Looking for the best Indian makeup artists in New York? Check out the top 20 picks

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Every human is an admirer of beauty. This is why people love to get glamorous looks on special occasions. Individuals beautify themselves not only to impress others, but it makes themselves feel rejuvenated. You will hardly find any women who do not like to apply makeup and use cosmetics in big festivals and wedding parties.

A makeup artist is a beautician who specializes in makeup, hairstyle, and using cosmetics. He/she can annex something to your natural beauty. A good makeup artist does not make any effort to hide your natural beauty. Rather, all her endeavors go to enhancing the original beauty. Makeup artists generally have excellent photographic skills. So, they can make your day by capturing outstanding photos.

20 Best Indian Makeup Artists in New York

Here is a list of the 10 best Indian Makeup Artists in New York

01. Shailee Bharatia

Shailee Bharatia is a renowned Indian makeup artist in New York. She showcases all her works on Facebook and Instagram. She has gained popularity, especially for bridal makeup arts. She will not vex your natural beauty.

She just redefines your skin, lips, and eye looks. Shailee captures the transformation photos and videos of her clients and posts them on social media. She charges around $600.

02. Heena Das

Heena Das is one of the best-regarded Indian makeup artists in New York. She has mastered editorial shoots and party makeup.

Besides, She has expertise in wedding makeup. She transforms all her brides into glowing jewels. Her team is very dedicated to giving you the best services. Her vision is to give you a flawless look and glowing skin.

03. Raji Arora

Raji Arora is a leading makeup artist and a licensed cosmetologist in New York. She works at Rang Artistry.

She is aware of the best skincare brands and the right use of makeup. She is mainly associated with the fashion industry where she spends the week. Whenever she gets free time, she works to doll up her clients. Arora charges around $400.

04. Jacqueline Adevai kole

Jacqueline Adevai kole is a well-known Indian makeup artist in New York. She also serves the New Jersey area. She has more than 9 years of experience in makeup artistry.

She caters to wedding makeup for different ethnicities. She dolls up brides, portraying statement eyes, go-to nude lips, and glamorous skin. Her expertise ranges from South Asian style to Catholic weddings.

05. Mansi

Makeup by Mansi is a leading Indian makeup artist in New Jersey. She also serves the New York area. She has great expertise in South Asian weddings. She knows how to beautify a bride naturally.

Her dedication and continuous perseverance have brought her to this position. She always creates something unique. You can visit Mansi for any special day makeup. She is a talented guy.

06. Gurdeep Kaur

Gurdeep Kaur is another go-to makeup artist in New York. She dolls up new brides with her outstanding makeup magic. She can make your gala day more special.

After dolling up, she takes photos of brides. Gurdeep has an unrivaled talent in photography. She prefers all the exquisite photos taken by her. She often uses henna while dressing up brides.

07. Karuna Chani

Karuna Chani is one of the best New York-based makeup artists. She is an educator and skincare expert. She can help you attain a perfect bridal look. You cannot but praise her professionalism and attention to detail.

Her uniqueness surpasses clients’ expectations. You can scroll through her Instagram photos and videos to see her ability. She is highly recommended for pre/pro wedding makeup.

08. Lilly Rivera

Lilly Rivera is a leading Indian makeup artist in New York. According to her opinion, makeup is not to cover but to enhance your beauty. She can beautify you with a natural bridal look.

Sometimes, she caters to editorial shoots and fashion magazines. She has a timeless taste of artistry. She works at BridalGal which is a multicultural beauty salon. So, contact Lilly Rivera to have an exquisite look.

09. Tamanna

Tamanna is another New York-based Indian makeup artist. She believes in the ideology of love at first sight. Her work can make you more glamorous on the very big day. She is an expert in Muslim, Catholic, and Hindu bridal makeup.

She will get you covered with her magical ability. She is very professional and very hard-working. Your new hubby is bound to be impressed at glamorous skin. Her Instagram profile name is Beauty by Tamanna.

