Most-visited Bangladeshi Newspapers

The newspaper industry in Bangladesh is diverse, with a rich history and many newspapers published in both Bangla and English. Most of BD newspapers in Bangladesh offer online versions of their papers, which provide readers with convenient access to news and information from anywhere.

Must-read Bangla Newspapers

There are dozens of Bangla newspapers in circulation in Bangladesh today, with varying readerships and political affiliations. The majority of Bangla newspapers are published both daily and weekly, with daily newspapers being the most popular and accessible options for Bangla-speaking readers.

Bangladeshi English Newspapers

In addition to Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh, there are several Bangladeshi English Newspapers that cater to the country's large English-speaking population. The readers of these newspapers are both local and foreign, with many of them focusing on a more specific audience.

BD News Sites 24x7 Live

Bangladesh's online news portals and websites offer a variety of news services. These bd news sites have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and multimedia features. They provide real-time updates, a diverse range of viewpoints and news sources, and citizen journalism opportunities.

All Bangladeshi BD Newspapers Online 24x7

Bangladesh Newspapers

The newspaper industry in Bangladesh has a long history, with some newspapers dating back to the early 20th century. Some of the oldest newspapers in Bangladesh include The Daily Azadi, The Daily Ittefaq, and The Daily Sangbad.

Nowadays, there are several leading newspapers in Bangladesh including The Daily Star, The Daily Prothom Alo, The Daily Bangladesh Pratidin, and The Daily Jugantor.

Bangladesh Newspapers

In addition, there are several specialized BD newspapers that focus on specific areas such as business, finance, and technology. Some popular specialized newspapers in Bangladesh include The Financial Express, The Daily Kaler Kantho, and The Daily Dhaka Tribune.

Thanks to advancements in technology, many newspapers in Bangladesh also offer online versions of their newspapers. This means that readers can easily access news and information from any location, at any time.

English-language newspapers in Bangladesh

Some of the most popular English-language newspapers in Bangladesh include The Daily Star, The Independent, New Age, Dhaka Tribune, and Financial Express. They also have features and opinion pieces written by experts in various fields, with contributions from both local and foreign journalists.

Online Newspapers in Bangladesh

Many leading online newspapers in Bangladesh, such as Prothom Alo, Daily Star, and Dhaka Tribune, have online versions where readers can find news and articles in both Bengali and English languages. There are also several dedicated online news portals, such as BD24live, BanglaNews24, and BDNews24, that specialize in providing up-to-date news from Bangladesh.

One significant advantage of online BD News site is real-time news updates. Online news portals can provide breaking news and updates much faster than print newspapers. Social media integration has also enabled readers to access news and share it with others instantly.

Regional Bangla newspapers

Regional Bangla newspapers are newspapers published in the Bangla language and are specific to certain regions of Bangladesh.

They are published in the local dialect, which helps non-English proficient people stay updated with their communities. Most popular regional bd news papers are Akhon Samoy, CTG Times, Ajker Barisal, Daily Sylhet, etc. These newspapers provide a better understanding of local issues and also offer advertising opportunities to local businesses.

Probashi Bangla newspapers

Probashi Bangla newspapers are Bangla language newspapers catering to the Bangladeshi diaspora living abroad. These newspapers provide news, updates, and services such as visa applications and immigration information to help the Bangladeshi community stay informed.

Probashi Bengali News media also promote Bangladeshi culture and heritage by providing updates on festivals and publishing articles on its history.

Some of the popular Probashi Bangla news papers include the London-based Bangla Post, New York-based Bangla Patrika, Dubai-based Mashriq, Canada-based Bangla Express, and Australia-based Bangla Barta. These newspapers have a broad readership and provide valuable information to the Bangladeshi community living abroad.

Bangla Newspapers in Bangladesh

Prothom Alo Bangla Newspaper

Having started its journey in 1998, Prothom Alo is presently the most popular online and offline newspaper in Bangladesh. Matiur Rahman, a renowned journalist is the present editor and publisher of this daily newspaper. Prothom Alo Online is handy for receiving real-time information on what is going on in the country.

The contemporary discussion and sports page of this newspaper draws much attention from its readers. Prothom Alo publishes excellent feature news. The feature categories that have drawn vast public attention are Cartoon Comics- Misir Ali, Believe It or Not, Tech News, Naksha, Horoscope, Adhuna, Moner Baksho, etc. You can find the official app of the Daily Prothom Alo on Google Play Store and App Store.

Samakal Bangla News Paper

Samakal is a popular daily newspaper in Bangladesh published in Bengali. This newspaper is owned by Times Media Limited and Hamim Group. Abul Kalam Azad is the publisher of the daily Samakal newspaper. Dainik Samakal newspaper was first published in 2005. At that time the editor of this newspaper was Golam Sarwar. And its current acting editor is Mozammil Hossain.

