The 20 Best Indian Photographers in New York to Capture Moments with Excellence

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Photographers play an important role in capturing our happiest moments and special events. Many people like to make a perfect family portrait. A skilled photographer can help you do this. Besides, a photographer can make a wedding day more special by capturing candid photos from the right directions. Photographers offer services for different events such as weddings, matrimony, engagements, and so on.

A wedding is a special day in a person’s life. Every couple prefers to keep this day in memory forever. So, there is no alternative to hiring a professional photographer to capture the day. An immature hand can deteriorate the beautiful moments by shooting you awkwardly. You need to hire a skilled photographer so you can blow your eyes on the photographs for a lifetime to keep the special day alive.

20 Best Indian Photographer in New York

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian Photographer in New York

01. Shakti Chauhan

Shakti Chauhan is a skillful Indian Photographer in New York. He loves to capture unique moments. He provides outstanding photography services on any occasion. He has around 10 years of experience in this sector.

He offers wedding photography, portraits, maternity, family, and exclusive photography. You can capture the happiest moments through Shakti’s photographic excellence.
Phone: +1 901 246 5668

02. Manish

Manish is a famous Indian photographer in New York. He serves NY, NJ, PA, CT, and DC areas. He offers photographic services for weddings and engagements. His cinematographic skills go beyond your expectations. The quality of his photos is unmatched.

He can capture your candid expressions. He is very professional. Besides, he is very creative and delivers the best results within the shortest possible time.
Phone: +1 484 358 3547

03. Priyanca Rao

Priyanca Rao is another best-regarded Indian photographer in New York. She has expertise in wedding photography. She is an energetic woman and can meet any needs.

While capturing photos, she gives proper guidelines. You can book her for your wedding photography. She is highly recommended for her next-level photography.
Phone: +1 862 252 5665

04. Jay Seth

Jay Seth is a notable Indian photographer in New York. He is very talented and creative. Are you looking for a professional photographer for any special events? Jay Seth might be a great solution. He knows how to shape your candid expressions in a meaningful way.

His talent transcends conventional qualities. His unique photographic skill and top-notch quality can give a new dimension to your engagement, wedding, or any other special event.
Phone: +1 917 482 6065

05. Natasha Singh

Natasha Singh is one of the leading Indian photographers in New York. She works for Nidji Photography. She and her team are very innovative and have mastered the art of photography. Natasha is good at capturing wedding moments. She is outstanding in her profession.

Her incredible photographic skill is unmatched. She is very passionate about her job. Besides, she focuses on quality.
Phone: +1 516 564 3547

06. Raj

Raj is a leading Indian photographer in New York. He serves across multiple states. He has expertise in Digital photography, pre-wedding photography, and wedding photography. He captures photos and videos of special events.

Besides, his cinematographic skills can amaze you and win your heart. His work is not limited to Indian wedding photography only. He also covers Pakistani weddings, catholic weddings, Christian weddings, Greek Orthodox weddings, etc.
Phone: 408 457 1385

07. Girish

Girish is an amazing Indian photographer in New York. He works at Motif Studios. He and the team work relentlessly to provide the best possible service. Besides, the photos he takes are creative, interesting, and unique as well.

He is famous for capturing candid photos. He has around 10 years of experience in photography. Girish is an artistic and talented photographer.
Phone: 862 350 0123

08. Deepesh Agarwal

Deepesh Agarwal is a notable shooting star in New York. He has a talented team of Indian photographers and leads to Weddings by Shooting Stars. He offers pre-wedding photography, wedding photography, engagement photography, and wedding videography.

He can give your romance a visual expression. He offers some additional services including canvas printing, photo printing, and album making.
Phone: +1 (415) 988 1514

09. Sai

Sai is a very talented Indian photographer in New York. He takes time with patience to capture a perfect photo. People have had a very positive experience working with Sai. His photos are very stunning and creative.

