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  • The Australian

    Widely circulated nationally distributed newspapers Published in Australia from Monday to Saturday each week since 1964. Available in all state and territory of Australia Covering News with business review, sport, politics, lifestyle, arts and entertainment etc.


    Australia’s No#1 news site online covering latest national and international breaking news plus sport, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, travel, finance and more.

  • Saturday Paper
  • Financial Review (AFR)

New South Wales

  • Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)

    Latest breaking news and hedlines from Sydney, Australia and the world.

  • Campus Review

    Covering latest higher education news, analysis and in-depth articles.

  • Daily Telegraph

    Sydney based australian daily newspaper online roviding latest nsw news, sports, golf, weather and entertainment, etc.

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Australia: A Country That Always moves Forwards

Australia FlagAustralia is officially the Commonwealth of Australia is a fantastic country, full of natural beauties, beaches, and many more wonderful facts.The emblem of the country contains 2 animals for symbolic meaning. One would be a kangaroo and another would-be an Emu. These 2 species only move forward which resembles the nation always means to move forward for growth in improvements.

Population & Capital

The country is populated with around 25 million people. Most of the people live in the coastal areas and the cities evolved around the coastal areas. The middle portion of the country is mostly drylands due to the lack of enough water.Sydney is the largest city in the country.

Economy & Language

The country has different sectors of income sources. Iron industries and some other sectors generate a lot of income for the country. They also earn a lot of money from the technological sector and tourism.

The official language is English. But Australians tend to use a short form of many words. They also speak very fast. Someone might need some to be familiar with the accent.

Health & Education

The health sector of the country is very admired. They have started the universal health care system at least 40 years ago. Life expectancy is very higher (almost 80 years) here.

The educational system of this country is very enriched. There are at least 5 universities of the country rank in top 50 universities in the world.

Unique Species of Animals

The actual animals associated with Australia are just some of the most fascinating in the world, through cuddly marsupials to a vast number of birds. There are many opportunities to feel the wildlife from the country, coming from zoos as well as parks to spot these types of unique animals in the outrageous.

Second Home of Greece

It is said that a lot of people from Greece live in Australia that makes it the second home of Greece. Melbourne city is the place where there live a large number of Greece people.

Beaches and Tourism

The country has an enormous number of sea beaches which is more than 7000. It is the best place for them who love to take a sunbath on a beach or surfing in the sea. The country also holds the UNESCO record for most-nominated world heritages. As a result, it makes is one of the most if not the most favorable country for tourists.


This country is all about sports. They are renowned for cricket and football mots. They have won the ICC cricket world cup 5 times which the most. Domestic cricket leagues are also very popular. world-class players from different countries come to play here.They also participate in football WorldCup and always ranks in the best positions.When it comes to golf it is called the best place for golfers. They the largest golf ground in the world.Many athletes participate in many international tournaments such as the Olympics.