented garment company in Bangladesh. They are providing their services including level designing, garments manufacturing, and knit garments. The garments factory of this manufacturing company and factory is located in Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

07. Epyllion Group

Epyllion Group is the largest manufacturing readymade garments industry in Bangladesh. The product of these Garments Company is knitwear and garments.

They are providing their manufacturing products all over the local areas of Bangladesh and the international markets including Europe, Australia, and the USA. There are four sections of this garment industry.

08. Standard Group

Standard Group Garment's leading manufacturing industry was situated in 1984 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are also the largest leading manufacturing industry that is managing eleven garments manufacturing factories in Dhaka city. Currently, 40,000 employees working in this garment industry. Asia is the sister concern of this Standard Group.

09. Asian Apparels Limited

Asian Apparels Limited is situated in Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh that is also a leading manufacturing garment company. They have to provide sixteenth garments services and also washing services provided to their customers. The number of working employees in this manufacturing industry is 30,000 employees.

10. Viyellatex Limited

Viyellantex Limited is an export-oriented and leading manufacturing company in Bangladesh that was situated in 1996 in Bangladesh. The ownership structure of this industry is a private company. This garment industry is presenting a powerhouse and fabricating services. They are providing house printing and printed t-shirt facilitated services for their customers. There are eight garments groups for this industry. The corporate office of this garment manufacturing industry is Airport Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and started its journey in 2000.

The first knit manufacturing industry in the countries are in this industry. They are producing their services including knitting, accessories, printing facilities, dying, spinning, and others. The main focus of this manufacturing industry is reaching its facilities at a global level. They are also achieving so many awards for their services.