Spice Up Your Meals: 20 Indian Food Delivery Services to Try in New York

By James D Bartlett | Updated on

The world has changed a lot over the last few decades. At present, food delivery service has become popular all over the world. Nowadays, you do not need to visit any restaurants to have your preferred dishes. Just visit the official website of a restaurant or a food delivery App/site. There you will find everything to order for home delivery.

Indian food has a great appeal in New York due to the extensive use of fresh ingredients. There are many Indian restaurants and food delivery services available in New York to meet the demands of a large number of Indian immigrants. This article is going to provide the names of some popular Indian food delivery services in New York with short reviews.

20 Best Indian Food Delivery in New York

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian food delivery services in New York

01. Spice Symphony

Spice Symphony is a well-known Indian restaurant food delivery service in New York. They serve the dwellers of 50th Street and 31st Street. Their popular dishes are Kerala Fish Curry, Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Butternut Squash, Curried Cauliflower Soup, Samosas, Spinach Chaat, Tandoori Achari Mushrooms, etc.

Moreover, they have a lot of vegetarian items. They deliver classical Indian food as well as Indi-Chinese food.
Call: +1 212 300 4869

02. Bengal Tiger Indian Food

Bengal Tiger Indian Food is a famous Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. They are vegetarian-friendly. You can order delicious Indian food at a reasonable price.

They have appetizers, entrees, chicken, lamb, and dessert items. Vegetarian Items are sold at around $17. They are served with Basmati rice. The service is marvelous. Besides, they have a team of polite delivery personnel.
Call: +1 212 265 2703

03. Amma

Amma is another popular Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. They provide excellent food and service. They have both dine-in and takeaway facilities. The ambiance of this restaurant is very satisfactory. Besides, their delivery service is up to the mark.

The dishes are cooked in home style. They deliver various food items including Crispy Fried Spinach, Pea pea-stuffed samosa and stuffed mushrooms, Grilled Bay Scallops in Potato baskets, Neelgiri Grilled Prawns, and many more.
Call: +1 212 644 8330

04. Chola

Chola is a notable Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. They offer Indian and Asian food. The food is so good that you cannot leave without one. This is a reliable destination for getting Indian innovative dishes in New York.

You can order Kebabs, vegans, paneer, lamb & goat, lobster, Mughlai biryani, rice, and many more. They offer the tastes of Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.
Call: +1 212 688 4619

05. Mughlai Indian Cuisine

Mughlai Indian Cuisine is a marvelous Indian food delivery service in New York. They can give you the best Indian food experience because they cater to the genuine tastes of India.

You will love their classic Indian items as well as spice blends. They offer Biryani, Breads, Chicken Entrees, Desserts, Lamb Entress, Lassi, Non-Veg Appetizers, Seafood Entress, Soups and salads, Tandoor-E-Mughlai, Veg Appetizers, and many more.
Call: +1 212 889 0909

06. Dosa Delight

Dosa Delight is a renowned Indian restaurant in New York City specializing in South Indian cuisine, particularly dosas. They offer a wide variety of dosas with different fillings and flavors, using high-quality ingredients and traditional Indian spices.

In addition to dosas, they also have biryanis, curries, and vegetarian/vegan options. The restaurant's welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious food have made it a popular choice for Indian food lovers.
Call: 718 397 1000

07. Dhaba

Dhaba is a well-known Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. Their service is great. The owner of this restaurant is Siva Natarajan who is the founder of many other top-rated Indian restaurants in New York.

It is praised by many New York-based media including ABC, FOX, NBC, and Gourmet Magazines. They offer various kinds of drinks, vegetarian starters, non-veg starters, thelewala chats, tandoor, daals, seafood, rice, and Dhabe ka chawal.
Call: +1 212 679 1284
Visit: www.dhabany.com

08. Nirvana

Nirvana is a reputed Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. Food is priced well here. The menu showcases diverse Indian dishes prepared with traditional methods and ingredients, catering to both vegetarians and meat-lovers. Skilled desi chefs ensure balanced flavors and visually appealing presentations.

The attentive staff provide exceptional service, ensuring a consistently delicious experience whether dining in or ordering delivery. The restaurant is known as one of the top Indian restaurants in the city, offering a haven for those craving authentic flavors and comforting meals.
Call: +1 212 983 0000

09. Bombay Grill House

Bombay Grill House is a one-stop destination for popular Indian food. It is one of the most affordable Indian places in New York City. This place is highly recommended for its yummy food and excellent service.

