Henna Artists in New York: 10 Best Picks for Stunning Designs

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In some cultures, henna symbolizes good health and prosperity. It is used to make temporary tattoos on the skin. It has some other uses. A significant number of people around the world use it to dye hair, nails, and fabrics. Henna paste is a must for designing skins on special occasions in some countries. For example, Indian women cannot but get henna designs at weddings.

Henna or Mehndi designs are eye-soothing. It adds beauty to your skin. You will find thousands of henna artists in New York. But some of them are extremely genius. They can turn your skin into a living canvas. This article is going to introduce you to some super-talented henna artists . They can amaze you with their unique and innovative designs.

Henna Artists in New York: 10 Best Picks for Stunning Designs

Here is a list of the 10 best Henna Artists in New York for Stunning Designs:

01. Henna by Geeta

Geeta is a professional henna artist in New York. She has an experienced of more than 10 years. She works with both brides and other individuals. She feels free to serve individuals of any age group. Geeta has expertise in customized henna designs for all occasions. She is very compassionate about her work.

Her eye-catching designs can make your day more special. If you have your henna design by Geeta, you should look no further. Besides, she takes a very reasonable price. Geeta is popular in New York for her innovative and unique designs.
Phone: +1 917 775 1222

02. Henna by Semanti

Semanti is another familiar henna artist in New York. She offers bridal henna designs right at your home. You can make a private appointment for any occasion such as birthday parties and corporate events. Henna is her hobby. She makes henna designs in her free time.

Semanti feels happy seeing her clients’ satisfaction. She has around 10 years of experience in this sector. She uses natural henna and genuine ingredients for henna designs. Besides, she is very friendly. This is why her clients feel comfortable to have designs by her.
Phone: +1 347 599 3464

03. Henna by Shamima

Shamima is a charming henna artist in New York. Her business is based in the Queens area. She has been offering outstanding henna services since 2018. She loves her community. She uses henna as a medium of self-care and relaxation.

Shamima has expertise in bridal henna designs, engagement designs, party designs as well as designs for private sessions. She sells henna products along with her design services. You can see her attractive designs and henna collections on the website.

04. Henna by Naty

Natalia (Naty) is one of the best henna artists in New York. She has been offering henna services for over 14 years. She offers henna, jagua, and hengua designs for all occasions. She is widely praised by her clients for excellent body adornments.

You can take her private appointments for birthday parties, bridal events, wellness events, festivals, and other occasions. Clients from all over the world come to her studio for charming henna designs. Her studio is graced by many celebrities. Naty is a popular name for outstanding henna services in the Tri-State area.

05. Mehdi by Nira

Nira is a famous henna artist in New York. She turns henna into works of art. She treats your skin as a canvas. Her henna is natural and imported from India and Pakistan. The fresh ingredients she uses can ensure a wonderful dark stain.

The passion for henna design is mixed with her veins. She can make a perfect design for your skin. She takes $200 for bridal design. But for non-bridal designs, she takes $100 only. Her work is excellent.
Address: 4121 70th St, Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: +1 917 680 7972

06. Henna by Rubia

Rubia is a famous henna artist in Queens, New York. She is highly recommended for her amazing design ideas. Her designs look very natural. She adds mystery and excellence to her designs. She is quick and precise. Besides, her prices are reasonable. Clients admire her talented and innovative work.

She works from the heart. Rubia treats her clients as family members. This is why they feel comfortable getting henna designs done by her. Moreover, she pays attention to detail. So, you will get what you want.

07. Henna by Kenzi

Kenzi is a well-known henna artist in New York. She has been providing henna (Mehndi) design services for over 20 years. Her work is unique and exquisite. Kenzi does not work without appointments because she is always busy with her appointed clients.

You can book her online from the website. The price begins at $50 for a half-hour appointment. Prices may vary based on the size of the design and complexity. Once you have your designs done by her, you will be returning again and again. Her artwork has a combination of fun and mystery.

08. Henna by Shama

Shama is a reputed mehandi artist in New York. She serves Queens and nearby areas. She offers Mehdi designs for various events and functions. She adds no chemicals to the pure organic henna. She takes special care of women in her studio. No males are allowed here.

Shama is incredibly nice and professional. She ensures beautiful dark stains because her products are genuine. She takes fair prices.

09. Henna by Sajani

Sajani is a dedicated henna artist in New York. She offers unique and professional Mehdi designs. She is well-known for her unrivaled skills. Her services include Arabic henna designs, Guajarati-Arabic designs, Mughal designs, traditional designs, Indo-Arabic designs, etc.

Her passion and dedication help her to draw breathtaking lines on your skin. Besides, she does not use any harsh chemicals that ensure safety. She is available for any special occasions such as birthday events, ‘Eid, weddings, henna nights, etc.

10. Henna by Kareena

Kareena is another notable henna artist in New York. She is well-known for her top-notch henna designs. She loves meeting new people. She is very professional and respectful to her clients.

Her work is very fast and efficient. Besides, her designs are not so expensive. She can surprise you with her creativity. Kareena offers excellent henna designs at the cheapest rates compared to other henna artists in the town.
Phone: +1 347 791 9968

Final Words

Henna design is important for special occasions in many cultures. For example, no occasions get fulfillment without mehdi designs. The demand for this art is increasing day by day.

A good henna artist can adorn your skin with attractive designs. This article has dealt with some best-regarded henna artists in New York. They offer exquisite henna designs at reasonable prices.