Dainik Samakal newspaper publishes some supplements among which Kaler Khaya, Tech Line, Alor Pathyatri, Nandan, Shailee, Ghashforing, etc. are notable.

Amar Desh Bangladeshi Newspaper

Amar Desh is also a popular online newspaper published in Bengali. Once the print copy of the newspaper was published all over the country. Printing has been stopped since 2013. Currently, Amar Desh newspaper is published online from London. The newspaper started its journey in 2004 with BNP politician Mosaddek Ali Falu and NTV managing director Enayetur Rahman Bappi.

The newspaper covers different categories of news such as news bulletins, opinions, life, society and literature, writers and columns, editorials, sub-editorials, etc. This newspaper does not publish any kind of supplement. But it publishes feature news of different categories.

Kaler Kantho Bangladesh Newspaper

Kaler Kantho is another popular daily Bangla newspaper of Bangladesh. This publication is owned by East West Media Group. This media company has several other newspapers. They are Bangladesh Pratidin, Bangla News 24, News 24, Daily Sun, etc. Moynal Hussain Chowdhury is the publisher of Dainik Kaler Kantha.

This newspaper was first published in 2010. Abed Khan was its editor at that time. Kaler Kantha has both printed and online versions. The newspaper serves various types of news including Politics, Life Style, National, Corporate Corner, Islamic Life, etc. This broadsheet newspaper is very popular nowadays.

It covers feature news in plain language. Tech Bisshow, Dosh Dik, Doctor Achen, Mogoj Dholay, Tin Tin Toon, Kothay Kothay, etc. are noteworthy feature news categories. According to data from 2021, the daily circulation of Kaler Kantha newspaper is 290 thousand copies which gives the newspaper the reputation of the third highest circulated newspaper in Bangladesh.

The current editor of Kaler Kantha newspaper is Shahed Mohammad Ali who is a popular journalist in Bangladesh. The magazine is relatively new but has gained quite a lot of popularity in a very short time.

Bhorer Kagoj Daily Newspaper

Having started its journey in 1992, Dainik Bhorer Kagoj is currently one of the most popular newspapers published in Bengali in Bangladesh. This newspaper has gained popularity since the 90s which is still ongoing. The current editor of this paper is Shyamal Dutta and the publisher is Saber Hossain Chowdhury.

This newspaper exists both physically and online. It prints news of various categories including Bangladesh, International, Politics, Education, Interview, Entertainment, Economy, Arts and Literature, Lifestyle, Free Thought, Health, etc. Besides general news, it serves feature news in different categories. Despite many obstacles, the newspaper is where it is today.

BDNews24 Online BD News Portal

BDNews24 is a most-read online only newspaper in BD. The newspaper started its journey in 2005 when it was called BDNews. But it debuted as a dot com news portal in 2006.

Taufiq Imroz Khalidi has been serving as the editor of the news portal since its inception. This news portal handles another news website dedicated to child journalists. BDNews24 publishes news in different categories such as Bangladesh, Economy, Business, Politics, Lifestyle, Technology, Opinion, Cricket, Recent News, etc.

You can easily download the official app of bdnews24 from your Android or IOS app stores.

Naya Diganta Bangla Newspaper

Daily Naya Diganta is one of the most widely read Bengali daily newspapers in Bangladesh. Literally 'Naya Diganta' means a new horizon. It is owned by Diganta Media Corporation. The newspaper started its journey in 2004 under the supervision of Mir Kasem Ali.

Naya Diganta publishes some popular weeklies including ‘Abokash’ and ‘Therapy’. Besides, the newspaper publishes a monthly magazine called 'Onnya Ek Diganta'. The current editor of the newspaper is Alamgir Mohiuddin. Diganta Television is a subsidiary of this newspaper.

Naya Diganta has online and print versions. It publishes various types of news including national, international, country, sports, art and architecture, editorial, sub-editorial, entertainment, lifestyle, and others. The Asia Post is its sister newspaper which is published in English.

Naya Diganta’s position is second or third or close to it in terms of diurnal circulation. You can also read the newspaper through the app by downloading Naya Digant Android App from Google Play Store.

Jugantar Bangladesh Newspaper

The Daily Jugantar owned by Jamuna Group is one of the most widely read Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. Jamuna Group Limited controls the printing and publishing of the magazine and Jamuna Media Limited manages the administrative activities. Apart from publishing news, Jugantar does many social development works. The Pathak Group of Jugantar organizes anti-drug campaigns and other social activities.

This newspaper was first published in 1999, at that time its editor was Golam Sarwar. The newspaper has been attacked by lawsuits at various times. Various journalists of this newspaper have faced threats and litigation at various times. This newspaper with eight columns and twenty pages is printed in broadsheet format.