10. Barbie Patell

Barbie Patell is one of the most talented Indian makeup artists in New York. Besides, she is an entrepreneur, a mother, and a wife. She is an expert in South Asian bridal artistry. If you scroll her Instagram profile, you will see over 800 posts showcasing her stunning art.

She showcases both before and after looks. It will inform you about how she makes a difference. Her signature artistic style will make you feel comfortable.

11. Anu Sarin

Anu Sarin is a certified New York-based Indian makeup artist. She works with clients of all ages. It is her passion to doll up her clients and make them look beautiful.

She doesn’t focus on artificial beauty. Rather, she works to give a new dimension to the natural beauty of her clients. She has expertise in bridal makeup, party makeup, corrective makeup, airbush makeup, and many more.

12. Shiza Ahmed

Shiza Ahmed is a reputed makeup artist who serves across multiple states in the United States. She is a licensed cosmetologist. She is an expert in makeup and hairstyle. She can explore inner beauty by adding something to her natural beauty.

She is here not to hide it but to annex something. Besides, her work will give you a luxurious experience. Shiza established her beauty salon in 2017.

13. Shruti Badami

Shruti Badami is another popular Indian makeup artist in New York. She provides her service for women and kids. She has 5 years of experience in this sector.

Her beauty salon, Glamup by Shruti Badami is highly praised by her ex-clients. Her specialties encompass makeup, hairstyle, and bridal services. Her team has competence in Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi.

14. Nafia Newaz

Nafia Newaz is another New York-based Indian makeup artist. She is a distinguished beautician in New York. She specializes in hairstyle, makeup, and bridal services. Her mission is to explore beauty in simple things.

Her official faceboook page name is Nafia Newaz Artistry. Besides, she is widely praised for her professional manner and attention to detail. Her work can enhance your natural beauty rather than hiding it.

15. Vani

Vani is a passionate Indian makeup artist in New York. She does it to make you prepared for big festivals and special occasions, engagements, wedding parties, and Halloween.

She can make you exceptionally beautiful. Besides, she can bring perfection. Your glowing beauty will surely catch your husband’s attention. She can make your dream come true.

16. Subrina

Subrina is another top Indian makeup artist in New York. She is a certified hairstylist and makeup artist. She caters to wedding parties and special festivals.

Her magical makeup ability can impress anyone and persuade her to take her service. She loves to pay attention to detail. She has 938 posts on Instagram Bridal Dreams by Subrina that reflect her magical power of transformation.

17. Orpi Ahmed

Orpi Ahmed is a professional Indian makeup artist in New York. She is passionate about her work. Besides, she believes in perfection by hooks or by crooks.

Her eye-catching artistry can arrest anyone’s eyes. No matter whether you go to a party, Halloween, or wedding, she will get you covered. Her work will never let you down.

18. Sujana

Sujana is a talented Indian makeup artist in New York. She provides high-quality salon and spa services. She is always updated with the latest trends, styles, and techniques.

Her services include body waxing, Brazilian wax, eyelash extensions, facial waxing, threading, makeup and henna. She caters her services to women only. Amazingly, she has an experience of around 15 years.

19. Raani

Raani is one of the best-regarded Indian makeup artists in New York. She stands out for her exclusive services. This distinguished beautician has expertise in bridal services, hairstyles, eyebrow shaping, hair coloring, and many more.

She has a loyal customer base. Many loyal customers come to her Ranis Makeup Studio regularly to maintain a well-shaped eyebrow.

20. Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal is a talented Indian makeup artist in New York. She has a good command of facial, threading, and makeup. She also provides a wide range of services including Sharee draping, day spa, eyelash extensions, and so on. She completed her graduation in fashion. She is a knowledgeable makeup artist.

Final Words

These are some best regarded and distinguished Indian makeup artists in New York. They can doll up you with their magical artistry that will make you more glamorous. They have creative and analytical skills enough to determine what products suit you best. Are you looking for a talented Indian makeup artist for a wedding? No worries! Contact any of the above-mentioned professionals.