Even you can hire him to shoot ads for any products. He works at Katha Photography. This studio offers photography for weddings, branding, fashion, and landscapes.
Phone: 646 760 5257

10. Dhiraj

Dhiraj is an awesome Indian photographer in New York. Are you looking for a professional team to shoot your wedding moments? Dhiraj and his team might be a good solution. They always pay attention to detail. Besides, the team is very responsive.

Furthermore, Dhiraj has an excellent editing skills. He is truly passionate about his work. He works at DKG Production. You can scroll the Facebook posts of DKG Production to see their artistry.
Phone: +1 510 862 8857

11. Sudindhra

Sudindhra is a professional Indian photographer in New York. He captures wonderful photos and videos. He has expertise in candid photography, digital photography, and wedding photography.

He works at PSR Photo and Video. Sudindhra and Pankaja are together known for their exceptional photos and cinematography. They are very punctual as well as professional.
Phone: 773 886 1257

12. Farhan

Farhan is an outstanding Indian photographer in New York. He has been serving for more than 10 years. He is very receptive and patient in his work.

He offers photography for anniversaries, weddings, maternity, and family portraits. He works at SBS Production. The team serves in all regions of the United States.
Phone: 424 400 2358

13. Susan Stripling

Susan Stripling is a famous photographer in New York. She has expertise in pre-wedding and wedding photography. Her unrivaled and timeless photographic skill has a modern appeal.

Her team of professional photographers has been working relentlessly to make the studio proud. They first listen to what you are looking for. You can hire a team to capture the happiest moments.
Phone: +1 917 209 8425

14. Raqeebah Zaaman

Raqeebah Zaaman is a skilled photographer in New York. She is the founder of Raqeebah Zaman Photography. She is a very experimental photographer who takes photos and videos in a filmy style with excellent backgrounds. Her photography is self-reflexive, melancholic, thematic, and sometimes eerie. She is very romantic. This is why she can capture timeless photos.

15. Surinder Sing

Surinder Sing is an excellent Indian photographer and videographer in New York. He has been in business for more than 20 years. His photography captures the very essence of love and tradition.

His services include cinematic photography, meticulous Photo/Video editing, Live streaming, drone coverage, and videography. He can help you embark on the innocent journey of matrimony,
Phone: +1 917 304 9878

16. Efrin Hernandez

Efrin Hernandez is a leading photographer in New York. He captures photos perfectly. The pictures shot by him are stunning. He is a very energetic guy who makes a complete effort to make your photos excellent. Besides, his encouraging words can remove your stress and nervousness.
Phone: +1 347 247 2978

17. Rajesh

Rajesh is the owner of Vivid Capture Studio. He is a great person to work with. Besides, he takes a reasonable price compared to others. Rajesh and his team are very professional and beyond words. If you are going to arrange any program, you can hire a team to capture the moments. They are good at beautifully capturing every moment.
Phone: +1 718 347 0500

18. Michael

Michael is a marvelous Indian photographer in New York. If you are looking for a professional photographer at a reasonable rate, hiring Michael might be a great solution. He will show you everything about how to pose. So, there is no way to seem awkward in pictures. He works at Artlook.
Phone: +1 718 395 3778

19. Raani

Volo is an excellent photographer in New York. He can make your special day more than special. His team consists of 2 photos and a videographer. They are highly recommended for their ability to explore the right angles of a moment. Volo works at IVASH Studio.
Phone: +1 347 241 4259

20. Virdee

Virdee is a highly recommended Indian photographer in New York. He has great expertise in capturing events excellently. His experience and dedication come through in his work. He knows how to guide you to attain a perfect style. He can help you make some lifetime memories.
Phone: +1 732 874 0786

Final Words

These are some of the best-regarded Indian photographers in New York. You can hire one of them to capture some special moments of your life. They can shed new light on your memories. Do not spoil your wedding day by hiring an immature photographer. We always advise that you meet your photographer in person. So, wait no further to contact and meet any of the above-mentioned photographers.