Its print and online publications publish news of various categories which include News, The Face of Bengal, Editorial, Sub Editorial, Sports, Tutorial, etc. Jugantar is famous for feature news. Notable feature news categories are Prakriti O Jibon, Shojon Shomabesh, Tara Jhil Mil, Suranjana, Sahitya Shamoyiki, Jugantar Dot Com, Pratimoncho, etc.

The current editor of the newspaper is Saiful Alam. You can easily download Jugantar's official Android app from Google Play Store which can give you a great newspaper reading experience.

Manab Zamin Bangla Newspaper

Daily Manab Zamin is one of the most circulated daily Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh. The editor of this daily newspaper is Motiur Rahman Chowdhury and Mahbooba Chowdhury is its publisher. Starting in 1997, the newspaper has been providing news for the masses for 22 years.

The newspaper publishes news on National, International, Entertainment, Education, Politics, Economy, Trades, Sports, and several categories. The newspaper is quite popular among common people for publishing objective news. Daily Manabzamin newspaper is rich in supplements and feature news. This newspaper distributes 50 thousand copies daily.

Dainik Manabzamin newspaper has contacts with different organizations at home and abroad such as FIFA and English Premier League. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the newspaper's online portal had been pouring football news which proves the publication's passion for the sport.

Bangladesh Pratidin Bangla Newspaper

Bangladesh Pratidin is a highest circulated well-known Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. Moinal Hossain Chowdhary is the publisher of this popular daily newspaper. This broadsheet newspaper includes 12 pages and 8 columns regularly. The literal meaning of Bangladesh Pratidin is Bangladesh every day.

It’s amazing to say that this newspaper publishes US and UK editions. Bangladesh Pratidin was launched in 2010 by East West Media Group which is a sister concern of the Bashundhara Group. The newspaper has a printed publication, a web-based publication as well as an e-paper.

Bangladesh daily publishes news in national, editorial, showbiz, lifestyle, horoscope, agriculture and environment, and various other categories. You can easily read the online version of the newspaper by downloading Bangladesh Pratidin’s official app from your Android play store.

Daily Inqilab Bangla Newspaper

Daily Inqilab is an oldest Bangla newspaper published in Bangladesh. The word Inqilab means revolution, especially the Islamic revolution. This newspaper is widely esteemed by the country's ninety percent Muslim population for its comprehensive coverage of Islamic news.

The newspaper was first published in 1986 by Maulana Abdul Mannan. Inqilab publishes an e-paper in addition to print and internet-based publications. Daily Inqilab publishes various types of news on Bangladesh, international, Islamic lifestyle, entertainment, business, sports, and many more.

This newspaper is well-known for its outstanding feature news. It publishes feature news of various categories like history, culture, environment, sports, economy, education, health, etc. The current editor of Dainik Inqlub is AMM Bahauddin.

The Daily Ittefaq Bangladesh Newspaper

The Daily Ittefaq is also an oldest popular newspaper in Bangladesh published in Bangla Language. The newspaper started its journey in 1953. The founder of Dainik Ittefaq is Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani. The current editor of the magazine is Taslima Hossain.

Although Ittefaq started as a weekly newspaper, it later became a daily newspaper. Printed in broadsheet format, this paper includes twenty pages and eleven news categories including the capital, world news, trade, entertainment, sports news, editorial, sub-editorial, education, etc.

This newspaper publishes news in Bengali as well as has an English edition online. Ittefaq publishes several weekly supplements. They are Janar Dunia, Projonmo, Anondo Binodon, Samoyiki, Campus, Mohila Owngon, Torun Kontho, Kochi Kachar Ashor, etc.

Amader Shomoy Bangla Newspaper

Dainik Amader Shomoy is a popular daily newspaper of Bangladesh published in Bengali. This newspaper is printed in broadsheet format and includes twelve pages and eight columns. The newspaper is printed on brown newsprint paper. This newspaper publishes a magazine every week named Shomyer Dana.

The newspaper started its journey in 2003. Although relatively new, the paper has gained immense popularity in a very short time. You can read this paper both in print and online. The online version of the newspaper is pretty well organized. In addition to print and online editions, the newspaper also publishes an e-paper.

Daily Amader Shomy publishes different categories like lifestyle, opinion, immigration, job news, education, religion, science and technology, country news, international, entertainment, editorial, etc.

It publishes different feature pages seven days a week: Shomantoral on Saturday, Artho Shomoy on Sunday, Bohuraikshik on Monday, Projukti Shomoy on Tuesday, Ayna Shomoy on Wednesday, Ghotang Ghot on Thursday, and Lekhalekhi on Friday.

Bangla Newspapers in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Anandabazar Patrika Indian Bengli Newspaper

Anandabazar Patrika is a popular Indian daily newspaper published in Bengali. This newspaper is published from West Bengal. The publisher of the newspaper is ABP Private Limited. In terms of daily circulation, this newspaper is the most circulated Bengali newspaper in West Bengal. Anandabazar distributes more than 100,000 copies daily in Kolkata, Siliguri, New Delhi, Bhubaneswar, and other cities in India.

