The 8 Best Bangla Newspapers in Australia for Bengali community

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Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world. Here more than 76% of people speak English. Apart from English, there are some other languages here. After English, Mandarin is the second most widely used language spoken in Australia. Like many other countries, there are also a large number of Bangladeshi immigrants living in this country.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are around 41,233 Bangladeshi-origin people are living in Australia. It is true that it is not so much in comparison to other communities in Australia. But there are some Bangla newspapers that are published in Australia for the Bangladesh community. These newspapers connect those immigrants to their very Bangladeshi roots.

In the present world, people cannot go a single day without knowing what is happening around the world. For this reason, the Bangladesh community in Australia needs some Bangla newspapers to stay tuned with their news and views. Bangla Sydney, Priyo Australia, Bangla Katha, Suprovat Sydney are some of the noteworthy and most circulated Bangla newspapers published in Australia.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most popular Bangla newspapers that are published in Australia. Along with listing them, we will briefly review them with some of their highlighted facts. I hope you will get a clear view of Australian Bangla newspapers and their contribution to the Bangladesh community living in Australia.

Bangla Newspapers in Australia

Here is a list of Bangla newspapers published in Australia:

01. Bangla Sydney (বাংলা সিডনি)

Bangla Sydney is a popular Bangla newspaper published in Australia. The newspaper started its journey in 2003. Since then, it has been serving the Bangladesh community living in Australia. Anisur Rahman is its present Editor. The newspaper covers a wide range of news regarding Australia, Bangladesh, the Bangladesh community in Australia, and many more like these.

02. Priyo Australia (প্রিয় অস্ট্রেলিয়া)

Priyo Australia is one of the most prominent online Bengali newspapers published in Australia. This newspaper is committed to serving the Bangladesh community and it provides the news of every aspect of the growing Bangladesh community in Australia. Through this newspaper, the people of the Bengali community can know the Bengali lifestyle, culture, and civilization.

You can get the latest news on what is happing with the Bangladesh community and how they are contributing to Australian culture and civilization as well. Besides, the newspaper authority offers contact information that can help them with the information of accommodation, child care, traditional foodstuffs, and many other matters.

03. Suprovat Sydney (সুপ্রভাত সিডনি)

Suprovat Sydney is another well-known and widely circulated Bangla newspaper published in Australia. It is a monthly newspaper. It has both online and print versions. So, you can read this paper collecting the print version if you are a Bangladeshi immigrant living in Australia or you can read it online from any corner of this world.

The print version of this newspaper is available in Lakemba, Sydney through Bangladeshi business outlets. The online version includes PDFs so that you can read them after downloading or printing them by yourself at home. The newspaper covers different types of news including politics, economy, religion, health, sports, literature, technology, and many more. It especially focuses on the Bangladeshi community in Australia.

04. Sydneybashi Bangla (সিডনিবাসী বাংলা)

Sydneybashi Bangla is another popular and widely visited online Bengali newspaper published in Australia. It is a Sydney-based newspaper. You can also call it a magazine portal. The online Bangla news portal focuses on the Bangladesh community, their views, and their opinions. It usually provides links to popular Bangladeshi newspapers, public opinions.

It is one of the notable platforms in Australia for raising the voice of the Bangladesh community living in Australia. This online news portal covers news of different categories. Abdul Matin is the present Editor of this newspaper. Sydneybashi Bangla has a large number of readers across Australia as well as around the world.

05. Bangla Katha (বাংলা কথা)

Bangla Katha is a leading Bangla newspaper published in Australia. The newspaper is available online only. When comes to the news of the Bangladeshi community in Australia, we cannot definitely ignore this one. It includes various types of news such as national, Australian, international, politics, economy, entertainment, and many more. Along with Bangla news, this online news portal also includes a section for English news as well. But Bangla is definitely prevalent in this newspaper.

06. Desh Bidesh (দেশ বিদেশ)

Desh Bidesh is another leading Bangla newspaper published in Australia. This is a tabloid-sized newspaper that is published on a monthly basis. It is published both in Bangla and English. The targeted audience is surely the Bangladesh community. A prominent Sydney-based company named Saands Marketing Australia owns this popular monthly newspaper.

Desh Bidesh is quite new in publication. It has been serving the Bangladesh community for five years. They have some experienced content creators and graphic designers. That’s why the newspaper has got such popularity. Along with providing community news, the company is associated with online marketing. They provide different services and electronics products.

07. Swadesh Barta (স্বদেশ বার্তা)

Swadesh Barta is another online Bangla newspaper published in Australia. The current Editor-in-chief of this newspaper is Faisal Azad. The headquarters is located in Mortdale, Sydney.

Not only is Swadesh Barta but most of the Australian Bangla newspapers are published in Sydney, News South Wales. This online newspaper covers news of a wide range of categories including Bangladesh, Bangladesh Community, Australia, International, Sports, Entertainment, Business, and Opinions.

08. Sydneybashi Bangla (এসবিএস বাংলা)

SBS Bangla is basically an online Bangla newspaper published in Australia. It is basically a Bangla radio channel but its official website has been serving as a Bangla newspaper for the Bangladesh community living in Australia. The headquarters is located in South Melbourne. Bangladesh, India, Australia, Bangladesh community, international, health, covid-19 news, entertainment, diaspora are some of the most focusing categories that the news portal covers.

Final Words

Here we have reviewed some of the most popular Bangla newspapers published in Australia. These newspapers have been serving the Bangladesh community living in Australia. They are working as a bridge between Australia and the very Bengali roots. I hope our short reviews on those newspapers will be beneficial for you.