Send Money to Bangladesh Easily: 10 Best Transfer Services from the UK

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Nowadays, it is not difficult to transfer money abroad. There are a large number of ways to send money from the UK to Bangladesh. Many agencies are frequently used by millions of users to send money overseas. These agencies guarantee data safety. Besides, most of the popular transfer services have anti-fraud teams.

There are millions of Bangladeshi immigrants living in different countries across the globe. So, they need platforms to transfer money to Bangladesh. Besides, freelancing and digital marketing demand platforms to send money overseas for payment. At present, you will find a wide number of agencies that allow you to send money to almost all the public and private banks in Bangladesh.

At present, almost all Bangladeshis use bKash for transferring money to each other. It is a popular platform in Bangladesh to make real-time payments. So, Bangladeshi people prefer to receive money on this platform. What if a foreign money transferring agency allows you to send money to bKash directly?

Nowadays, there are many payment gateways available in the UK that can allow you to send money to bKash, Nagad, Dutch-Bangla Bank, Sonali Bank, and other banks. Some gateways will never let you down in terms of cost-effectiveness, transaction speed, and data security. We have made a list of some unbeatable money transfer services in the UK to send money to Bangladesh.

10 Best Money Transfer Services from the UK to Bangladesh

Here is a list of the 10 best money transfer services from the UK to Bangladesh (BD)

01. Western Union

Western Union is one of the cheapest payment gateways in the UK. You can get started by creating a free profile. This payment gateway is safe. The system encrypts all the transfer data. So, your data stays secure.

Western Union has been providing money transfer services for over 150 years. You can send money to Bangladesh online or with their app via Western Union. Besides, it allows you to send money in person by visiting a WU location. You can save the regular receiver details for repeating payments.
Transaction Limits: 800 GBP per transfer (for unverified accounts) and up to 4,000 GBP (for verified accounts)
Transfer Cost: Around 0.1% of the amount you send
Completion: Within 3 days.

02. Skrill

Skrill is a popular money transfer service provider in the UK. It is regarded as an easy and fast gateway globally. Millions of people prefer to transfer money through Skrill internationally.

It allows you to see daily exchange rates on their exchange calculator. Money transfer is completely secure due to their protected payment systems.
Transaction Limits: Up to 12,240 GBP per transfer
Transfer Cost: Around 2.99% of the amount you send.
Completion: Within 1-2 days.

03. Remitly

Remitly is a safe and secure payment gateway. You can transfer money via this gateway to a wide range of Bangladeshi banks including bKash, Sonali Bank Limited, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dutch-Bangla Bank, and many more.

Millions of immigrants around the world use Remitly for money transfers. It provides 24/7 fast and friendly customer support.
Transaction Limits: From 5,000 GBP a day (tier 1) to 25,000 GBP a day (tier 3)
Transfer Cost: 1-3% of the amount you send
Completion: Within 2 days

04. Wise

Wise is a popular money-transferring medium in the UK. It has gotten attention for its local and overseas money transfers. Moreover, it exchanges from GBP to BDT at the real rate. Wise is very transparent in charging fees. It has a flat fee with no hidden costs.

Besides, this payment gateway is safeguarded by leading banks. Additionally, Wise values data safety.
Transaction Limits: Up to 30,000 GBP a month
Transfer Cost: 1.29 GBP + 0.64% of the amount you send
Completion: Within 1-5 days

05. Xe

Xe is a faster money-transferring service provider in the UK. It might be a safe alternative to the high cost of Banks. Every month over 120,000 people use this gateway to transfer money.

Sending money to Bangladesh through Xe is straightforward. Just sign up for free and start transferring money.
Transaction Limits: Up to 350,000 GBP
Transfer Cost: 2 GBP only (below 250 GBP)
Completion: Within 1-4 business days

06. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is another reliable payment gateway in the UK. By using this gateway, you can easily send money from the UK to Bangladesh. It allows you to transfer money to Dutch-Bangla Bank, BRAC Bank, and bKash.

Besides, the transaction is safe. And all your data are protected. The WorldRemit team provides 24/7 customer support in 6 different languages.
Transaction Limits: Maximum 50,000 GBP per day
Transfer Cost: 2.99 GBP
Completion: Within a day

07. Prime Money Exchange

Prime Money Exchange is an authorized payment gateway in the UK. Founded in 2014, it has recently become a popular medium to transfer remittances from the UK to Bangladesh. It focuses on the safety of your monetary data.

They record the history of your transaction. Their system saves all customer's records for at least 5 years.
Transaction Limits: Maximum 3,000 GBP per month
Transfer Cost: Around 1-2% of the amount you send
Completion: Within 3 working days

08. Payoneer

Payoneer is a popular money-transferring site in the UK. It is one of the best-regarded payment gateways for clients and freelancers. It allows you to pay money in dollars, euros, and pounds.

You can send money from Payoneer to Payoneer or any Bangladeshi Bank account.
Transaction Limits: Maximum 25,000 GBP
Transfer Cost: 1.50 GBP only
Completion: Within 1-5 days

09. Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer is another well-known overseas payment gateway in the UK. It has been serving over 165 countries including the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. This platform guarantees data safety and fast transfer.

You can get started with Ria as it gives great exchange rates. Additionally, it charges low fees.
Transaction Limits: 10,000 GBP (Online transfer), 50,000 GBP (Bank Deposit)
Transfer Cost: 2.99 GBP
Completion: 1-5 business days

10. NationRemit

NationRemit is another payment gateway for sending money from the UK to Bangladesh. This platform is hassle-free, fast, and secure. You can transfer money through their official app.

The cost of transfer is competitively low in this gateway.
Transaction Limits: Maximum 50,000 GBP
Transfer Cost: 0.37 GBP
Completion: Within 1-2 days

Final Words

Are you looking for a transfer service that allows you to send money to Bangladesh from the UK? No worries! See the above-mentioned list. The agencies we have mentioned have both pros and cons.

We have summarized each one which will give you an overall idea about their cost effectiveness, limitations, and speed of transaction completion.