The newspaper is printed in broadsheet format. Its current editor-in-chief is Arup Sarkar and its editor is Ishani Dutta Roy. The newspaper is neutral in political ideology.

The newspaper started its journey in 1922. Before independence, Anandabazar newspaper instilled nationalism in the minds of the masses and after independence, it was always in favor of the overall development of the masses.

Aajkaal Bengali Newspaper

Daily Aajkaal is another popular Indian newspaper published in Bengali. It is published regularly from Kolkata, Agartala, and Siliguri in India. The newspaper started its journey in 1981. The founding editor of this newspaper was Gaurkishor Ghosh who was both a journalist and a writer.

Ashok Dasgupta is currently the editor of Aajkaal. The publisher of the newspaper is Aajkaal Patrika Private Limited. According to a recent survey, the newspaper has 3.3 million readers. It covers a wide range of news categories including business, entertainment, politics, etc., and has acquired a reputation for political impartiality and strong ideals, and authentic reporting.

Bartaman Patrika

AajkaalBartaman is a well-known Bengali daily newspaper in India. The newspaper started its journey in 1984. The newspaper was founded by Barun Sengupta. This publication is owned by Bartaman Pvt Limited. The painted version of this newspaper is distributed across Kolkata, Midnapur, Burdwan, Siliguri, etc.

It is one of the most widely read newspapers in West Bengal. This newspaper is printed in broadsheet format. And the present editor of this newspaper is Himanshu Sinha. According to recent data, this newspaper has a daily circulation of 635,296.

Sangbad Pratidin Bengali daily newspaper

Sangbad Pratidin is a Bengali daily newspaper that was first published in Kolkata, India in 1992. It is one of the most widely read Bengali Newspapers in West Bengal and the surrounding regions. The newspaper is published every day in both print and online formats.

Sangbad Pratidin provides a comprehensive coverage of national, international, sports, and entertainment news. It also maintains a strong presence in local news reporting with a focus on Kolkata and the surrounding areas. Cartoonist Amal Chakrabarti has created Amal Aloy, a popular comic strip that has been featured in newspapers for over a decade.

Ebela Indian Bangla newspaper

Ebela is a popular Indian newspaper published in Bengali from West Bengal. The owner and publisher of this newspaper is ABP Group. Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph are its sister newspapers. The newspaper is printed in tabloid format. The current editor-in-chief of this publication is Arup Sarkar and the editor is Anirban Chattopadhyay.

The main three sections of the newspaper are Ebela, Obela, and Rabibela (discontinued). The Ebela section covers the latest news of West Bengal, India, and the world, while Obela covers entertainment-related topics such as films, music, television schedules, city festivals, etc. On the other hand, Rabibela is a special section published every Sunday of the week although it is currently discontinued.

Uttarbanga Sambad Bengali newspaper India

Uttarbanga Sambad is a Siliguri-based Bengali language newspaper. It is printed in broadsheet format. It started its journey in 1980 printing in Siliguri. Because of its enormous popularity, a web offset press was established in 1981. In 1985, computerized typesetting was introduced. Following that, a high-speed 4-color web offset press was launched.

Uttarbanga Sambad is presently published in Siliguri, Malda City, Cooch Behar, and Alipurduar. Suhash Chandra Talukdar was the first editor of Uttarbanga Sambad. It is managed and operated by Sabyasachi Talukder.

Daily Desher Katha Bengali daily

Daily Desher Katha is another popular Indian newspaper published in Bengali. This paper is published from Agartala. The newspaper is politically a supporter of the Communist Party of India. Its publisher and editor is Sameer Pal. And the newspaper is owned by Daily Desher Katha Trust. This newspaper started its journey in 1979 in Agartala.

Ganashakti Indian Bengali daily newspaper

Ganashakti is a well-known Bengali daily newspaper in India. The paper began as an outlet of the West Bengal State Committee of the Communist Party of India. It started its journey in 1967. Ganashakti now has three editions in Kolkata, Siliguri, and Durgapur with a daily circulation of around 200,000. One of the founders was Ashok Gupta, a renowned Marxist leader of West Bengal who participated in the Goa Liberation Movement. The current editor of this newspaper is Debashis Chakraborty.

Ei Samay Bengali-language daily

Ei Samay is a Bengali-language daily newspaper published in West Bengal, India. It was founded as a daily newspaper to compete with Anandabazar Patrika. It is owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. The current editor of this newspaper is Hirak Bandyopadhyay. It includes some regular sections: Ei Muhurte, Ei Shahar, Ei Rajya, Ei Desh, Sompadokiya, Khelar Samay, Byabsa Banijyo, etc.

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