The 10 Best Supermarkets to Shop in Bangladesh

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A supermarket is a place where combinations of different types of commodities are in one place. A consumer does not have to go to different places to shop. Due to the increasing busyness among the people, the demand in the supermarket is increasing day by day.

The appearance of the supermarket was seen in Bangladesh right after the Liberation war. At the time Ministry of Defense managed to operate a superstore chain in Major Military bases by Canteen Stores Department (CSD).

Supermarket culture again enters Bangladesh and Agora first started this supermarket in 2001. Since that time the Bangladeshi supermarket has taken constant and confirm extend forward.

Usually, Supermarkets are growing across in the urban areas in Bangladesh. Here we will tell you about the top 10 supermarkets in Bangladesh.

The 10 Best Supermarkets in Bangladesh

List of the Top 10 Supermarket in Bangladesh:

01. Shwapno

Shwapno Superstore started its journey in 2008. ACI Logistics Ltd. was launched this superstore. The executive director of ACI Logistics Ltd. is Sabbir Hasan Nasir. Shwapno Superstore’s first outlet was launched in Postogola Dhaka on 28 October 2008.

Recently, it has 130 outlets across the country where around 3000 employees working in these outlets. Out of these 130 outlets, 61 have their own outlets and the rest have franchises. The opening hours of these outlets vary to space differences.

At present, SHWAPNO is the first leader in the distribution network in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh supermarket, 45% of market share possession by SHWAPNO reported by “Rahimafrooz and Lankabangla Primary Research”. Their outlets are smaller than Agora, Meenabazar and, Unimart and there is not much space for parking. Usually, the customers of the SHWAPNO are mostly local. Due to the lack of small outlets and parking facilities, most foreigners do not want to visit here.

Mainly imported products are selling by Shwapno Superstores. They do no import their products themselves. They supply products through suppliers like importers, distributors, and agents. These suppliers supply the products to the SHWAPNO. Most of their products are Thai like Vegetables (broccoli, basil leaf), Fruits (papaya, mangosteen, rambutan, mango, longan, sweet tamarind, dragon, guava, etc), Food items ( noodles, curry paste, sauces, soft drinks, juice, honey, candy, tempura floure, chocolate), Cosmetics item ( personal care, skin care, hair care), Home Care and Cleaning, Stationery, Sports, etc.

02. Agora

Agora started its journey in 2001. It is the first superstore in Bangladesh. Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. was launched this superstore. It has many outlets in major locations in Dhaka including other major cities in Bangladesh. Agora strives to meet the regular needs of its customers by providing the right quality products and prices through stores in different forms and shapes.

At present, Agora has 14 outlets in Dhaka, 1 in Chittagong, and 2 in Sylhet. More than 100 people are working in their retail chain shops. In Bangladesh supermarket, 22% of market share possession by Agora reported by “Rahimafrooz and Lankabangla Primary Research”. It is the second-largest supermarket and playing an immense role in the development of industry in Bangladesh.

Mainly imported products are selling by Agora Superstores. They depend on the supplier for their imported products like distributors, importers, and agents. Their outlets’ size is perfect and proper decoration than other superstores in Bangladesh.

Most of the customers prefer to visit here as there is enough space for parking. Their products category includes Food items (vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits), Education, Pharmacy, Personal Care, Cleaning Needs, Home Essential, Shoe and Shoe Accessories, Living, Snacks, and Confectionary, etc.

03. Meena Bazar

Meena Bazar is an international standard supermarket in Bangladesh. Meena Bazar started its journey by opening outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna in 2002. It is the third-largest supermarket in Bangladesh. It provides maximum customer service with the facility of easy parking for their customers. It is a subsidiary of the Gemcon Group. It also generates vital products, prepared food, dairy items, and herbal products.

At present, Meena Bazar provides customer service through their 18 outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna division. Through the right service and quality product sales, Meena Bazar establishing itself as a market leader likes Agora.

In Bangladesh supermarket, 18% of market share possession by Meena Bazar reported by “Rahimafrooz and Lankabangla Primary Research”. Its product category includes Baby care, Bakery and Snacks, Beauty and Hygiene, Beverages, Dairy, Fish, Fresh Produce, Grocery, House and Cleaning, Meat, Pet Care, etc.

04. Unimart

Unimart started its journey on 4 July 2013 as the first hypermarket in Bangladesh. United Group is the owner of this Supermarket.

Unimart is a perfect and proper decoration center with 40,000 sq. feet floor space. A ‘Hypermarket” refers to a retail space where grocery supermarkets and department stores combine products to deliver products to Customers.

Here a customer can easily enjoy the pleasure of shopping in a clean environment under the same roof. Usually, imported products are selling by Unimart which collect from all over the world. The products category includes Clothing, Bag and Shoes, Electronics, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Grocery, House and Cleaning, etc.

05. Lavender Super Stores Ltd.

Lavender superstores provide customers with an enjoyable shopping and enhanced shopping facilities through the digital and store networking system. Lavender is subsidiary of the Elephant Group.

The group launched its journey in 1995. Mr. Tanveer Ahmed is the executive director of this Elephant Group. This group’s successful business sectors include Garments & Apparels, Banking, Hotels, Real Estate, Power & Energy sectors, etc.

Lavender superstores have 2 outlets in Dhaka. Customers like to visit here because their imported product price is less compared to other superstores in Bangladesh.

Their product category includes Baking Needs, Baby Needs, Beverage, Commodities, Condiments, Cleaning Needs, Home Essential, Living, Personal Care, Cereals. Food Spreads, Spices, Milk, Snacks & Confectionery, etc.

06. Khulshi Mart

Khulshi Mart started its journey on 10 February 2006 in Chittagong. Mart Promoters Ltd. is the owner of the Khulsi Mart supermarket. The goal of this supermarket is to provide quality products and shopping facilities to the residents of Chittagong.

They provide high-quality fresh products at a fixed price to customers. All the products are granted and computerized billing systems. Here customers will get all their daily and necessary products under one roof. Their product category includes Foods items, Vegetables, Grocery, Cleaning Needs, Home Essential, and more.

07. Pick & Pay

Pick & Pay started its journey in 2008 in Uttara, Dhaka. They provide high-quality customer service. It has only one outlet in Uttara, Dhaka. A customer gets all the daily and essential products here under one roof.

It provides comfortable shopping facilities and granted products to customers. Their products category includes Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Fruits, Cleaning Needs, Home Essential, Living, Personal Care, and more.

08. Almas Super Shop

Almas Super Shop has more than 5 outlets in Dhaka. It has 3 outlets in Dhanmondi, the other one at Uttara and the rest one at the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. It is a sister group of Azamshop.

Generally, they sell cosmetics items. Their product category includes household, toiletries, personal care, health & hygiene, child care, teen, outfits, gift items, chemicals, and more.

09. Prince Bazar Ltd.

Prince Bazar Ltd. has 4 outlets in Dhaka city like Mirpur, Pallabi, Mohammadpur, and Shyamoli. This supermarket is well known across Bangladesh for its food items e.g. Jelly, Jam, Prince Pani, Prince Lascha Semai, Prince Dora Cake, and more. Their product category includes Home Essential, Living, Personal Care, Foods items, Vegetables, Grocery, etc.

10. Saad Musa City Center

Saad Musa City Center has one outlet in Dhaka city. The slogan of this supermarket is “wholesale to every door”. The purpose of the supermarket is to provide different kinds of goods, the best customer service, advantageous shopping facilities, and more.