The food is great with no complaints. Their popular dishes are Garlic naan, Chicken tikka masala, Tandoori chicken, Vindaloo, Tandoori mix grill, Gulab jamun, Saag paneer, Chaat papri, Paneer tikka, Vegetable pakora, Chicken korma, etc.
Call: +1 212 977 1010

10. Semma

Semma is a well-known Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. They mainly offer South Indian food. Semma means fantastic in Tamil. The prices in this restaurant range from $5 to $35. Semma has a Michelin recognition.

Probably, they offer the best Dosa in New York City. Besides, the coconut dessert is a refreshing surprise. You are just bound to return several times to this restaurant.
Call: +1 212 373 8900
Visit: www.semma.nyc

10. Bukhara Grill

Bukhara Grill is another restaurant and food delivery service in New York. The taste of their dishes is phenomenal. The mushrooms and the parantha are delightful.

This restaurant might be a great solution for a fantastic lunch. They have great chicken tikka masala as well as thoughtful service. Besides, they take a logical price that won’t break your bank.
Call: +1 212 888 2839

11. Ruchi

Ruchi is one of the best-regarded Indian restaurants and food delivery services in New York. The price ranges from $31 to $50 in the restaurant. Here you can explore authentic Indian dishes with delivery spices.

You can order food from this restaurant for special occasions. Besides, you can visit the restaurant to have your lunch and dinner.
Call: +1 212 227 8454
Visit: www.ruchinyc.com

12. Mint Masala

Mint Masala is a highly regarded Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. The service is fast and impeccable. You can choose a meat or vegetable side for lunch and dinner. Vegetables are available all day long.

The food is just extraordinary because they use fresh ingredients. You may find this place accidentally. But once you visit here, the place will pull you back again and again.
Call: +1 212 777 2888

13. The Kati Roll Company

The Kati Roll Company is a reliable and noteworthy Indian food delivery service in New York. They offer all rolls. Among them, paratha is the traditional choice. They are layered and lightly fried.

Besides, you will find unda roll and aloo masala roll. Price ranges from $3 to $10. This restaurant is popular for great desi snacks.
Call: +1 212 730 4280

14. Darbar

Darbar is a popular Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. The food is excellent. The price is good and the service is very friendly.

It is a nice place to taste classic Indian food. Darbar is highly recommended for a lunch buffet. They have been maintaining consistent quality for years. I recommend that you try grills and chicken tikka masala here.
Call: +1 212 681 4500
Visit: www.darbargrill.com

15. Taco Mahal

Taco Mahal is a reputed Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. They offer delectable Tacos with a refreshing flavor.

They are popular for colliding the finest spices of India with Latin American cuisine. If you are not able to dine with them, you are provided takeout and delivery services.
Call: +1 646 719 1553
Visit: www.tacomahalnyc.com

16. Brick Lane Curry House

Brick Lane Curry House is a vegetarian-friendly Indian restaurant service and food delivery service in New York. It offers a large selection of curries and tandoori dishes.

Each time you visit the restaurant you will find something new. Besides, they will amaze you with new cocktail additions.
Call: +1 212 979 2900

18. Deep Indian Kitchen

Deep Indian Kitchen is a well-known Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. They offer fresh Indian food with delectable taste and authentic flavors.

The chefs are dedicated to preserving the essence of Indian cuisine, using aromatic spices and traditional cooking techniques. In addition to main dishes like butter chicken and lamb curry, they offer appetizers, breads, and sides that complement the meal.
Call: +1 646 590 7152

19. Golconda Chimney

Golconda Chimney is a reputed Indian restaurant and food delivery service in New York. It offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery services. It is a South Indian eatery with a decent interior.

The popular dishes are chicken 65, chicken biryani, Irani chai, goat haleem, garlic naan, gobi manchurian, chicken haleem, dal tadka, chicken tikka masala, and many more.
Call: +1 201 608 0666
Visit: www.golcondachimney.com

20. Dil-e Punjab Deli

Dil-e Punjab Deli is a well-known deli located in New York that is beloved for its authentic Punjabi cuisine. It also offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services. Get ready to have home-style Indian meals.

The deli offers a wide range of Punjabi dishes, including curries, tandoori dishes, biryanis, and kebabs. The deli's cozy interior provides a comfortable atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meal.
Call: +1 212 647 9428
Visit: www.dilepunjabnyc.com

Final Words

These Indian food delivery services are highly recommended for their focus on food quality and customer service. They usually use fresh and rich Indian ingredients to cook the dishes. This is why those dishes have earned great appeal among both natives and Indian Immigrants. Just visit the websites or apps mentioned above and place orders for home delivery.